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Pond Water Pump UltraFlow 6000

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  • Pond Water Pump UltraFlow 6000

  • Feed Filters, Waterfalls and Features

  • 3600 L/h (using only 20 watts)

  • Max Head 2.8 Meters

  • Dry Run Protection System Built in

  • Handles Solids up to 8 mm

  • Economical Pump with Built in Filter

  • Graded Outlet : 25 / 32 / 38 / 40mm

  • Power cable length: 10m

  • 1 Year Guarantee Everything You Need Included

Product Description
How It Works

Super Economical Pond Water Pump UltraFlow 6000

Buy a Pond Water Pump, Keep Your Pond Plants & Fish in Tip Top Health with an UltraFlow 6000 Pond Pump, Eco Pump, Best Prices, Top Reviews, FREE UK Delivery

Need an Economical Reliable Pond Water Pump?

The UltraFlow 6000 uses a super Efficient Eco Motor using only 20 Watts of Power to produce a flow rate of 3600 lph & with a built in Filter that can Handle solids up to 8 mm this reliable pump is perfect for garden ponds up to 7200 Litres

Submersible & Dry Run Pond Pump

The UltraFlow is a revolution in the Eco pond pump market, it can be submersed fully in water & also can be used as a dry run pump for example in a gravity fed filter system for a koi pond

It has dry run protection, the pump will automatically turn itself off if the water level drops too far, & also has a tool free system for simple easy access to the pump for cleaning

Feed Filter Boxes, Cascade Waterfalls and Features

This Pond Water Pump can used for a wide range of pond features, from waterfall cascades, to feeding Filter boxes, the choice is yours with a max flow rate of 3600 L/h. You Can also run 'dry' or fully submersed, and the pump handles solids up to 8 mm, The UltraFlow's strainer cage cage prevents clogging by providing the maximum surface area for drawing water in through the guard to the pump

Operate in summer adding more oxygen to your pond when your fish need it the most. The Ultraflow pump is fully submersible, and can also be ran 'dry'. It's also quick and easy to clean, so more time for you to relax and enjoy your pond

Max Flow 3600L/h (10w)
Flow Rate @ 1 m 2200 L/h
Pump Dimensions 250 x 185 x 120mm (L x W x H) (no hosetails)
Dimensions with Hosetails 250 x 305 x 120mm (L x W x H) (includes hosetails)
Features Dry Run Protection : Auto-Off when water is too low.
Compact, Powerful, Economical.
Secondary inlet to allow for Dry Run (Blanked-off - Can be Easily Activated) used for example to draw water from a strainer cage, skimmer or dry run.
Tool-free easy access to pump motor - Clip Open System - Outer Strainer Cage.
Can be Run 24/7 - 365 days.
Carry handle (useful for safely lifting pump out of pond).
Running Costs: 20 watts
Max Head Height (m) 2
Solids : Handles solids up to 8 mm
Power Cable Length (m): 10
Outlet: 25 / 32 / 38 / 40 mm
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Installation Summary

Connect hostail as required to the pump

Install the Pump on a level serface at least 20cms below the surface of the water

Maximum pump submersion is shown on the model plate

Do NOT place the pump in the bottom of the pond in the pond mud, used a raised platform for example a few bricks

Lay the power cord in a way that minimises the risk of any damage

connect the pump to an electrical circuit (an electricain will be needed for this)

Maintenance & Cleaning

Follow the Safety Instructions very varefully this is a mains powered pond pump

Clean the Filter housing monthly or if the flow is reduced with a clean brush under running water

Cleaning the Pump

1) Important : Turn the pump OFF

2) Dismantle the filter housing

3) Clean the pump witgh brush under running water

4) Remove any grime in the rotor through the openings

Winter Care

1) Take the Pump Out of the water

2) Thouroughly Clean the Pump

3) Check the Pump for damage

4) Caution : Never immerse the connection plug

5) Store the pump in frost free conditions in a container with water if possible

Utlising Second inlet

1) Open the blue tabs by following the arrow directions - its sa simple click open system

2) Pull Out the Capped off guard (follow the directions of the arrows)

3) Screw in the Hosetail (supplied)

4) Close the Upper filter Cover & re lock the buttons with a click

With the second inlet blocked (as supplied) the pump will draw water through the filter cage

With the seciond inlet open the pump will draw water through this inlet, thus allowing you to connect this to a pond skimmer, or dry run for a range of applications

Its very simple :

This is a mains operated Pond Pump, so the power comes directly from mains power

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