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PowerBee Reviews Find Out what REAL customers think about Powerbee

Powerbee Reviews

We reserve the right to publish reviews that we feel are fair and accurate.


Very Good Quality Solar Garden Lights

These are very good quality and well made with glass lanterns. Easy to install. These give out bright light and illuminate my garden perfectly. Very pleased with my purchase and sales service.

Great Value for Money

Purchased 3 packs of 4 for our holiday home. Left them out to charge and they came on at dusk as they should. Easy to fit. Really happy with our purchase so far.


Received this last week after over 3 month wait for it. Absolutely brilliant glad I waited even though I could have had a refund - good quality and easy to set up. Extremely well packaged too.

Very satisfied

Brilliant little kit, I am very happy with it. I think it could do with another solar panel for cloudy days as the output with just one is borderline to have the pump running continuously during daytime, but well, it's a good starting point.

unit failed after a year

Good product and very bright but the solar collection unit failed after a year. For the overall price not worth the money compared to the other units I have which have lasted several years.


ive only had this a cpl of weeks and i absolutely love it when its sunny and the water is flowing it actually chills me out and the birds love it for drinking aswell lol

It works!

I have bought 2 of these from power bee and in both instances they have been excellent product. Remember that that there are 2 torches in every order. Thanks

Good Quality Product

I am very pleased with the quality of these lights. They have been installed on our outdoor tree for nearly 2 weeks now and are working very well. They are bright and sturdy and have many twinkling options to suit your mood.

A bit underpowered

Not as powerful a spray as we had hoped, maybe we should have had a larger pump. However, easy to put together, and it will keep the wildlife happy by oxygenating the pond

Fence lamps

These lights are really good value for money, really bright at night and illuminate my driveway so I can transit with safety. Would recommend this product.

Really very good quality

I really like this solar light very good in my garden at night.

Warm White Fairy Lights

Brought these for my wife to put around our patio, they give off a lovely warm glow on these summer nights and last till dawn. I would certainly buy again.

would buy again.

So easy to install, very bright for a solar. Having 3 modes for operation is useful, but instruction leaflet would have been helpful. Overall, 10/10.

Excellent stake lights

I am very happy with the Montana solar powered stake lights. They look great and I would highly recommend them.

Vibrant pink fairy lights

I'm absolutely delighted with these fab colourful lights. They are perfect in everyway, and they arrived only 2 days after I ordered them. An excellent product & service.

Battery Operated light

This Light is great can not fault it in any way

Battery Operated light

This Product is great can not fault it in any way.

Amazing lights

Fab wee lights. Amazing price for 4 and they give off pretty good light for a fence light. The solar panels are ideal and they’re well lit even on a dull day. Bought another 4!

Fabulous solar lights

We ordered these for our caravan decking. When they arrived they were well packaged & looked well made. We let them charge for a day & then switched on &put on decking, they are fabulous! Really bright, look stunning on either the coloured or white setting :) they last all night long. Will probably be shorter time in winter ( will have to wait & see) , we are really pleased with these & shall be purchasing another 2 sets ... thankyou powerbee!

Value for money

We bought a single one of these as a test at Bossington Hall (a luxury bed and breakfast in Somerset) quite sceptical at the very reasonable price bracket - they have worked so well along the driveway, that we bought another 30 (thirty). Only thing i could complain about is the weak spike, which needs pre-spiking (we used a 'met-post') in hard stony ground.

The Right to Repair means Better Made!

So many solar lighting products have a very short life unfortunately. The sector has become wedded to consumers having to renew lighting products annually because, what they purchased the previous spring has simply failed. That Powerbee have developed lighting products with some quality and durability behind them and have spare parts available so that the consumer can effect a repair rather than just throw away useless lights is ecological, green, sensible and ultimately economical.

Pretty lights

i have bought 2 of these and they look great in the garden. Very magical.

Lovely lights and very good value

We have them wound around the trunk of our Apple tree and we’re so pleased with them we ordered 200 more to decorate one of our fences with

Great light

These are great, will light up the garden no problem.

Simple. Graceful. Effective.

I must admit I was a bit sceptical about what the product (the solar powered blue fish bowl) would look like, and whether it would work well. But it has proved its worth on both counts. It wasn't the simplest thing to put together especially as the angle of the pump underneath the fish it was a bit awkward (so the instructions ought to be a LOT clearer) but once we had figured it out, it really did work like a dream. I had bought it in the winter so it sat in storage for a good few weeks but now that spring is here, it has been been placed right in the middle of a large planter. The sound of water, the sunshine, the heady smell of thyme, and The New Yorker for company. Bliss!


They are fantastic lights on from dust until dawn after a day's sunshine


We bought one from powerbee and it is still going good !


Lovely! I placed four in a tree. They really shine brightly, and are a nice size. A+.


I’m delighted with these lights. They are fabulous on my fence. Roll on the summer nights

Great Quality

Bought to add light and interest to some steep steps. The lights work really well and look smart. Come on at dusk and are still as bright when I retire to bed. Considering sunshine has been in short supply they still produce a good ambient light. I can’t comment on their longevity as I only put them in 10 days ago but am really pleased with them so far. I have purchased many cheap lights in the past which either don’t work or require replacing every year. Glad I discovered Powerbee and I will definitely purchase from them again.

Just what we wanted

This solar pump works really well. We use it to power a small cascade and it is really effective. Highly recommended.

Bright lights

Bought these lights to replace some I bought a few years ago and most of them are still working only a couple have failed , but the ones that are left still stay on all night as do the new Saturn Lights. well worth the money.

Good price

Product works well even on overcast days but please check all components before destroying packing in the unlikely event it doesn't work

Good Quality Solar Lights

Excellent service. Great value for high quality solar lights

Simple. Graceful. Effective.

I must admit I was a bit sceptical about what the product would look like, and whether it would work well. But it has proved its worth on both counts. It wasn't the simplest thing to put together especially as the angle of the pump underneath the fish it was a bit awkward (so the instructions ought to be a LOT clearer) but once we had figured it out, it really did work like a dream. I had bought it in the winter so it sat in storage for a good few weeks but now that spring is here, it has been been placed right in the middle of a large planter. The sound of water, the sunshine, the heady smell of thyme, and The New Yorker for company. Bliss!

Really pleased with it.

We were asked to pre-order it last July. No problem. It arrived earlier than anticipated in August. It is very easy to assemble and with the solar panel strategically placed so it gets the sun most of the day it runs perfectly, giving that gentle sound of continuous free flowing water. Looking forward to bringing out of winter storage very soon.

Still going

We bought this tiny solar fountain to use in our baby bath size pond. It worked really well last year, but needed the inlet filter cleaning often. Blanket weed,!!! Grrrr. We put the outfit away for the winter. This year there was not such a problem. The pump worked immediately as soon as there was some sun, and as the pump works it seems to clear the water. Brilliant little solar pump .

Brilliant lanterns

Bought four of these lanterns and they looked so good I bought 4 more!!. Really pretty when lit and are a good brightness. Seem sturdy enough in high winds to stay on the hook nailed to the fence. Another great product from Powerbee :-).

Brilliant product and great look

I've bought many solar fairy lights from PowerBee over the years for our campsite and found the regular (non-rope) fairy light strings don't hold up to the wear and tear from nature, animals & people. The rope lights seem much more durable, look great and hopefully last a bit longer due to the improved cover over the string. They don't illuminate as much but they act perfectly for wayfinding in the dark which is what I use them for. I've bought about 10 of these so far and all well worth it.

Great lights

I love these lights. Have now bought 4 sets over the last 3 years. They look really good when wrapped round tree trunks and bushes. Work really well in summer but will obviously struggle in the winter. I left them out all winter in the Highlands and they have survived that fine. Definitely a thumbs up from me!

Excellent product

This product is excellent so much so going to order more. They look beautiful in the garden. Thank you so much. Jill Rawlings

Very powerful and long lasting

We’ve had a couple of these spotlights in the garden for five years and they still work as if new. Just be careful to hide the cable as it’s easy to run over with the mower!

Last all night

Upon receiving i Left these in the sun for a few days turned off to charge not sure if i needed to. Since we have a newborn tu jutro is awake at all hours I've been able to check on them at all hours and they put it the same consistent light until dawn which I'm impressed with i out them up in march so they are on for a good 10+ hours at night. Sure they are not super bright but i am extremely please and will be buying one mroe set. I can now make out the back of the garden in total darkness which is nice to have.

hansom carriage lantern

beautiful lamps really bright buying a second set.

Superb find

Why have I been making do with solar when I could have had these. So easy to add more to and just plug in. So much brighter, have them on a timer, they're great. Party time in the garden, got to cheer myself up during lockdown.

Fantastic lights

I have a few sets if these lights and they’re fantastic. They light up even after the dullest f days and give my garden a lovely ambiance. Highly recommended %

4th one I've bought!

You wouldn't know these lights weren't mains powered, they're so bright. They come on reliably even in the winter months. It's great that the panel isn't attached to the floodlight and can be positioned right in the sunlight. The light itself and the sensor unit can be moved independently, so you can really cover the area needing illumination. The sensor picks your motion up nice and quickly. Highly recommend these lights.

Solar Powered Shed Light

Very pleased with the light, easy to fit and great to use

Powerful light

We bought this to provide light at the front of our house. The adhesive sticker is a bonus as no need to drill holes whilst seeing how well lit works. First impressions are good. The light is powerful and can be rotated to the angle needed. The switch which allows continuous on or motion sensor is easy to access. Prompt service as always from Powerbee. Thanks!

Sultry lights.

These lights are really lovely in the garden, we put them along the fence panels. They light up, so it’s great to stay out in the garden safely after dark.

Just great

Ordered two of these lights and it was the best money spent so much so that I will be ordering 2 more. Great value for money great quality and very strong light. So easy to install and saves a lot of time money and hassle on having to get electricity installed.


Great communication and great product highly recommend Powerbee

XT Spotlights

Excellent service and product, easy to install and give of good light, would recommend Powerbee to anyone looking for lights.

Best quality fairy lights

These are the best quality fairy lights we have ever bought! Super-impressed. Definitely worth the cost. Thank you

Genuinely impressed

I've bought a few of the normal Endurance Icicle lights before, and I admit I'm impressed by the jump in quality for the solars on these string lights. A lot sturdier, a lot better at holding charge. Two of them did give me a scare last night when they went from bright to dead instead of fading down like the previous ones and I thought I'd killed them, but they recharged just fine off USB for a good show tonight. Now just let me know when the icicles are getting the same upgrade!

Great Lights

Recently received my latest order of these. Ordered 3 sets so I can give one as a Christmas gift. Had my previous ones since May and even now, if it’s a sunny day, they still light up for a short time. Not as bright as during the summer, and only last a short time, but they still make an effort. Looking forward to the extra lights in my garden in 2021.

Job done

I bought these for an elderly relative with dementure to help with his night time trips to the loo. Worked a treat, fitted all 3 in the bathroom, now no more accidents & no more lights left on. The are neat, responsive & bright enough. Great buy.

Fabulous lights

I was unsure this product would bright enough to light up our she'd and stables. We have a generator but it can be difficult to start when my wife is on her own or if we just need to pay a short visit to the stables. No need to worry. Easy to install and easily bright enough to do any jobs in the stables after dark. Although a bit more expensive than other solar lights, these are definitely worth the money!!!

Excellent product

Absolutely brilliant ,bought my first set for France , worked very well as expected with all the sunshine but was amazed when installed Uk set on a very cloudy day and they worked superbly on first night, perfect for lighting up dark gardens, walkways to sheds etc

Outstanding Value & Quality

I purchased two of these lights for my shed back in August 2017 and they are as good now as they were when I purchased them. I have the solar panel in a small east facing window and we get little sun and yet these are charged and ready all the time. I have no doubt, wherever you need a light these will do the trick. The remotes are fantastic and they work of the one so no swapping or messing around, the battery in the remotes are the exact same ones that came with the light over three years ago.


Have three of these lights and they all do their job really well. One lights up doorstep, another lights up the back door the the third is on top of a wardrobe. That light is in an elderly persons bedroom and comes on if they get up during the night to use their en suite. Would work in a kiddies bedroom. Great value and batteries last along time. Really recommend.


love these...very bright...great service

Xmas tree

We have a permanent Xmas tree in the garden and these lights are perfect for it. As advised, they work best in the summer, but we're happy that after a sunny autumn day we can see the lights for about an hour whilst we dine.

Very good so far.

Arrived very quickly - easy to assemble and is working well when there is some sun. Provides a good amount of bubbles for my small pond.

great Lanterns

fantastic solar Lanterns. they work so well. We are so happy to have bought them.


Bought 4 of these, very impressed. Light up all night and give off good amount of light off. Far superior to any other solar light have bought before. Recommended.....

Amazing lights

I bought these to wrap around our pergola frame and wasn’t expecting them to give off much light but they do. Love the fact the cable was black as they are perfectly camouflaged into the frame during the day. Easy to connect and fast delivery!

