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Solar Wall Lights

Solar Wall Lights

Solar Wall Lights - Outdoor Illumination

Buy Solar Wall Lights, Illuminate Your Home & Garden in Style All Year with Solar Lighting Designed for the UK, Best Prices, Great Reviews, FREE UK Delivery

Need Easy to Fit, Mains Free Outdoor Wall Lighting?

Solar outside wall Lights are mains free. No electrician is needed. Simply Mount the led light where you need, select an area preferably with good sunlight for the solar panel. Then sit back & enjoy mains free lighting all year round.

Install Wall Mounted Led Lights in Minutes.

Simply fix the screws up & click the light in to position. They are very easy to install & include brackets and/or fixing holes on the back of the light & solar panels.

Everything you need is included in the kit you just need a screw driver. Perfect for illuminating dark areas around your home & garden within minutes.

Our generous Solar Panels charge the batteries during the day. Then this energy is used from dusk to dawn to operate the led light.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Spaces

It is a real luxury to return home to illuminated pathways. Solar lighting give you a warm welcome home, and helps keep your property safer.

Led lights have advanced a great deal in recent years. Larger more efficient solar panels, greater battery capacities & use of PIR motion sensors. These advances ensure your led solar powered lights work when you need them to.

Our latest lights are powered purely by solar energy. We use PIR (motion sensor / PIR wall light), energy efficient SMD LED's, battery backup, and auto dim functions.

Winter operation can be a challenging time for any solar powered light. We believe its worth paying a little bit extra for something that works longer all year round.

Led solar lighting is a superb way to illuminate gardens, walls & fences. We use high grade solar panels to ensure the lights shine for as long as possible.

Restricted Light Location?

There are a number of different types of wall lights available from Stainless Steel to high grade ABS. If you have a restricted light location, choose a model with a separate solar panel. This allows you to locate the panel in a brighter area, to maximise the solar energy.

Our latest solar powered lights include an auto dim function to ensure dusk to dawn operation. The light will reduce its brightness automatically after a certain period of time. This allows the led light to shine all night long nearly every night of the year.

Our famous Saturn Wall Lights with a stainless steel trim even works facing North. We increased the amount of solar power by 200%, & introduced a flip top lid to maximise the winter sun.

We have tested nearly every single wall light on the market, and no other one works more consistently, and longer than the Saturn for the price range.