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Solar Fairy Lights

Solar Fairy Lights

Solar Fairy Lights, Enjoy Outdoor Lights All Year

Buy Solar Fairy Lights Decorate Your Garden All Year with Long Lasting Outdoor String Lights Powered by Solar, Best Prices, Great Reviews, FREE UK Delivery

Need Fairy Lights that Last Longer?

PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Powered Fairy Lights work all year round in the UK. They are weatherproof, have USB charging, easy change strings & multi function operation.

During the Day the Solar Panel Converts the Light in to Energy & Stores it in the Batteries. This power is used at night to illuminate the Led Lights.

Next Generation Outdoor Solar Twinkle Lights.

Our Endurance range last longer than any other in their price range. We design them to work for the UK in cloudy weather.

Its worth spending a bit more with Led Solar Lights. Ensure your fairy lights last longer on dull days. Invest in Solar Twinkle Lights that work for Your outdoor spaces, when you need them to!.

As soon as you open the box you will see a big difference in the solar panels we use. They are much larger and of a higher quality.

Add Magical Sparkly Led Solar Lights to Your Trees.

Wrap Strings around trees and bushes. They look great on pergola's & fences. Add magical Led Strings around your garden. Have twinkling lights all night in summer.

Charge Your Lights Via Solar and USB.

Need sparkling lights on all night for Christmas, party, wedding, birthday, or New Years Eve? With dual power charging you can rely on our lights.

Our dual USB charging ability allows you to charge the lights via a standard port. Just connect the base unit via the provided cable, to top up the batteries.

USB charging ability can really be a real life saver on those important gloomy days.

Handy Detachable Led Solar Strings.

The Endurance range have detachable Led strings. You can disconnect the whole base from the fairy lights. Simply plug the unit in to a computer USB & charge them indoors.

Our fairy lights are a cost-effective outdoor lighting solution. A practical alternative to mains. If you need solar strings for garden or home decoration we have it covered.

So you can also run them as indoor fairy lights. Just placing the solar panel in a south facing window is enough to run the lights for hours on end.

The Powerbee branded fairy lights work amazingly well for the price. We do also offer cheaper solar lights for customers who just want them for spring & summer time.

Add Solar Twinkle Lights to Your Outside Space

Have some fun! You can depend on our solar lights to work for you! Just place them where you need Its that simple. The better the location the better they work.

With a range of Bright colours or warm white tones, the choice of fairy lights is yours.

Choose powerbee quality twinkle lights & enjoy outdoors more often & for longer. They make you more happy!

Solar really works now a days. Far better than ever before. Choose the vibrant feel of a retro bulb string lights for a party. Or choose a more classic straight led string for all year.

Multi Function Operation.

Powerbee Branded led solar power lights also include multi function operation. The endurance range has a choice of 8 functions.

Constant on is always an option. For those special occasions like parties and BBQ's we have a range of different flashing modes to suite the mood.

Slow glow for a relaxed atmosphere to random flash for those crazy nights!

Its very simple just press a button & select which mode you want. The unit will remember the setting for the next day. If its too much for your neighbour of course they all have an off mode.

Our Customers are Delighted.

Customers who purchase from us, come back and will buy from us again & again. We have customers who have been with us right from the start, 11 years ago. We look after our customers and listen carefully to what they say.

If you would like more information, on any of the solar products that PowerBee Ltd can offer, please call us on 0845 094 8821.

We have been specialising in Solar Power for 10 Years in the UK and are leaders in the field. We use high efficiency solar cells, and quality materials. Our manufacturer is ISO certified.

The PowerBee Endurance ® range represents the Next Generation of Solar Powered Fairy Lights. We also offer customers a range of cheaper solar lights designed for summer use only. Including orb & bulb string lights, perfect for that garden party feeling.