Looking good

So far so good. The spot light is easy to install and provides a bright, white light from dusk until bedtime. Solar panel appears to be working well. Hopefully it will continue to do so as the days get shorter and the evenings get longer and for many years in the future. One suggestion would be to offer a range of filters to adjust the light colour as a slightly yellow light would look warmer than the bright white light.

Effective marker light day and night

This solar powered marker light fulfilled my requirements to mark the kerb less edge of my property alongside a private driveway. The numerous delivery van drivers now don't carve the lawn up!


This is our first purchase from PowerBee. These lights are SUPERB!! They REALLY DO give SUPER BRIGHT LIGHT!! EXTREMELY PLEASED with this purchase!

Good light

It’s an excellent light. I bought these three and a half years ago and they are still working perfectly. I really wish you did something similar in a prettier style though, as I want to purchase some more.

Fence lights

Pleased with these fence lights really bright for a small light

Don’t economise in crap, buy these!

After going through quite a few dollars and wasted time with fairy lights dying, I splashed out and bought these puppies. Shipped from the uk and paying for the conversation was well worth it, our summers get incredibly hot, last one we had 47 degrees c, and our winters pretty cold but probably not as cold as you guys. Zero is probably the minimum in our valley. (Victoria Australia) I’ve had these guys now for almost 7 years. I have worked crazzyyy hours. I’ve come home at 4 am through winters and summers with these guys welcoming me home and have left at 6:30 am and these guys are only just starting to switch off. They are a lovely welcome light when I get home regardless of the hours. I have really come to love these guys and will be very sad when I have to replace them, when ever that will be. For me, my experience has been 5star and I’d be disappointed if you guys didn’t get the same experience I’ve had. In a nut shell I’m back to more!! :D


Great looking lamp good purchase would buy again if Needed.

Great product

I brought this oxygenator as a replacement for another brand solar and battery one I had previously brought and was having lots of trouble with. I was looking for something which could affectively look after itself and thats exactly what this does. I have the pump part in a weather proof box to keep it safe and the tubes are very long so can easily spread them out to spread the oxygen. They are lovely and powerful and producing plenty of oxygen for my fish. It even works a little bit when the sun isn't as bright in the evenings and early morning. I haven't used during the winter yet so will be interesting to see how much power I get on duller days but during the summer I think this is perfect and don't have to worry about a battery to look after. I have my other pump still set up as a battery backup but i don't currently feel like I'm going to need to use it. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for something powerful but low maintenance.

Excellent product

Very bright..easy to fit

Best spotlight ever.

I purchased my first PowerBee over four years ago and it’s still working strong I had bought cheaper other versions which were a waste of money I decided to get another and did not hesitate to get another PowerBee,fantastic spot light.

Great lights

Really pleased with these fence solar lights great light love em

Years of brilliant lights!

About 3 years ago I got these, and unlike the previous 2 makes which broke after 6 months, these are going great, and have survived years of storms and weather of extreme kinds. Pretty too. In my shaded garden, they still shine from the very good solar panel. In midwinter it runs until 12/1am, and goes all night the rest of the year, which is amazing given the small amount of direct sun in my garden. I'm back on the website to buy more, and wanted to leave this to save people buying the rubbish alternatives to "save money". Enjoy!.

bought 2

Excellent garden lights. I bought 2. great and looks very good.

Excellent lights that light back round to morning

These lights are excellent. We have bought a second selection to replace broken lamps(grandchildren and grandad). Even when the sun has been hiding they shine round to day break. I have recommended them to many friends and I am about to order more for a good friend. I really recommend them they are excellent.

Great product

Really well made product which produces bright lights which add atmosphere to pond. The only minor issue is that there is indication with the on/off switch whether the panel is on or off and the panel must be on to charge. The instructions also do not make it clear to use the mode switch to change the colours. It suggests continuously clicking the on off switch which is clearly illogical. These matters do not detract from a great product


Fantastic effect. They lovely in garden but I have wired them to the ends of a terrace where they look amazing.

Sensational at night

These look sensational at night and are unobtrusive during the day. I have them instead of hanging baskets. I would recommend this pair as they are bigger with a longer drop. Fantastic customer service too!

Great lights

These lights are quite bright and look very well made, I dislike cheap poorly made things but these are great.They last for hours even after a cloudy day charging up, I'm yet to see them during winter though. They light the corner of my yard beautifully. So good I got some more as a present for a relative.

Dual air pump

Very happy with this purchase works very well in my barrel pond. Delivery was swift and was easy for me to set up

Excellent product

Bought to replace old mains powered lights which failed. Very bright lights which are well made. Only minor issue is that they have to be turned on in order to charge and the push button switch gives no indication whether the lights are on or off. The instruction also suggest you change the light mode by repeated pressing of the on off switch rather than the mode switch. Easy to sort out so doesn’t detract from overall satisfaction with the product. Solar lights have come a long way.

Exceptional product

Bought two as a test to replace old mains lights which stopped working. Very well made and give off better light than the old ones. So good bought another four.

Brilliant lights

I have had these lights for years and they stay on for most of the night. I have had mine years and have now purchased some for my nieces birthday. These are high quality lights and I would definitely recommend them.

Very happy

Very happy with this solar fountain which works very well. Bought to cheer us up in the present Coronavirus situation and does the trick!

Excellent product.

Love it. Easy to assemble. Works brilliantly. I am hoping it will keep blanket weed at bay.

Great product and service.

I ordered this for our container pond project. Delivered quickly and fantastic product.

Easy to install and good value.

The pump was quickly delivered and very easy to install. It aerates the pond in warm sunny weather which is exactly what I wanted.

Amazing lights

I bought these to wrap around our pergola frame and wasn’t expecting them to give off much light but they do. Love the fact the cable was black as they are perfectly camouflaged into the frame during the day. Easy to connect and fast delivery!

Efficient and pleasing fountain

This is perfect for our small pond: easy to assemble, strong fountain height, tidy solar panel -works brilliantly with the sun. Now named the SolarShower 300. Great prompt service with free postage from Power Bee. Very very pleased !

Perfect spot light

Well worth the money. Looks expensive and sturdy. Placed in a sunny spot ,still on at 4 AM


Lovely product.. Perfect for the loc and a great price

Fantastic solar lights

I have been looking for solar lights for a while and these are excellent quality and look great along the flower borders of our garden. I’m just delighted with them, quick delivery too.
Gillywillywongo Riad Solar Lanterns 2pk

crackle lights

prompt delivery of crackle lights they look good in garden when its dark they are good quality and would recommend them I will use this company again when I need more solar lights

Saturn solar garden lights.

We've bought two sets of these and the build quality is excellent and they give a good light. Hope the reliability is as good, time will tell!


Ordered for our Wedding Anniversary gift and we are delighted. It arrived quickly, easy to assemble and it looks great.

Fantastic and bright

I bought 3 packs of these to go on my fence panels, they are fantastic and bright white. I'm now ordering another 2 packs to go round my decking


I bought a set of these lights to transform a section of my garden. I was so impressed with delivery, and product I ordered 3 more a week later. I highly recommend this company.

Old mill water fountain

Great service quick delivery very easy to set up put in garden going well thanks very much.looks great in garden lovely sound of running water .

Old mill water fountain

Great service quick delivery very easy to set up put in garden going well thanks very much.

Lovely, if not confusing

This is a great little pump/fountain co.bo in one floating package. It's great there are no cables to separate solar panels and it does have (intentional???) hoops on the underside that allow you to anchor it to a weight. However it does seem to only run in direct sunlight (i.e. in the middle of a blazing sunny day when it was in partial shade from a narrow cherry tree it stopped [despite the ambient light still being bright/strong]) My biggest grumble tho' is having to "code break" the timer function. I had no idea I'd activated it and now have to try and work out, with no instructions, how to deactivate it with only 4 buttons on the remote of which 1 is labelled "timer". Instructions would help or a more intuitive system. But the product works and looks great

Powerbee lights

Bought 20 of these lights 2 years ago they are amazing except the one my husband reversed into with the garden trailer but what can I say would certainly buy them again


Lovely lantern excellent value for money and speedy delivery


Lovely lantern, excellent value for money.and speedy delivery.

Brilliant Lights

Have had these since mid May and they have been brilliant. They are so bright at the top of my garden. Seriously considering ordering more.

Very happy

Product came quickly, very easy to assemble and works great. Looks lovely in my garden.

High Quality Lights

These solar brick lights look great on gravel. They last many hours. The attached photo shows the difference between warm and cool light.

Highly recommended

Bought these last week and they look absolutely stunning lit up - would highly recommend


Far brighter than I dared hope. Casts a wonderful uplight over my pond and shows off my silver birch beautifully.
cherylandcats Solar Spot Lights 4 LED

Simple and effective

Really pleased with these lights. Placed them on block paving at the end of my drive and they give out a really bright light . Best solar lights we've ever had.

water feature

easy to assemble - tranquil soothing water feature ... a must in any garden

Why wouldn’t you?

The question is, ‘Why wouldn’t you buy these?’ Excellent service and a great product...very easy to install and look stylish no matter where you put them. Got them in APR2020 and they’ve worked every day since, even when the day had been overcast with very little direct sun. Highly recommended!

Very nice

Theses festoon lights are very nice, a lovely mellow light. Look great on my garden wall.

Great So Far

Only had them a week, but they certainly seem very good quality, and are looking great. Just bought another item from you as am reassured it will be as good!

Exceptional value for money

This product was delivered right on time and even for a non DIY person was easily put together within 5 mins . Love this cascade ,brings our garden alive with the sound of trickling water ,just enough to relax to whilst lazing in the garden.

Pretty lights

Put these up at the weekend and they are ver pretty. Cast a nice glow in the garden.. I got the larger string and they are perfect along my concrete fence panels looping along the 4 panels. Would recommend.


Have had these for about a week now and they are fabulous. They create quite a lot of light and look really pretty. Am seriously considering getting more - just not sure where to put them yet. You’ll not be disappointed with these.

Great product and service

These glass block solar lights are lovely on my decking. They are solid and well made. They last for hours and give a lovely soft glow. The delivery was fast and communication is great. Thank you.


Once I realised that the tubing slides into the inside the rigid connectors rather than over the outside, which in my experience is more usual, all was well. The tube is very flexible but not too easily crushed. At the pressures my pump produces there are no leaks


These lights are excellent. The website is easy to use and delivery was quick. The lights charged up quickly and now light up our garden path enough to find one of our cats who has decided to stay outside after dark. Just the job. Thank you.

Eclipse wall lights

Just what I was looking for not to bright just takes the edge of the darkness


Really pleased with these lanterns. Only downside, 2 were perfect, 2 had loose 'tops'. Repaired one, just needed the screws tightening, but the screws in the other just go round and round and will not tighten. Ok for standing on a surface, but might not want to risk hanging it up... But they are really nice lanterns and give a good light

Great buy

Bought this for my sister and she’s really pleased with it. So much so that I want to buy another one for my mum but it’s sold out!

Fence solar lights.

These lights are really good value for money, really bright at night they look like they were powered by electricity. I like them that much I’ve just bought another eight to go with the Eight I already have.


These lights look fab on my arbor really pleased with them

Good service, great equipment

After initial advice from Nathan I purchased the SE 1000 to power my garden's water feature. Easy to set up, the panel has so far provided me with six hours of continuous power in a single session under very sunny conditions. Very satisfied with service and equipment.

Stunning water feature

Very pleased with this item! Looks amazing! Runs all day! Great customer service and fast delivery times.

Water fountain

Sitting here in the conservatory with the door open, on a lovely sunny day.Listening to the water falling from the robust fountain is very relaxing and no need for batteries at present so in a way free to listen and relax as lockdown continues.

Love It

Love this milk churn, and I love watching the spurting water and listening to it in the sunshine. I thought I would prefer the fountain attachment but I prefer the water spurt. Easy to assemble. Happy customer.

Small but Good

We have a very small pond next to a larger one with a mains fountain. Thought it would be a good idea to create some water movement and oxygenate the small pool. I didn't want the complication of mains wiring so solar power seemed the way to go. The SE 360 seems to be the perfect size and power for such a small pond. No danger of inadvertently emptying the pond and just the right amount of water movement. So far, so good and very pleased in the few days I've had it. Bigger ponds need very much more powerful pumps but this is right for our tiny water feature.

Lovely lights, so bright

Arrived on time, although one box was missing this was then reissued and arrived within a few days. Wanted to order more but they have now sold out which is a shame. Hopefully they will be back in stock again soon.

Value for money

These lights are lovely, not tacky at all and give out a good light. Well packaged when arrived can't fault at all!

Charming ornament

Looks good and works well in full sunlight

Solar security lights

Fourth product bought from Powerbee, and again not dissapointed. Well made lights which work well. Would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family. Thanks

Great Product

Prompt delivery & extremely pleased with the product. Very robust design but aesthetically pleasing.

Bought to replace worn out lights

Very pleased with these lights they last for quite a long time depending the amount of sun available


I brought this water feature for my fathers birthday. It didnt take long to come through given everything that's going on with covid-19 at the moment so very happy with that. Very easy to assemble, looks very nice and high quality. Its a lovely little feature for the garden and sounds so peaceful and relaxing.

Look lovely wrapped around my Shrub

These are good quality lights with different modes similar to Christmas tree lights. I have them in my garden wrapped around some branches in a large shrub and they look very pretty.

Solar Fountain Sunspray

Excellently product works really well and sets off my water barrel! Very easy to setup and is ideal for a small pond.

Everything I wanted from a solar pump

5* service from Powerbee. 5* product. Had a couple of floating fountains in the past. They never lasted and for the money, I could have had one of these. I now do. Bringing the kinetic water element back into the garden is a real pleasure during lockdown. Nath went above and beyond to ensure a speedy arrival. Many many thanks.

Solar lantern

These arrived today, they are stunning to say the least. Now it's dark they are so pretty and way better than expected.

Lovely lanterns

These are very pretty lanterns that give off a lovely gentle light. Make sure you recharge the battery first by leaving them in the sunshine for 2 days in the off position.


Beautiful water feature bought to replace old one. Easy to assemble and working ten minutes after being delivered. It also came very quickly which was excellent under the circumstances at present. Thank you

brilliant product great price

purchase one to see how it performed and looked. 10 out of 10 - ordering 2 more as such gear value. .


Very pleased with the pitcher. Easy to assemble and it looks great next to my patio. Did not take long to charge up. Like the idea of it working even with no sun. Excellent purchase from Powerbee.


Bought 6 years ago to go around pond they give great light and you can see the fish swimming around as you sit and have a drink never had to do anything just the cats keep knocking them over so need to replace a few


Love the product was a gift they are over the moon with it Thankyou

bought 2 last week, so pleased I am ordering 4 more in warm white. Quite powerful.

Worth the money and quick delivery too.

Good service

This is the second one of these I have bought. The first one worked brilliantly for 5 years, but unfortunately the battery back up started to let in the water so have just replaced the battery back.


I ordered this for my grandparents it's working perfectly and was delivered very fast


Recently purchased 4 of these lights for my stable block that currently has no power, they are brilliant and really light up a dark area! Easy to set up and maintain, 1 remote works for all of them plus able to turn them the lights without having to be stood under the lights!

Really lovely lanterns

These lanterns are great quality and amazing price. Very well made and quite sturdy so hopefully they won’t blow about too much. I’m really pleased with them.


Easy to set up and install. Running within 30 minutes. Very good service. Well pleased

Great quality and price

Works well. Tidy

Excellent bright security light

I have now fixed this light on my garage and the light is very bright. It has an adjustment for how long it stays on for after activating it with movement. I have used Power Bee lights for many years now and think they are the best on the market.

Really bright lights

I’ve had a set of these for years and they are the best solar fairy lights I’ve bought. I got a second set to put alongside the old ones and they are just as hood. Bright and they stay light for ages.

Good value and does the job

I bought this to light an area in shadow approaching the kitchen door. It was easy to install but be aware it recommends 5.5mm holes for the screws (all fixings supplied). Illumination is sufficient for my requirements and speedy to work with sufficient detection zone.

great little lights

Second pack that I have bought: although they only get a few hours of diect sunlight, the charge seems to be more than adequate for our use. The detetction angle of the sensor also works well, turning on to illuminate movement at the bottom of about 20 stairs.

Small but look good

I put these lights at the edge of my decking. Not a lot of light but they let you see where the deck ends. They’re sturdy and look good.

Surprisingly effective

I'll have to admit, given the front of my house is faces ENE I wasn't sure how well these would work in a UK winter, but they've done a sterling job two years in a row now. They look really nice too!


My son bought me a set o five last Christmas. They are brilliant - have never failed and produce bright white light. Love them


I bought a set of these to help me in the indoor part of my chicken run in the winter so I can make sure food and water is removed at night and replaced in the morning before the hens get up. Obviously that means doing it in the dark, these lights have saved me tripping over things and dropping feed in the floor. They’re so good I’ve ordered another 2 packs to extend the illuminated parts.

Great Light

Fitted to My shed today. Need to tidy up the wiring a bit but it works really well Very impressed with it. Well worth buying.


So very happy with this light, it is bright, easy to fix and can be rotated to light up any area you need. We angled it towards the door as we are always fumbling about trying to find the lock as it is in a very dark corner, the light is just the job and only comes on when needed, so no wastage on the batteries.


I purchased these for my chicken run and coop which is a long way from an electrical connection. In the dark winter it’s hard to hold a torch to bring in the feed (no one wants rats) and make sure they are secure. These lights are perfect, I’ve put them around the indoor run so I’m no longer in danger of falling over a feeder or drinker in the dark !

Good light but with a couple of snags

This light works well and we're generally pleased with it. However, there are a couple of potential snags. Firstly, the supplied installation screws are far too short to go through the mounting holes on the light and grip securely into the supplied wall plugs. Silly mistake in design/packaging but you will need to get your own fixing screws. Maybe Powerbee can swap the screws over in their stock before sending the lights out? Secondly, the USB charging point is recessed into the light casing and here there is another design fault. The recess is too tight to take many types of USB charging cables. Therefore you will need to find a cable with a thin surround to its plug.

Satisfied customer

Excellent service. Excellent product. Recommend this companies 100% . Quality at very good prices. Looking forward to putting my solar lights on the Christmas Tree.

Quality for decking

Quality lights for our decking with the added colour feature for Christmas. 1 of the 8 globes arrived damaged and Powerbee sent a replacement immediately no questions asked. Well done Powerbee :)


Great lights for down the path. Initially a couple weren’t working due to the battery coming loose in transit but after a very quick response to our query all are working well. Even in the last two days of incessant rain the lights have come on in the evening. Highly recommended

Great lights

Lights are very sensitive and come on promptly as expected

Fantastic garden lights

I bought a pack of 2 of these to try as I had been disappointed by other garden lights elsewhere. They were a bit more money so I hoped they would last better. I was so impressed I bought more for me plus another lot as a gift for my mum for her garden. These lights come on even when it's been a pretty dull day and on a bright summers day are still on the next morning. They are really bright, have lasted 2 years and are still looking amazing. I have bought some fairy lights too as I was so impressed with the quality of products supplied. Very happy

Lights are working perfectly and are just what we wanted

We now have 4 and they are working perfectly - exactly what we wanted

Excellent service

Solar trickle charger delivered as stated, good quality, only just purchased so hoping performance is as good as buying and delivery

tripleaction 6000

I bought one of these pumps . Excellent product, One thing be very carefull when adding the attachments I unfortunatly over tightened one of the attachments to pump and snapped it so now i am going to order another one

Brilliant service

Order felt with almost immediately. Came so quickly. Good product. And service

Great water feature

Purchased the medium marble bowl water feature with mixed pebbles. Arrived well wrapped and very promptly. Have yet to set it up, bit it looks easy to assemble and very substantial.

you get what you pay for

Bought these quality Solar Powered Fairy Lights 100 Deluxe White | Endurance in December 2017 and they are still going strong, highly recommended!


Bought this single Solar Oxygenator Air Pump with Battery Backup about 1 month ago for my medium size pond and it's far exceeded my expectations, on a mixed sunny/cloudy day the sun had gone at 4pm and this was still going when I checked at 8:30pm, I think it needs full sun to charge up initially but it's an excellent addition to my pond.

Great product, excellent customer service

as always, Powerbee products are excellent; strong manufacture and helpful customer service


I am delighted with my beautiful Fairy Leaf Fountain. It arrived so quickly and was well packed and easy to assemble. It looks so pretty on our patio. The price is far cheaper than my local garden centres.


Really pleased with the water cascade pitcher. Easy to assemble and as soon as sun came out it started working. Even without the sun it looks great on the patio. Paid for the 48 hour Royal Mail delivery, arrived the next day,


Really pleased with the pitcher. Easy to assemble and as soon as sun came out it started working. Even when not working, looks great on the patio.

Excellent solar lights

These are the best solar ligts I have found - they work even after a dull day. The flickering effect is very pretty too. They come on before it is completely dark and last a good few hours. No need to recharge or change batteries and they have been out all summer! Excellent value and I highly recommend them.

Air Stones

Just bought these went for the dual stone set up . Lots of bubbles fish now how their own Jacuzzi .

I love it

I’m really happy with this product it’s totally transformed my garden. I love it!

Excellent little lights

Purchased 2 of these after buying other products from PowerBee. So far, excellent, just like their other stuff. This company know what they are doing - its not just about sales - their products WORK. Its not just about how cheap it is - pay more once but get a product that will perform and outlast the competition 3x. If you have a problem they deal with it.

works well

Installed in pond over a week ago a few days after we cleaned pond out , it had already started to turn green , It is still about the same color which is good as it would normally have got really bad by now, the fountain is really good , and holds power well .

Tried so many these are the best

I tried about 7 different types of lights. These left everything else in the dark - literally. Please re stock


Easily assembled. Bought because our pond (3m x 2m) was opaque green. Within a week the water is clearer. Admit to being surprised that one small inexpensive oxygenator can make such a big difference

Just what we needed - Really good light projects down in front of the shed and patheay. Very pleased with this purchase.

Really good light - very good value - Ordered and delivered within days. Just what was required.


Really bright, large stars. Look fantastic in my shrubs. Really pleased with these.

Work as expected

This is my second buy from PowerBee and again had great service. I have mounted the light unit on the corner of the extension to cover my back garden gate down to the garage door. The other light is angled to light my back door and patio area. Absolutely perfect. Bright enough to see everything but not harsh and annoying. Enough cable to mount the solar panel high up on a south facing wall. The complete set up took about an hour to fit and seems to be of good quality. Very satisfied with every aspect of the PowerBee experience.

Fantastic solar fountain

Having never had a water feature, wasn't really sure what I wanted for my small vintage wash tub water feature. Really thrilled with this pump as very easy to set up and it looks great. Received pump the very next day after ordering-great service from Powerbee.

Spring 2018 Edition

Fantastic, love it. Can't use cables as foxes chew them so this has worked perfectly for us.

Solar oxygenator

Only recently bought but is running very well in small fish pond.

Very good

Our utility room doesn’t have any outside windows and it can be inconvenient when nipping in and out to have to turn the light on and off every time. We bought this so that the light comes on when we enter and so far it’s working great. We’ve mounted the solar panel on the outside of the house, unfortunately it doesn’t get much sun until the afternoon, but hopefully enough in the long term to keep the battery charged.


This solar pump is good quality and gives us the volume of water down our small cascade that we were looking for. We have been able to position the solar panels on our nearby fence to catch maximum sunlight and far enough away from the pond so as not to spoil the look of the planting round the pond. We are delighted with our purchase and always recommend PowerBee to friends and neighbours. Nathan has always been extremely helpful, giving tips and info to us, novice pond owners!

Sceptical at first. But........

I bought eight of these lights to edge my newly landscaped rear garden. I was sceptical at first but have been proved wrong. These are great. They are well made and give a much brighter lights than expected. Don't bother buying the £10 a dozen from the big retail outlets, they will disappoint you. So pleased I'm going to order two security lights from PowerBee.

Nice floating fountain

Have enjoyed this item very much. Easy to set up, but *must* be in a location that is sunny for much of the day to get the full effect. Nice to watch at night, but save battery power for it during the day if possible. Haven't mastered the multiple clicks for 1,2,3 and 4 hour durations yet. Also, if you have more than one of these fountains, the remote will operate them both simultaneously, but for independent control they must be quite a distance apart (>8-10 metres).


Powerful and creates a great whirlpool for the fish even when no sunshine. At 7am , cloudy and it was going like the clappers.

Fabulous Solar Lamp Post

I am really impressed with this lamp post - it creates a little bit of Narnia in my back garden! The light it produces is amazing and I am contemplating buying a second one for my side garden.


This little fountain has been going for two years now and I am really pleased with it. On highest setting the fountain just touches edges of my little 2 feet diameter round pond. Great service from Powerbee as always.


I have bought these for other people as presents and thought it was time to treat myself. Exceptional solar lights that last and last. Well worth paying a bit extra for. Service from Powerbee is excellent too.

Superb Fairy Lights

These Endurance Solar Fairy Lights are brilliant! I have them all around my garden fence & they stay on literally all night regardless of the amount of sunlight we’ve had . I wouldn’t bother buying any others now as the Powerbee ones are the best !

3 years on still great!

I have this fountain in a wildlife pond (a biggish plastic planter sunk into the ground). It advises to bring in in the winter and for one reason or another I never got round to it and I am so surprised that after two winters outside it is still working! I have it set on intermittent and have the battery hidden in a square black plant pot in a bush. Still made up with it, I nearly talked my husband out of buying it because of the cost but so glad we went for it. Buying one as a present for mother in law who loves ours.


as I was instructed to light up our drive way for less than £100 I bought these solar wall lights, a small amount of intrepidation ensued as I have seen some previously & lacked a certain enthusiasm for them, however I did hear that solar energy products have moved on in time to the next generation so thought I would give it a shot, these led & pir activated ones looked to me to be the safest option for consistent operation, I am very satisfied they work so well I had no idea that they would ALWAYS work whatever the weather... very happy and relieved !

Good value, could be more compact

Doesn’t cost that much more than to buy the pump alone...the 500 pump produced a steady flow through the filter and attached tubing.

Water Feature

Arrived as expected, setting up was easy and looks amazing


I felt I had to review this item I have a total of three I bought them for my holiday cottage in 2015-16 I have since moved them to my new holiday home and they still work as new.

Does what it says

Surprisingly bright spot, illuminates more effectively that the two mains "bulkhead" style lights in the same passageway. As it will only be occasionally lighting up battery capacity wont be an issue. Note that, for some reason, the screws/plugs for the lamp are slightly different to those for fixing the solar panel.

fabulous lamp posts!

just love these...purchased two and now purchasing another two!! Look brilliant in our garden and very, very pretty and eye catching at night time.

Brilliant lights

I purchased these lights and they came today, I put them out but because it has been wet and dull today I didn’t think they would light up, how wrong I was they are really bright and look so lovely, a decent size to. I would definitely recommend these.

Brilliant lights

Great lights. They illuminate a 30 metre driveway very well from dusk to dawn, admittedly in the Algarve, but the panels only get full sun in the afternoon. Difficult to fix to a wall so I fixed a small wooden plate to the wall and the light to the plate. Much easier.

Custodian Double Spot Lights

I’ve bought two other solar lights from Powerbee previously, probably around 5 years ago and still going strong. Others I have bought elsewhere tend to be not the same quality. So I wanted a decent spot light for my palm tree in Spain. Bought one while shopping in Homebase and seemed powerfully, got it out to Spain and it lasted a day, wouldn’t charge. Decided to stop messing around, contact Powerbee and they recommended the one I purchased. Just installed today out of the box, so no charge for over two months, 5 hours still going strong. Now after some wall lights but out of stock, I will just wait rather than be disappointed elsewhere.

Great solar water feature.

Spring 2018, , my daughter searched garden centres for a small solar water feature for a pebbled area of her small garden without success. She came across Powerbee web site and found exactly what she had been searching for.. The medium size with natural pebbles is perfect. It looks like marble and is very substantial. It came well wrapped and was easy to assemble.. The service from Powerbee was second to none. A great solar power water feature.

best price

at least £10 less than anywhere elses so picked up a bargain cheers powerbee works a treat and looks good

Lovely Water feature

looks great in my garden and it works better than I thought I even got some use out of it over the winter time which did surprise me, but when it is sunny then normally it works even in January! so it is a very attractive feature and the solar panel is good

Excellent Carriage light

Good illumination that covers a wide area. No sun today and still provides an acceptable light. Will set up on a rose arch in due course. Recommended

saturn powerbee lights

these lights are the best on the market by a long way although a little expensive once charged they light all night

Super Pleased. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We had this Solar Light purchased for us as a Christmas Gift 2018. My husband recently installed it and we are both extremely pleased with the amount of light it gives plus having the solar panel + a south facing wall it gets plenty of charge through the solar plate even though most days are overcast. Also the staff @ PowerBee are very helpful should you need to ask any advice from them - We definitely give this light 5 stars and would certainly recommend it to other potential buyers.

Works in winter

It does stay on all night after brighter days in winter. The tilting panel is a great idea. Had mine a few years now and still good. Not changed battery yet. I have a cheap light in a better position than this and it gave in ages ago due to poor light. It's a good strong light too.

Just the best

These are by far the best solar lights I've brought, and having the option to usb charge in the winter is fantastic. My old ones went straight in the bin!


It was worth the wait, and the effect is amazing. The solar battery and projector seem extremely robust. Very happy with the product.

Great solar lights

I have purchased a number of lights they are very bright & always come on what ever weather we get thrown at us. Love them wouldn’t buy from any one else than Powerbee.

Fairy Leaf Fountain : brilliant

My fairy arrived when they said. 30mins after she arrived, she's in my garden! Oh my she's beautiful, working well. I'm so pleased with her,well worth the money. If you have fairies in your garden you need one . Lovely xx

New Container Pond

I chose this solar aerator as it's all in one - air pump attached to back of solar panel. It's a solid bit of kit which is working well, both in direct sunlight and in partial cloud cover. Good stream of bubbles and I like the options of day operation or at night or switched off. No noise from pump. I would recommend and happy to share photo of set up in new container pond (12 gallons).


SO SO pleased with this. Sent the last piece of pastic imported rubbish back to amazon... This is a world apart! 1) The solar panel is very very efficient... even on a cloudy day it can run the unit 2) Clever software means the device makes use of the solar before the battery.... 3) Nice and sunny this past 3 weeks..and I reckon we get something like 12 hours run 4) the WD40 hint makes the pump run like a dream 5) cleans up well...and plenty of hidden cable. Cant fault the unit...nor Powerbee for quick response and an answer to my s/w question!!

Excellent pump

I was going to purchase an electric pump but having no outside socket running lead across garden wasn’t an option so I bought this having read the reviews. I am so pleased that I did. I have made a water feature using a pot on the edge of my pond so the tube connected to the pump comes out of pond fills the pot and the water then falls into pond. This pump works brilliantly, the spec says 5 hours running time when fully charged this has just run for 9 hours today before I turned it off excellent product

Love them

So impressed with these lights, brighter than I expected. They started working after one partly cloudy day. I am always a bit wary of solar lights but these seem very well made. I bought them to make a feature of a dead cotoneaster shrub which is a lovely shape, like a small Japanese tree, so I didn't want to cut it down. I only wish I'd bought 2 because I would love more in the garden.

Great products

Got these years ago - stil” going. Also got white lights that have been incessantly snipped by neighbours garden shears - now 1/4 length but still going too! Powerbee make great products.

Really Beautiful Lanterns

I purchased two of these lanterns, they are so pretty and a really good size. I have hung them on my hanging basket brackets until my baskets are ready to go out, then I will put them on my wall. I have lots of lights from Powerbee and have never been disappointed. Their lights last so much longer than any others.

Wall lights

I bought these last year, for my front garden walls , And my back garden walls. They are absolutely fantastic, I have a total of 21 and they were all working throughout winter where the sun got to them, and I live in Scotland , where it's pretty cold. And they are still working away perfect, and they give a great light, I have been with powerbee since 2007 . I wouldn't by from no one else now.


Great to have a light that actuially responds to movement only. Lights up large area for such a compact light. LED better than normal bulbs as last forever. Batteries last about 4 months but that was during the winter months. Really pleased with this light so I brought a second one.


I love this lamp it looks so elegant - and my neighbour commented on it too - Everything I buy from Power Bee is great !!! I will probably buy another of these as a pair will be very effective


Would not have thought it possible. Took a chance and bought the double pack. Was expecting a yellowy light with not much humf. What i got was brilliant white light more like they are mains powered. If you are like i was, will i wont i then stop worrying i will give you your money back myself if you are not happy. Oh, and they have worked just the same all through winter in low light conditions.

Very impressed

I bought 4 of these lights delivery was very quick, my partner bought them for my birthday for May I put one of them out to try it out and was so impressed with the effort,I put it a few feet away from the plant I wanted to light up and am so happy with the effect,the only problem is that I have to take the spot light back to him till may

Totally awesome

I purchased ten of these in April 2015, and apart from one they are still going strong every single evening. They truly are the best solar lights I have ever bought.

the best security light I have tested so far

this is without doubt a VERY good value light, its best suited where the pir will not be triggered by trees or bushes (as the pir cannot be adjusted - just angled). so an open area away from trees or bushes, but if you have a garage for example and need a security light above or if you have a patio then this is ideal, as the light also has a flood light mode, so if the light is not mounted to high then you can switch it on & it will stay on for as long as there is charge, this can be really handy for the odd job where constant light is needed or if you have guests over and are doing a late evening on the patio and want some additional lighting, another great feature is that it has a dim mode whereby the light will dim down to a really economical light so that it lasts most nights, then when it is triggered by motion it will activate and shine brightly, this does give a greater sense of security at night time, all in all this is a really great light

Amazing 100 white solar fairy lights!

These PowerBee lights are just amazing, didn't realise what I'd been missing by continually buying cheap rubbish, and usually having to throw them away and replace every year. I realise now that the light they gave was rubbish too! Have learnt my lesson now I've seen these. So thrilled that I've got good quality lights at last. Thank you!

Very impressive : Solar Motion Security Light

My impression of solar lights was not very good prior to reading the reviews on this site.This light was fitted above our garage so it would cast some light onto the steps leading into our house.The light casts a strong light all the way to our gate,5metres. Purchased one more for my brother in law as he was so impressed.

VERY handy little battery pir light

I use these lights a lot, I have them all over my house, I hardly ever switch a light on at night when I am going from one room to another including up and down the stairs, they are without doubt one of the best value little battery lights on the market - in fact I think the best!!, very easy to install as they come with a sticker pad which I love, they never fail, the batteries last for ages, they are very easy to change because the unit just literally slips off its housing, with one twist you can access the batteries, which are very simple to change in about 10 seconds, they are really bright easily highlighting a 5 meter square room, and they also have an 'on' feature where if you have a power cut you can easily read by them, and of course they do act as a very good little battery security light, I also have one in my porch at the front of the house it does make you feel safer as as soon as anyone enters the pir triggers, also very handy when you come home at night to find your keys - very very highly recommended

Good Solar Powered Spot Lights

EXCEPTIONALLY well made, tested these through most of Jan and got some really good results, you can angle the solar panel to optimise the light which is very handy, the Ultima is a really classy spot light if you have the budget, but as usual you get what you pay for these days, and although they are a little more expensive I have absolutely no doubt they will last for years, and they work really well - very impressed with these lights

Very nice product

Bright and last very well - maintains brightness even during a winters night and nice construction. Would just benefit from a reflective cone in the base - improves brightness significantly.

The Best Lights by Far!!

Everything is better about the powerbee fairy lights, sparkles are now everywhere in my garden, I have a total of 6 solar sets now! I think it makes everything look like magic and it makes me feel very happy, I wouldn't bother with the cheap sets from 'other' places they are not worth it in the long run because they don't last I did try them before and they lasted a year and didn't even work in winter well all for about an hour... but these ones are really worth every single penny and they seem to go on and on incredible !!

Effective Pond skimmer

Very Easy to use and well made Skimmer and very effective, saves the hassle of having to keep going round with a net and collecting dead leaves which i found very annoying, now i can leave the skimmer to just float around collecting up all the debris and rinse it out every couple of weeks, a great luxury - well worth the money just for the time and hassle it saves!!

Finally a reliable floating fountain

I have tested a lot of these and to be honest out of all of the floating pumps I have tested this one is by FAR the most reliable, as the solar cells sit on top of the unit without an angle of any sort, they have to be high quality and numerous to work, this fountain checks all the boxes.

Does the job brilliantly

Previously bought two of these, to light the front & rear of my Mother's house. I have just bought another 4 to illuminate the driveway, as Carers are in & out at all times. I have 1 also directed at the Keysafe, which is mounted away from the house. Essential for ease of access when it's dark. Easy to install, reliable & a very bright light when you need it. Highly recommended.

very happy with this fountain pump kit

when I opened the box i know this was a good fountain, you can see that it is a high quality item, the battery backup is really cool its larger than I have seen before and gives a great sense of reassurance as you just know that it is big enough to work properly, seen a couple which take AA batteries but this one has a proper rechargeable large capacity battery inside with a timer on it for winter use. The Solar panel is well made and it really does work a treat, I placed mine in a very small pond so adjusted the flow rate down to minimum as I didn't want the water spraying out of the sides when we were not there, this is a very handy feature on the 500, you can really set the water flow how you want to as it has two adjustments for this which we found to be really handy. All in all we are very happy with this kit and will definitely be coming back to powerbee.


I've got various Powerbee lights around my garden and I know they're good. However, this motion sensitive light surpassed my expectations! We fitted it on a day that had a few hours of weak sunlight, so I wasn't expecting much when it was first triggered. It grew dark and I wandered down my drive for a little look - wow! It's so bright you'd assume it was a halogen type, mains powered flood. Highly recommend this light.

Powerful Battery Powered Security Light

I am really surprised how long the batteries last for considering the amount of brightness the light produces, it lights up our entire driveway which is about 15 feet long, after 3 months its still going strong... very very impressed with this powerful little battery light highly recommended

Powerful Solar Powered Water Pump !!

We have two ponds one feeds the other from a stream at the top, the drain is faster than the flow of water going in so the bottom pond always becomes filled up to overflowing... there is no chance of having mains there as it is a field about 100 meters away from our house, so we opted for this solar powered pump, connected some tubing to it (we narrowed down the tubing with a connector so it went further up the hill on first attempt garden hose size was too wide for the distance we needed 5 meters so converted it down to 10 mm with a widget) : result is brilliant, it doesn't work 24/7 in fact in winter we don't get that much usage from it to be honest although it kicks in to life from time to time but we kind of expected that, but during the whole summer it chugged away nicely for hours on end and did a grand job, we spoke to nath & he sorted everything for us worth noting that he is very knowledgeable and helpful thank you Nath its a great - does a really good job

Solar Powered Fountain Sunspray 450-w : Good Kit

A good bit of Kit for the price, has a nice flow rate not pulsy like other ones we've had , it works well in summer even in the north when it's overcast you still get a descent enough flow, we tried different set ups the best is on the float - it uses less energy like that, the fountain is well made, panel is good quality, all in all for the price I would definitely recommend this little fountain

Fantastic lights that will bring a smile to your face.

I have ordered quite a few of these fairy lights, some for myself and some as presents. These Solar are more expensive but the quality is excellent and I have some strings that have been going for several years. They perform really well and can still be shining the next morning when I wake up. I love looking at them when its dark and they light up the garden. Customer service was good when I had a problem. I would highly recommend these lights.


Just adore these lights...have bought cheaper in the past and just not worth it !! My house & gardens are full of powerbee products ...& I haven't finished yet !! Speedy delivery & very reliable products , recommend to all& very helpful customer service if needed

Don't get left in the dark

After having bought 3 of the The Ray with PIR control, i thought that i'd buy 1 with a remote for a part of my shed extension which is seldom used. Handy being able to control the light by remote as & when you need it. Quality product with Powerbee's excellent service mean that i can (& have) recommended them without reservation. Hope to deal with you again soon.

Wouldn't be without these

Bought 1 of these a while ago & was so impressed that i've now bought a further 3 for my expanding shed empire. No nonsense, easy to install, efficient light that provides an excellent light source for the shed that comes on as you walk in. Tested it in our house before installing in the shed & my wife turned the switch off when leaving the kitchen, thinking the mains lighting was on! Very bright & 100% satisfied with Powerbee's excellent service. Highly recommended.

What a great Camping Lamp

We live off-grid in the mountains of southern South Africa and have used a variety of solar powered lamps over the years. A good quality competitor lasted about 18months whereas we have used your lamps daily for about 5 years and they are still going strong. We are replacing our other lamps with your products which are both more powerful and more efficent.

Excellent Lights

Have had 3 of these lights for two years and they consistently shine even if a winter day been dull.

Solar Shed Light

Bought two of these units for each of my sheds, they have been a godsent during the winter months, they provide excellent lighting coverage. Recommend this product.

great oxygenator for size

I bought this item earlier this year to help clear algae. I quickly realised that it may be too small for my pond but I went ahead anyway. It has been marvellous at doing its job, I'm really pleased with it. I dismantled it when autumn started to bite, dried it off and stored it. One thing I did was to cover the connector because I was worried it might get too wet; I simply placed a plastic food box over it. Also the solar panel - I place it mostly facing up. The whole thing has worked a treat and I'm hoping it will do as well next year.

very good product.

Bought this product to replace another company's model, this was about 4 years ago. This security light is an excellent product, am going to buy another for the front of the house. By far the best light I have ever had would recommend it to anyone.

Fantastic choice

Bought this in the summer for a camping trip to ensure that my phone could stay charged! So glad I did! Have used it on several occasions. Bought on the recommendation of another customer who camped. Brilliant. Service is excellent. Will be buying more of these when I need them. So handy

Extremely reliable

Really reliable solar lights - work even in a north-facing garden with very little and/or, at times, no direct sunlight at all. Can't recommend highly enough. Worth paying the bit extra for something this good.

Brilliant - literally!

I have just bought another two of these, because the first is so good (had it for over a year now). They are very basic looking motion activated lights that come on only in the dark. We live in a very rural area with no streetlights and on a moonless night, it used to be a tricky walk from our front door to the car, but these provide a brilliant amount of light for the journey. Highly recommended and a bargain price.


These lights are fab really brighten up my garden. I sometimes have to let the dog out at 1.30am and they are shining brightly! Good quality and look good too!

Party Lanterns for Courtyard Garden

I bought these lanterns as a present for someone with a small courtyard garden. They are beautiful glowing on the trellis at night and have been much admired by visitors. They have performed very well even in the winter in the north of England and were easy to assemble.

Very impressed

I am so impressed with these Solar lights and they are definitely worth the money. The Solar charge literally lasts the whole night as I have actually seen them still on at 6.30 in the morning, even in Autumn when we have been getting very little sun.

Excellent light Excellent value

Easy to fit small model giving out a great illumination all year around. Very good battery life. We were very pleased

Working well

I have been usung this product all Summer, the fish are happy and the weed is growing strongly having plenty of air bubbles in the pond. The water has been clear for the first time and I am very happy with this aerator.

Great Value Solar Powered Lamp Post

A remarkably well priced Lamp Post and very Elegant, needs a good location for winter use as the time is limited but in Spring it comes in to its own and lasts all night most nights

These are GREAT!

Amazing. In summer the lights shine til morning and in winter they shine til midnight. It’s funny because my neighbours lights don’t shine at all now that it’s November. Great product! Neighbours are jealous!

Absolutely Fantastic

Wow these lights are fabulous , after wasting a lot of money in the past on far more expensive lights , I have to say these are by far the best , even on the dullest of days these little lights shine bright for hours , even now its darker earlier these lights have come on as early as 3-45pm and still been on at 6am when I get up . I will never buy any other lights for my garden . Power bee are amazing

Excellent product

I was recommended to this site by the gardening forum I'm on. What can I say about the product - as it's for my shed, brilliant just what I needed, the brightness of the light is superb. I would definitely recommended. I'll be ordering new spotlights now for the garden to provide night lighting - hopefully to give it a 'different dimension' during the evening.

Portable Power Bank 20000 Amazing Gadget

An very good battery charging system for your phone and tablet, really does hold a lot of charge for the size even for today's modern smart phones, charge it up via your computer, a laptop or a USB plug & it will charge an iphone 5s about 4 - 5 times from completely flat to full before needing a recharge. If you are in a situation where you cannot be without power like on holiday, camping or just want to charge wherever you want in bed in the car etc then the 20000 mah Power Bank is the perfect portable partner.

FANTASTIC !! Solar Fairy Lights that actually work!!

What a dream is it real YES these fairy lights really do work, and give hours in the middle of winter most days, I love the safety aspect as we have 3 kids, now I dont have mains leads everywhere which always unsettles me, my friend suggested these powerbee ones and they are FANTASTIC better than any others we have tried.

Solar Motion Sensor Lights Excellent Value Lights

for the price you get two quite compact but extremely well made motion activated security lights, they are very bright indeed for their size and are absolutely perfect for a front door entrance light but can be used virtually anywhere there is a half descent amount of light, ever such good value lights

Excellent Solar Security Light

Very compact model balances the light output with the size of the panel beautifully, resulting in a light that is extra ordinarily consistent in multiple locations including east and west facing (when activation number is not too high). Very reliable, practical easy to fit, compact motion activated security light

Awesome lights!

They really are ace. As others have said, they even charge in dull light, in the winter, in my north facing garden. Plus they come with a cable with which you can give them an extra boost. I use a portable charger when they're not going as long as I'd like (winter, usually) and they'll go until dawn! I've got 4 sets.

very hard working little fountain

i bought this item when it was on special offer. at that time i didn't have a pond! however once hole was dug and plastic liner was full of water this item was set up and working. last august 2016 whilst on holiday i had an accident and was in hospital and respite care till 23 oct 2017. on returning home pond and fountain invisible due to being covered by long couch grass and various other shrubbery. once all this had been raked away this little fountain was still pumping away, but in raking process i lost the shower head. no prob cos i've ordered a nozzle set for a few pounds from powerbee. all in all - a sturdy little hardworker 5 star.

You get what you pay for : Solar Garden Lights PowerBee ® Saturn

Bought cheaper lights earlier in the year and they have all packed in These are quality and even worked the first night having only been out of the box 30 minutes

Easy Days Ahead with my Pond Vacuum Cleaner

Every Year or so we have to clean our pond out, the problem stems from a large 40 foot tree which every year without fail drops around 4 kgs of leaves in the water, no matter how many times I try to keep on top of them they always end up making a stinky sludge come around April time... SO this year I opted for the easy solution as I get older my back gives me quite a lot of trouble, this pond cleaning vacuum is a god send to be honest, I thought it would get clogged up all the time but far from it, it literally vacuums up the lot it cleaned all the leaves and dirt from the bottom of my pond and empties itself!.. it is pure luxury so much easier to get the pond clean now I couldn't do without it to be honest

Lovely Multi Coloured Solar Fairy Lights

never had ones with pink in before these are a magical colour scheme, vibrant happy lights wonderful & they work for ages compared to our last set from b & q these ones are a much better make

Solar Powered Water Pump WOW!!

This is a serious water pump we have a fairly large stagnant green pond on our farm at the bottom near the road and desperately needed some water movement, put the panel on the side facing the sun and the pump around a couple of meters just under the water on a platform of bricks we made, pointing towards the middle of the pond, and turned the 'beast' on.. WOW a good powerful jet of water spurted out, we didn't really want an ornamental fountain, just something to break up the water and drive in some oxygen in to the pond to aerate it and keep it alive as it looks dead right now - works a treat I aim the water quite high as this seems more effective, already we have seen a massive difference the pond now looks alive again & I reckon it will cure the problem.

Solid Little pump

been using various different pumps for my rock cascade and after the electrics went about 5 years ago I was loathed to have them fixed as I suspected that we had a wiring problem and didn't even want the quote, so I opted to change to a solar one, after having bought about 3 cheaper ones and returned 2 of them (yes the other I binned in shear frustration!) I read about Powerbee and thought that the se 500 sounded like a reliable one, it is a well made little pump that chugs along and works most of the time, in fact when it is sunny it doesn't miss a single beat. worth noting give nath a call as he gave us the most brilliant advice, sold me a few little gadgets like a tube converter and so now I pump water through 4 mm tubing rather than 8 mm and it goes way higher about 90 cm's high from the pump level, its only a trickle mind you but that's all we wanted a little trickle but one we can depend upon to give us a flow and the sound as well cheers Nath excellent company.

good solar bollard lights

simple to install and effective, could be a bit brighter but I am very hard to please anyway :) for the money these are a good buy and worth the money

Fantastic Laser Light show !!

Woooowwwee very exited ! these are FAN TAS TIC love them - got them for a birthday party a couple of these lights they really added an exciting energy all round the garden & house loads a peeps commented on them - going to be perrfect for christmas we are going laser this year for sure its the way forward :)

Nice Design Solar Security Light

I like the design of these even though they are a security light they are designed with a nice rounded edge, we needed this on our west facing shed side so the 3 meters of cabling was nice it allowed us to make the solar panel south round the other side, they work well are nice and give a very nice light, have mine installed now for nearly one month and when I needed to go out it auto illuminates so I dont do anything just walk to it very good


very compact little solar security light with a punch! quality construction you can tell as soon as you open it, its not one of those cheap ones its been made well, we didnt want a huge security light as we only have a small shed, just wanted a bit of light as we rounded the corner, and also to act a s deterrent, getting crazy now a days we have had TWO neighbours who have had break ins in our street... spoke to nath who quite rightly said that if you have pir activated security lighting the thieves will nearly always turn away and visit someone without lighting - it makes perfect sense thanks nath

Incredible Value Solar PIR Flood Lights

cant believe I paid less than £40 each opted for the 2 pack discount offer, very impressed with these floodlights, firstly they are very bright I thought that because they were solar they wouldn't really do that much but was prepared to put up with a lower light, in fact they really do the job very well and light up my entire back garden, I also have one installed in my front on the garage, you can see clearly what you are doing for a radius of 10 metres, they are easy to fit and saved myself a small fortune - David Attenborough would be quite pleased I feel - right off to watch the Blue Planet II fantastic to know that i am doing my bit as well as getting fantastic Solar Flood Lights

Powerful Solar Water Pump

very pleased overall with the 1000, produces a pretty good flow rate for a solar unit considering and works well, we are pumping through some tubing and made a cascade over a few yorkstone rocks we had in the yard, and it is effective as a pump, we reduced the diameter of the tubing with one of those plastic widgets so are actually pumping through 8mm rather than 12 mm as we needed to raise the head up to 1 meter height and it trickles away nicely, now getting ready to pack the unit away but thought I would recommend this product as we are very pleased with it, it is a good quality bit of kit for sure

Solar Powered Wall Lights : good value for money

great little lights but we want more, are you bringing these back in to stock ? using 4 now and very pleased with them the pir triggers around 5 meters away which is great when coming back form the pub, I can now see rather than my usual fumbling for my keys... let me know when you get more in please

good solar power fountain

small compact neat reliable, not for winter so packed away now but great in summer

Very Handy Battery Motion sensor light

our utility room has quite a few cupboards and it is really irritating to try to find something as the central light is around the corner - same with our garage so i got 6 of these handy little lights and placed them in specific locations so that when I open the doors to cupboards bingo!! the motion sensor detects my movement and automatically switches on the light - very handy little lights they are very compact and dont take up much space , so they are ideal for little cupboards and dark areas highly recommend these as they really are very well priced

Brilliant Outdoor Solar Pillar lights

Brilliant Price very easy to set them up - they work very well - give off a good amount of light - very handy lights and look good

Wonderful Little Solar Lamp Post

Bought 2 of these to brighten up my entrance porch have now turned them to their economy mode as its getting darker but the lights are still shining for considerable lengths of time well after I go to bed. I had not seen this smaller lamp post design before so didn't know what they would look like but when I installed them they do give a lovely feel to the porch and now we have lighting outdoors it feels very luxurious, cant wait for Christmas & all the relatives to come round they will think we won the lottery !! :)

Great for Christmas time

these look fantastic and give off a real Christmas feeling we placed them in our front garden in November thinking they wouldn’t work but they really do, and the shepherds crook with the colour changing light looks so Christmassy I thoroughly recommend these if you want to add a bit of magic to your garden

homely battery candle lanterns

We live in Sussex and are lucky enough to have a period cottage so we wanted a lantern which was safe but also gave us a homely feel, Didn’t really know what to expect because they are very well priced but they are really effective and very realistic they do look authentic and give off a lovely warm flickering candle light we are very pleased and these will come in to their own at Christmas time when we will probably get another two thank you Powerbee Uk for the amazing prices

Really good battery operated security light

I knew from their batteries so I knew they made decent quality gear, this one was more to the top end of our price range but we needed a floodlight powered by battery as we don't have any mains to illuminate quite a large area where we fly rc planes, that’s why we opted for the double head head, once again did not let us down these units are exceptionally well made very compact, very neat you can see & feel it’s made well, it hasn’t missed a beat since we installed it this is now six weeks after we first put it up. this is a great light and I would definitely recommend it to anyone

good quality rechargeable flood Light

Very well made, easy to carry around. very bright last for a long time. totally recommend this light, We have a garage at the back doesn’t have any light I am normally there tinkering around with cars or doing something to keep out of the way normally with a torch balanced somewhere... !! so I needed something powerful and portable this is ideal can’t believe it lasts for five hours on a full charge - magic

Lovely Solar string lights

We opted for the budget range of lights from powerbee as to be honest we are not that fussed whether they work over the winter period, we mainly wanted them for summer , but these little LED fairy lights work really well and we are in October now they are still going strong up until midnight some days, overall these are very good value and surprisingly well made for the price

Pleased with our wall lights

We own a large plot & farmhouse in Devon and have quite a few outbuildings and a large previously dark courtyard, we wanted some economic cool lighting that didn’t involve mains as it’s just not practical to run cables under our concreted yard, in total installed 12 of these solar wall lights, they don’t operate all night long and we have switched them to the winter setting but most of them go nearly all night i(in October!) depending upon where they are situated, and we are really pleased with the results I would definitely recommend these to anyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune installing mains cabling but want some lights Which work well and are very cost effective, and can even work through hurricane Brian! :)

really superbly made solar garden lights

We had a look around and opted for the Martello garden light, surprised how well made and heavy they are. these are a serious bit of kit and the way the glass is done is gorgeous, they totally add attractive lighting to our previously dark back garden, it makes a real difference, for the price they are a real bargain, I cant stress how well made they really certainly different to what we have been used to before.

Great set of solar pond lights

Great little set of prime pond lights they do last for a long time much longer than we thought in fact they are on after we have gone to bed and it’s now October nice look out on the pond and have some light out there

beautiful bubbles from our Solar Oxygenator

how to fix green pond water? yep asked the same question the answer is oxygen and patience added this in spring waited and waited then all became clear! we have a small garden pond and it did the trick we have beautiful bubbles on sunny days, gonna leave it in for winter as sometimes we do get that strange yellow sphere thing appear in the sky which does make the oxygenator work a bit even in winter, very happy with my bubbilicious bubbles :)

Excellent solar air pump

I am going to be honest with you I don’t really know that much about fish we got a few small Koi, we have had them for around four years and we never bothered with anything about oxygen before we have a few plants in the pond and thought that was enough, an old school friend came to visit me who is an expert and told me that I needed to put some oxygen into my water otherwise I risk having something called Fishkill which sounds horrendous and terrible we can’t really afford mains because it costs an absolute fortune to install a plug down near the pond which is about 40 feet away so I opted for solar power, this kit looked very good and semi-professional it was certainly the best oxygenator we could find started working straightaway after we installed it pumping out oxygen into the pond we also added a few more oxygenating plants and the fish seem a lot happier, I do feel a lot happier alsi now I reckon I should do little bit more research about Koi As when they get bigger they obviously need more oxygen from the water and if the pond is not big enough the oxygen will deplete apparently so you almost have to add something to add the oxygen back in, everyone should know about this because it really worried me, But I am very happy with this solar powered air pump it’s a very good bit of kit very well-made and works well and I would recommend it

Great outdoor battery powered lights

Love these lights bright long-lasting easy to use they can even weather storm Brian and keep going worth investing in some decent batteries they seem to last for absolutely ages thanks powerbee these r great outside lights

Fantastic battery fairy lights

Wonderful little lights simple and cheap packaging fast delivery just literally unwound then put the batteries in and we were away there actually really bright it’s worth getting some decent 1.2 V batteries with a large capacity as these seem to last a lot longer We put them In our kitchen on a spice holder it really cheers us up specially when I’m cooking I put them on with some Music on makes me feel like I’m on holiday xx Will be great for Xmas time toI I’ll get some more xx

Best value pond liner around

Looked all over without without power be is got the best prices the liner is fantastic great quality delivered quickly incredible value much cheaper than anyone else totally recommend Thank you

Excellent battery spotlight

We recently had a break-in in our shed some 80 feet away from the house it’s very sad they took our bicycles and even stole the lawnmower forgot sake !! We looked in to mains but this was very expensive so decided to try these battery powered spot lights, these spotlights are very well made we were very surprised how bright they actually are you can see they’re really modern they were easy to fit took Less than 10 minutes! put the batteries in and decided to add an extra one near our back gate fixed onto a tree we made sure the PIR wouldn’t be activated by swinging branches in wind and they work a treat they really flood the light longer and brighter than you think considering the battery is supposed to last nearly a year we feel a lot safer now and will almost definitely get some more, it’s not that the things they took were expensive it’s just the feeling of intrusion it leaves you with.. now we feel a lot more protected with our battery powered spot lights

Wonderful little battery security lights

I have these located in my porch approaching my stairs and at the top of my stairs I can honestly say I love these lights they last for ages this so handy that easy to put up easy to change the batteries they never skip a beat it makes things so much easier I don’t have to keep switching the lights on and off I just walk around the common when they detect movement and when I’m gone they turn themselves off. They last for absolutely ages of very cheap and they also give you peace of mind you feel a lot safer if someone even sniffed around a light will turn on and that will scare them off I can’t recommend these lights enough that’s fantastic

Saturn Solar Post Lights are Grreaat :)

the flip top makes ALL the difference !! they last longer by a LOT than any of my neighbours this makes me feel very satisfied indeed :) hope they dont see this review but I had no idea how satisfying it is when I look out and see my post lights on and theirs dwindling - awful I know but GRRREEATT to :)


surprised how realistic the feature actually looks probably last longer than terracotta - we had some big urns and they got frost damaged so liked the idea of resin - looks lovely I have an open patio area with two rose beds either side and its very relaxing to have my cascade water feature on when it is sunny, we have some recliners and we lay out there and enjoy the sound, we get a lot less out of it now in October the odd trickle on a bright day but I will leave it out as I am not afraid of frost damage anymore! thank you powerbee its the best price we found and a genuine product

Best Priced Outdoor Battery Fairy Lights we found

Best priced ones we have found work well got an old dead acacia and they look really good had a few torrential downpours unlike the uk!! and they look as if they will go through any weather sturdy little control box

Riad Solar Lantern 2pk : Great Buy

Yeah great cast a lovely light working well - good solar lights we looked around powerbee were cheaper than anyone glad to to this site, put them either side of my path in my back garden this gets most light there and great :)

Marvelous Fairy Lights

oh yes at last a descent set of fairy lights that actually work !! we are so pleased so often solar powered lights have dissapointed us, but we were recommended powerbee lights and so thought we would give it a shot wow what a massive difference there is, we never knew that they would work so much longer but they really do, if i can offer you some advice we have purchased solar lights from just about everyone and to be honest they work in summer and thats it, but these ones really work in Autumn way in to the early hours they are made very well. you get what you pay for in this life thats for sure

Good small Fountain

Had a small container and thought I would turn it in to a little fountain spray feature, its only 30 cms across so didnt want anything to powerful as it would shoot over the sides, bought the 360 and it is perfect, I have noticed in October that we get a lot less use, so will probably pack it away for winter time now, but operated all summer and it was a really consistent little pump would defo recommend

Good Portable Floodlights

I looked at a couple of these on line and opted for this version with the weatherproof rechargeable battery unit as it was the same price but looked better quality - I normally work inside barns but usually end up on the roof at some point !! I needed something tough and very portable and this is just the job - easy to assemble and carry around good quality cheers

Very Good Solar Wall Lights

pleasantly surprised at how well they work especially since it is now October, I switched on the winter setting and actually it is enough light to see by ok its not mains but we had a quote for £550 to put in 4 lights !! so thought I would give these solar powered ones a try and I would definitely recommend them, we installed them beside our front door and two on the corners of the house, they do work for long periods of time certainly well after we go to bed and on a brightish day I would guess all night as I have got up in the night time and they were still on, and for around £100 our four lights are working much better than we thought they would, we are best pleased as we saved over £400 and got a very descent result

Fine & Dandy Battery String Lights

Just wanted to spruce up my garden a bit as the night draw in - it can get a little bit gloomy so thought what the heck lets treat ourselves, so anyway got a couple of sets of these strings and bought the batteries on special offer which are great, just draped them across the fence on some small plastic picture hooks and they look smashing, I am going to leave them up as they cheer us all up and light quite a bit of the back garden, it so much nicer to look out and see some sparkly lights than to have just a dark back garden and at xmas time I will just put them on flashing mode job done ! :)

Best Value Pond Underlay

Good value for money underlay, simple effective and the price is outstanding we looked at a number of sites and powerbee had the best price of all of them and we got a good product - recommended

Amazing Lights !!!

We never knew solar could work so well !! we had previously purchased from large chains until our friend told us about powerbee outdoor fairy lights, we had virtually given up on solar thinking they only worked in summer time, so thanks Pam :) Its now October and they are working WAY after midnight, its very nice if you get up in the night to look out the window and see your lights on..I can recommend powerbee

very pleased - lovely lantern

needed a solar candle lantern so tried this one out, we have a large arbour with a small table to one side, firstly it is a lovely looking lantern kind of reminds me of old English design and gives off a really lovely warm glow, we sit out there in the evenings and take a bit of nature in with our little light keeping us company very pleased

Great Battery Flood Light !!

I take on a lot of jobs and at this time of year as the nights draw in I need lighting as I work long hours, this light is a god send to be honest, bought one of those usb cigarette lighters and I can recharge it in the van as i go... it is a really bright flood light and provides me with ample light to finish up jobs, I am really honestly surprised how bright it is and how long they last, times have definitely moved on !! definitely gonna get another one at this price.

Pitcher Cascade Solar Powered Water Feature

What a wonderful water feature I placed this on my patio I have some wires with a clematis plant growing on them, as I wanted the sun to get to the panel I positioned the fountain in the corner where it is not blocked from the light, the next day it just trickled the water down and it was beautiful - I wish they could put a battery backup on as would love to hear the sound at night time this could be a great idea! but I enjoy it during the sunny days and I can tell anyone that this is a beautiful cascade.

nice solar phone charger

nice bit of kit, works well, in winter time I am beginning to use the usb charging cable as winter draws in as here in the UK we dont get enough light in winter but the usb cable comes in handy then on bright days I use solar so it doubles as a battery bank, thats why I love these because when I go camping there is usually no way to get any charge from a socket, so I charge it before I go then i can top it up using the solar energy its a good sturdy charger

Great : Solar Trickle Charger | Battery Charger

I have an auto camper with a converted leisure battery system in the back to basically make the odd cup tea and have a few led lights on at night time (by the way yes I do have an energy efficient kettle thank you :), so I dont need a huge amount of power, liked the look and design of this charger as I haven't seen another like it anywhere..? Anyway MORE than impressed. The unit it looks even better than on the photos really a very high quality trickle charger even down to the suckers which are also the best I have seen.. works a treat keeps the battery topped up nicely would defo recommend this one its one of the best chargers I have seen around


I bought the fairy leaf fountain in Late Spring and it has run well all summer long and my partner is chuffed. its important to keep the water topped up but apart from that there is little else to do, we noticed powerbee is cheaper than any one else and so thanks to them about this lovely feature we have thank you

good little water feature

this little solar powered Frog is soooo cute I love mine he has become a member of the family!! its actually a very high quality feature I was expecting something cheaper looking to be honest but was pleasantly surprised - he's the best frog in the world :)

Good Frog Solar Water Feature

Used this during summer and its so cute I love it, it has become a member of the family, just placed it on my patio but made sure it can got good light, then when the sun comes the little Frog begins to spout water and gives a nice trickling sound great for reading outdoors

Warm White Solar Fairy Lights 100 LED : Good

Very good lights, look and feel good quality work well in to the night even in Autumn / Winter, like the fact that you can replace the strings as I am dead handy with the garden shears! I Will be coming back for more no doubt - do you do a discount if I buy more fairy lights for xmas time as a returning customer?

Solar Post Lights PowerBee ® Saturn

These without doubt the best post lights we have had in terms of the length of time they shine for, they are bright enough to line our pathway and we see at night time we have them spaced about 1.5 meters apart, and the thing that i love is that at this time of year (near October) other ones we had have conked out but the powerbee lights still stay on way after mid night when we have a bright they stay on all night!! very very happy thank you powerbee and especially nath who was so helpful

very pleased with the air :)

Got some small goldfish so needed a bit of oxygen to give them some help in the summer found this one to be a good model the oxygen is plenty & is consistent it is not too noisy. My fish have been happy all summer and its still running now in late September when there is bright days it works well so no complaints I did even have a frog come to visit the pond must be an engineering frog.. probly checking out the air making machine :)

Great Pump

Great little fountain pump we use this to trickle water out from a cascade made of stones, we converted the tubing to 4mm so we could pump the water higher up the stones, it just trickles out but is consistent all in all a descent quality pond pump for the price

Solar Powered Fairy Lights 100 Warm White Endurance ® Deluxe : fantastic

these are fantastic, you can tell straight away that they are better than the normal ones you can get anywhere now a days, they are so well made they look great and work much longer than other ones I have purchased before, I have draped mine around my little bay tree and they look gorgeous, really warm colour and I would recommend spending a bit more on powerbee solar fairy lights as they are worth it in my opinion.

sparkling outside lights

Love them !! I have a small balcony with some pot plants, and thought I would try these lights got the batteries as part of the deal on discount and I am impressed they last for a very long time, in fact mine have been going now for about 3 weeks and I have not yet changed the batteries!! I am using the timer function so they come on their own, they look great and give warmth to my little plant area I couldn't do without them now and I would recommend them to anyone


Quick review i bought 8 of these a couple years ago and they are still going strong,only sign of wear and heard is the top hinges have gone rusty.Much better quality than your diy shop

great value!!

Needed some fairy lights for my bedroom couldn't quite believe the price but was made up when they arrived they look lovely, I am going to buy some more now.. great value!!

Excellent product & customer service

Delighted with this water feature pump. It is easy to install and use. The large battery capacity enables the fountain to operate on dull evenings when entertaining outdoors. I like the safety feature that cuts off the pump if the water level falls too low. The adjustable power is a real bonus. very good value.


Arrived yesterday..set up today (so easy to do!) Absolutely perfect for my water feature. I am delighted....thank you!

Sunspray SE 500 - excellent

I've had this pump working a waterfall feature in our pond now for over 3 weeks and it has proved to be an excellent buy. Well built, faultless operation, it does just what the instructions say it should do - many thanks PowerBee!

solar shower 200 great product

Much stronger flow rate than we thought, works very well the solar shower 200 is a good little pump recommended cheers

Very Good Oxygen maker

I can recommend this air pump, it produces a good amount of oxygen and works consistently well. I noticed my pond is clearer, it has taken time but the water is healthier, the fish are more active.

Solar Pond Lights: Better than I thought

much better than I thought. Look great in my pond which is around 8 feet long, they are easy to use and really bright! Got to admit I look out of the kitchen window now and the whole pond has a wonderful glow, you can see fish swimming which is really great !, I think that my goldfish are very happy with them !!

Better than alright!

These are better than alright! they have an indescribable gorgeous glow at night. It reminds me of a time when I was a boy, looking at the moon on a hazy summers evening after a family get together. from March to October is when you need them and they work very well in this time, in winter you will get a few hours as well as a bonus

Outstanding Battery Lights!

The outside battery lights are great and very easy to use. They Work even when it pours down and the simple battery box is totally weatherproof, also they last for absolutely ages.. we bought two sets of these and put one on a small bush outside our front door the other on a small fruit tree at the back. They look really great not too over the top, just really beautiful light like a warm glow.

Gorgeous Candle Lantern

This little Crusade Lantern is so Gorgeous, We dont know how it lasts so long but obviously technology has moved on! Anyway I am off to buy another 3 of them, after 2 weeks we still haven't changed the battery!

Lovely little Lantern

Nice. Good little lantern for the money and works very well

Spot Light

we've had this light for a couple of months now and it is excellent, surprising light for solar power, quite large panel but worth it. we have been buying Powerbee fairy lights for several years and they've always been excellent


I bought one of these over three years ago ... and it is still working perfectly. Highly recommended! Just ordering another now


These Xmas lights are GORGEOUS they are very delicate but we are delighted with them, and they really do last for weeks on end which surprised us, and we are very pleased, can highly recommend them thank you


absolutely great, saved costly utility co in laying heavy armoured cables, electricians etc. for my remote application for a number of Stables - best solar light I have ever known!



Great Light

I purchased this solar light for my newly built summerhouse as we didn't want to run power down to the end of the garden. It arrived within the timescales, the instructions were clear and it was put up in minutes. It only had half a days charge in the sun but came on at dusk when activated. Enough light for my purposes and went out within 40 seconds once we left the area. Proof will be when we sit in there to see if we need to jump about to keep activating it. Overall very pleased with the light, very good price when complared to other suppliers.

Look Amazing !!

I love Festoon lights - I just think they add something extra than just normal led's. these ones are great and the timer function is really handy as I am always forgetting to switch mine off!

Amazing fairly lights even in winter

I have the older version of these, and they shine all through the winter too. Not quite as many hours as in summer, but at least until 3 or 4am. In summer they only turn off when the sun is up! The would still be going now if I hadn't executed them with the strimmer.

Powerbee Air Pump

Bought this 8 weeks ago along with a dual air pump. This is absolutely BRILLIANT!!! In the shallower 2 foot deep end and sometimes the bubbles spread to a dustbin lid size! Will work when sun goes in but wow when the sun comes out its AMAZING! So pleased I bought these pumps and thought I would wait to review to make sure they were not a five minute wonder! Also had great customer service when i rang company. EXCELLENT ALL ROUND SERVICE!!!

Dual Air pump

Bought 8 weeks ago along with a Powerbee and SO impressed with both. The stones on this dual one are 4 foot down and make two good dinner plate sized bubble areas on top. Even work when sun not fully out. Also when I rang for advice the young man could not have been more helpful. Excellent company!

Awesome lights again

I have the solar wall lights and they are awesome so knew these would be good. Powebee have not let me down, these are marvellous, really happy. Always great customer service too, thank you


Such a beautiful soft light. Lovely ! Arrived very quickly as do all orders from PowerBee .


well bright, well chuffed this is a dead good light lights up my whole shed put the panel east facing, and works really good. recommend this company never seen a shed light as bright before


I bought some powerbee fairy lights a couple of years ago. I was delighted that they shone all through the year, and they still do. So i had no hesitation in buying the garden lights. I have had them about 3 months. I realise it's summer, so they have had plenty of sunshine, but I have been absolutely thrilled with their performance. I have had other brands in the past, that have ended up in the bin. I can highly recommend Powerbee, they are the best solar lights by a mile

Fantastic well made product

Chunky solid locking ring and fixing bracket, no cheap plastic here. Weather sealing top marks and light brightness is very good indeed. I use it above my garage to provide a light when parking. Summer winter it works the same. Highly recommended.

Absolutely amazing solar lights

Absolutely amazing solar lights. We've had so many different ones in the past and all have been pretty useless at illuminating anything. By contrast, these lights are bright and shed lots of light. So, so pleased with them, cannot recommend them highly enough. Don't hesitate. Buy, you will definitely not regret it

Solar Pond Pump with battery backup Sunspray SE 500 : Fantastic product!

Would recommend, excellent product and value for money. The strength and height of the fountain exceeded all expectations. Lovely water feature, attractive addition to the pond, ours is a small sized pond : the fountain works brilliantly. Clear, concise instructions, easy assembly. You can't go wrong with this product. Better value than those I've seen in garden centres.

PowerBee ® Saturn wall light : Brilliant

I purchased 4 of the stainless steel fence lights. They were fitted on the wooden fence really easily. They were put up in February and the light they project is so good.They last into the early hours of the morning. I am now ordering 2 more and have 4 of the ground light ready to put in. These lights are much brighter and better quality than the general run of the mill. Please try them and you will not be disappointed.

PowerBee ® Saturn wall light : PowerBee Best in Their Business

PowerBee does it Again ! We've tried Various Solar Lights from Other Manufacturers , Just Don't seem to Last Feedback I've had from Home , about these Particular Lights is Fantastic Yet another Good Buy from These Guys , Here's Hoping Next Year they Will have Outdoor Mood Lighting .

Solar Pond Pump with battery backup Sunspray SE 500 : Good product

This is a well-made product and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It was easy to assemble and works well. It can run continuously, given enough sunshine, but a handy built-in timer allows you to run the pump 15 minutes each hour so it doesn't have to run until the battery is completely exhausted overnight or on a dull day. There's a red/green LED on the control box which indicates the current charge of the battery, though this wasn't mentioned in the instructions. The pump itself is remarkably small and floats on the pond using a foam disc - very handy and saves having to construct a base in the pond. It also allows you to place the fountain in any part of the pond. The pump creates a very reasonable fountain, given the small size of the pump. I'd be happy to recommend this solar pump.

Good for winter months too

I don’t know what the "Powerbee Custodian Commercial grade Mains Equivalent Solar garden Spotlight with 12 large superbright leds" specifications state when you are reading this, but the cable is 2m long. An extra half metre might be irrelevant in summer, but it can improve your options when positioning the solar panel in autumn and winter. I emailed a question to Powerbee before buying the light and the response was fast and informative. I bought the light mid October 2012, just before a week of rare sushine. It came out of the box fully charged so the first week or so was amazing. Performance gradually degraded from November but it was still working at 4am most mornings, and the power is already significantly better in early February. This light is a million times better than a another solar light purchased a week before from a different manufacturer. The distance between the two solar panels is 30cm and in the winter weeks when dusk fell at 4pm, only this light was good enough at 10pm to navigate a long path between the garage and back door. The other light (so called) was a dim glow and completely useless for the section of path it is pointing at. Continuing with the comparison, this solar panel is larger and much heavier but the mounting didn't break over the winter months (unlike the other light). I wouldn't consider buying any other solar light.

God this is bright!

This is superb for a solar light. I dont know what charging is like in English winter we shall see, but the light it gives out is amazing!!

Solar Outdoor Fairy Lights 50 Warm White : kids love them

I put these up in the garden, using the sun to power them and they last the whole night. Got up one morning at 530am to see that the lights were still on after coming on the previous evening at 530pm. Well impressed.

Solar panel shed light

The Price was to good an offer that i could not miss. I had a quote from a good electrical retailer in my area and with all the work that would be needed to run a cable to my garden shed was £800 upwards. I have made a fantastic saving with these lights and i took the gamble and brought two lights. My shed faces a southerly direction so the solar panel is in sunlight for eight hours plus and i will say that the two lights are very bright in my garden shed.If i wanted to i could quite happily work at midnight in the light that these lights give out. It makes the inside of my shed seem like day time and for those who are wondering what size my garden shed is, Dimensions are 12ftx8ftx8ft about average size for medium sized garden.

PowerBee Colour Changing LED Garden Solar Table Light in Ochre : these look better quality, so heres hoping

Purchased from another company last year, they didnt last more than a couple of weeks wiring went rusty. these look better quality, so heres hoping.

Ray Shed Light 48 Superbright LED's for your Shed or Outbuilding : Excellent - Don't delay buy today!!

After much deliberation as to the pros and cons of running an electric feed to my newly erected 8x8 shed, i realised the only real need would be to power a light. As such i decided to look at solar powered units. I suspect if you are reading this, then obviously you are likely to be in a similar predicament as i was. Well the other reviews are spot on. Basically it is extremely effective, easy to install and does exactly what i needed it to do. It gives off a pleasant xenon type glow, and gives more than enough light in my shed. I installed it in about 10 minutes taking my time, could easily be done in 5! For the money, i can't believe how pleased i am with the result! Much cheaper than having electric wired in, and eco friendly to boot! If you are deliberating whether to or not, i would say go for it! In addition the service from the vendor was spot on also, as the others have mentioned 5* product, 5* value, 5* vendor.. can't say fairer than that!

PowerBee Endurance ® Colour Changing Solar Fairy Lights 50 : ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!!

not going to harp on but just BUY these lights I have never seen anything like them, they are beautiful and the quality of the panel is something that i have never ever seen before.. I want to say that these lights are THE BEST LIGHTS I HAVE EVER SEEN THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!!


Can't believe how long these stay on for! Bought them for a North East facing site where my previous set only stayed on for 2 or 3 hours this time of year, these stayed on all night and were still glowing when the sun was just coming out in the morning. Price has come down as well, might have to get some more!

PowerBee ® Solar Remote Controlled Shed Light : A life saver

We recently re-located our horses to somewhere with no electricity supply! I ordered one of these to try.. thinking that they would not be as good as described... How wrong was I? Very.. These lights are so good and bright I now have five of them dotted in and around the stable block, alley way and feed room. I also have another one which comes on at dusk and automatically goes off at dawn along a dark pathway! I just love this product.. A very good find and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solar solution. =)

PowerBee ® Solar All Night Light 36 Superbright LED's : Impressed!

I have these at my stables in the middle of nowhere! they are great, they really work... I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone who has no electricity handy or simply want to be greener... Two thumbs up from me

PowerBee Endurance ® North Facing Solar Fairy Lights 120 in White : north facing lights are BRILLIANT!

Have tried other solar lights with little success but purchased these solar, north facing lights and even in Highland Scotland they are giving an excellent December display. Awaiting delivery of two more sets, I LOVE THEM. Hope they consider adding coloured lights to the north facing range.

PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Fairy Lights 20 Party Lanterns : Great for Parties!

I have had a few xmas parties and bbq's and these are always a great addition, they seem to add an exotic element to any party unlike any other lights we sell, they just have an additional happy factor about them...

These are so bright its unreal!

Ok i don't normally write reviews, but in fairness these lights are so bright I have literally been blown away. As they were solar power I was a little sceptical on their power output, but how wrong was i. These are literally like mains powered, no joke!! Cracking product I will definitely being ordering more :)

Excellent product

Fitted today to centre of old 6x8' shed and provides plenty of light. Solar panel seems more than sufficient to charge the high capacity NiMH battery. If I was being super picky, it would be nice to be able to remove the plug from the wire attached to the solar panel, to ease feeding it into the shed. I would also angle the outside ring of LEDs slightly to spread light around a little more, but this is really nit-picking! All round, I would have no hesitation in recommending. Great product.

PowerBee ® Saturn solar garden lighting : Great product

I bought four of these lights earlier this year. I bought them to assist my old dog who was going blind and unable to see in the dark. I was so impressed by them that I tried to buy more but unfortunately they were out of stock. When they came back into stock with a new improved design I bought a further eight. When they were delivered one of them was faulty. I informed power bee and they immediately sent ma a replacement. I am very impressed with their level of customer service. I would definitely recommend both the product and the company

PowerBee ® Solar Remote Controlled Shed Light : Best solar light EVER buy!!!!!!

So cheap and easy to set up. Great shed light.

Great little fountain

This is a great little fountain for a small pond - really easy to assemble and works straight away. Bought it for my pond to keep the fish happy. The sound of trickling water is lovely, it's a bonus to know that it costs nothing to run.

PowerBee ® Solar Remote Controlled Shed Light : V Good

Really good product easy to install, nice and bright

this is a great solar pump

I have personally owned 5 * 360's and they are an incredibly good little solar fountain, very reliable and as long as you look after them they last years

Amazingly bright!

What a superb light! So bright and very easy to install, come on st low light levels when movement is detected. Great customer service from Powerbee! Looking at buying a security light for the side of our house now...

PowerBee Solar powebank ® Executive with USB port : Very good charger

I have one of this chargers and I'm very happy with it! Very handy , looking really nice , small and compact and in same time very powerful !. Save my life many times when my battery been nearly off and I've been away from home! It's worth it !

Portable Power Bank Powerbee 16750 mAh :

I had tried a couple of other back up battery devises before i bought this Powerbee Portable Diamond Power Bank, I wish I had seen this one earlier it would have saved me money. This does all it claims to do it has good display when being charged and the two output options makes it more versatile when charging Phone Tablets etc. I was so pleased with this Item i bought another for my Son and he is also very pleased with his

Powerbee 12000 mah Portable Power Bank : Fantastic portable power supply

I was a little dubious before buying this product for my son. He has many apps on his i phone and IPad meaning that the charge never lasts for long. He kept perstering for this product and in the end i gave in. It is a brilliant piece of kit. It holds its charge really well and is able to charge my sons Iphone a number of times before needing to recharged again itself. It comes with a number of different fittings and connections allowing for it to be charged up from practically anything. I have already recommended this product to other family members, one of whom has bought it and is just as pleased as we are with this product.

Powerbee 12000 mah Portable Power Bank : Never run out of charge on your phone again!

This little item is ideal for keeping my phone charged on trips where I will be away from an electricity supply for more than a day or so. You just charge it up first from your computer and then reverse the lead to charge your phone from it. It's been able to charge my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone up to 6 times before needing to be recharged itself so I love it.

Solar Phone Charger Explorer Pro : Bike Touring

I do a lot of cycling, regularly cycling one day, camping out and then cycling back the next, so the ability to charge electronic devices such as my Garmin and my mobile is essential. I did a few experiments before doing a review so that I would be able to report accurately on my experience... The Charge Pack: I completely drained my phone (Motorola Atrix) and then plugged the fully charged pack into it. I had a 90% full battery in 2 hours and a completely drained pack. Now bearing in mind that I have a 1900mAh battery in my phone, that is good. I can use the phone on medium use over a weekend and it will still have about 15% charge left on a Sunday night, it takes a bit of draining and equally a fair bit to charge from scratch, so I was very impressed with that. Large Solar Panel: I have used this in a few different ways, firstly to trickle charge the Charge Pack. I clipped it securely to my rear panniers and connected it to the Charge Pack, (which was inside the pannier), and set off as normal. The clips and the strap kept it very secure and the Charge Pack was full when I arrived at my destination 8 hours later. I didn't check on it periodically, so I don't know how it actually took, but it did what I wanted it to do, which was charge as I rode. The other way I use it is by attaching the Solar Panel to my handlebar bag, then connecting it to my Garmin bike computer. Again, I rode for 7-8 hours and it kept the Garmin topped up. That is massively important to me as I am riding to Italy in September and will be camping at nights with little access to plug sockets for charging. Overall: Well pleased. It is far lighter than putting a dynamo on my bike, it can be used when I am stationary and it won't hamper my progress by applying friction to the wheel as I travel... I love it!

Fantastic shed solar light

I put this light into a new shed at the end of my garden a couple of months ago. Installation was easy, the light has a clip underneath which could be used to hang it on any existing objects. Alternatively there is a mount supplied which screws into the roof of the shed. The thin cable links it to an external solar panel which you can put on the roof of the shed, or attach to the side of the roof. This light is exactly what I was looking for and is powerful enough to fill the shed with light. The light is motion activated so it comes on when I open the shed door and dont have to fumble around in the dark for a light switch. The light stays on while I am in the shed and then turns off a minute or two after closing the door. I am very pleased with this and surprised to get such a good light without having to lay a mains cable across the garden. After years of using various solar lights, this is definitely the best I have found by far. I would recommend this product.

Signaller Solar Security Light Twin Head 56 : Great Product impressive performance

I bought this to replace a dud light at the bottom of my drive, which needed new cable and I didn't want the hassle & expense also been a bit of a tree hugger I wanted to try out solar. This product is really good, installation is really easy and only takes a few mins, it gives a good bright light and charges up well even on dull days. A number of my neighbours have been impressed and will buy them too

32 SMD Light : Excellent

Didn't want to buy anything that needed to be drilled to our new PVC porch so this looked ideal. Was a bit worried when I saw it initially as its rather cheap and basic looking. Well we've had it for a while now and love it as it gives out excellent light with the inbuilt sensor. I'm still surprised how good it is. It's actually better than my electric garden light which I will replace with this when the bulb goes.

The Sentry 32 Solar Security / Entrance / Approach motion sensor Light : Bright little light

Bought this light to enable me to see the keyhole area to my front door. It is lovely and bright and lights up the whole area - perfect! Would highly recommend.

The Sentry 32 Solar Security / Entrance / Approach motion sensor Light : excellent motion sensor light

I recommend this solar light as an excellent buy. It works whatever the weather. Make sure you put it somewhere that gets a bit of sunlight during the day so that it charges up. I first had it situated on a north facing wall but it did not get enough light during the day and lasted for about two weeks, this was during the bad weather in January. I moved it to a position that gets the sun during the day now and have no complaint. Very good light from it just where I need it and it comes on as soon an approach is made. Best thing about it is, I now have a light where I need it without employing an electrician.

Powerbee colour changing Mood light : Great

This is a great little light that charges fast on your computer with a USB cable, lovely outside in summer, and great to move around the house when you want it. I would like loads of these and a giant one if they made it?

Solar Phone Charger PowerBee ® Compact Design: Better than I expected

I bought this product after I lost my previous Powerbee solar charger (Executive Solar charger). It is smaller and lighter and cheaper than my previous one, and therefore much nicer to slip into a handbag. It has a less powerful battery, but I only really want it to get me through if my phone battery fails. If you want more power, pay a bit more and get the Executive model. The Compact can completely charge my Samsung phone or partly charge my Samsung tablet. Lack of sunshine is not an issue, as you can charge it via USB. Very handy when I go into London for the day, when my phone sometimes gets low towards the end of the day. A good value product.

Solar Charger PowerBee ® Executive with USB port : Kept two smart phones running through 5 days at the Glastonbury Festival

I bought the Powerbee Executive prior to Glastonbury to keep two phones (HTC HD7 & Xperia X10 Mini Pro) going. At the start of the five days I made sure it was fully charged by USB in the car on the Wednesday morning, I left it in the sun when at our tent or sitting around and then topped up our phones each night. We did turn off unnecessary data usage to conserve power but I was still impressed that this charger had sufficient capacity with top ups from the sun to keep both phones running for five days. With subsequent useage I've found that it can recharge my HTC HD7 almost twice over from a full charge making it an excellent backup power source. With regards to solar charging it does require outdoor sunlight for at least a day for a full charge, but this is no more than is claimed, or than I would expect. If you aim to charge from USB when you can and then keep it topped up in the sun then I think you'll be very pleased. However if you buy this with the intention of solely powering your phone from the sun then you have unrealistic expectations and will be disappointed. Overall I believe this an excellent product.

ENDURANCE well described

Once again Powerbee leads the way. This product really does what it says. Even with sometimes shortened periods of charging light available these lights never fail. Very impressed with both the performance and the dual string facility which I find gives me added installation options. Excellent product. Highly recommended.First class product in everyday.

Fab set of solar lights

I am delighted with these solar lights.really easy to set up,works really well even when it's rained all day.automatically switches on at dusk which is 9:45at this time of year and stays on till dawn I was up at 5:30 an they were still on. No more running down the garden late at night to switch off lights hate doing that at Christmas or raining nights problem solved delighted

Great Purchase

We bought these before Christmas for the garden. Followed the instructions and put the solar panel in as much light as possible for 8 hours (i think) before turning on. I had them on all night every night leasing up to Christmas and after for the 12 days. Every morning they were still on. The different settings are good, even though some of them make you feel like you are in a rave!! But all in all - if you have decent sunlight - we only have direct winter sun in the morning til about midday - then they work really well. great purchase and kids loved them

PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Fairy Lights 240 in 5 colours : Fantastic

These lights are just great, the solar panel is amazing I ordered for Christmas and put them up 3 days before and even in the dullest of weather they have performed really well. I am considering keeping them up around the door all year round.

PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Lights 100 in White : Could not fault - better than I had imagined

I wanted outside lights where I had no electrics and to brighten up some areas to give the garden a bit of depth when looking out on a summers and winters night. I was not looking for them be so bright that I could read by them but to give a decent glow. I was amazed by what I received - I knew they had 100 lights but the length was almost bigger than I needed wrapping and fitting over my decking rails and trees (I bought 2 lots). They have lit up for over 8 hrs per night with varying degrees of sunshine and look brilliant. Most people who have visited have remarked how good they look and then want to know where I bought them from - I think most then go to B & Q to buy any old solar lights but never sure they will be the same quality. If you know they work and can see them why risk anything else! I just cannot fault the quality and the way they look and glow - I was expecting a faint light but it lights up a fair bit of ground.

Great product

as they say on the box, endurance. These are of higher quality than other outdoor lights I have bought. The switches are more positive and the cables are stronger. it looks like they will out last the others. Colours on the multi are very bright and attractive. I will buy more . Recommended!


These are brilliant. I purchased two for my garden and was so impressed that I then purchased another four. They charge up easily, even in shade, and last for hours. My garden looks lovely with these wrapped around the trunk and branches of a big tree. Recommended.

PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Clear Ball Lights 50 in White : Beautiful during the day and night!

I ordered the clear ball lights from PowerBee and I am very happy I did. The balls look very pretty during the day - like little droplets of water and are just as pretty at night. Gives a nice light - not too stark and comes on even if it has been cloudy. Very happy customer : )

Solar Powered Camping Lantern : Absolutely fabulous!

I bought 2 plus the extra solar panels for fast charging. This combination is superb. Fast charge during the day providing almost exactly 5 hours of light on the brightest setting from each lamp. I use them to light my 8' x 8' shed but have recommended them to my daughter who goes camping a lot with my grandchildren. Cannot fault them at all and delivery was much faster than expected. Great product from a great company.

The Sentry 32 Solar Security / Entrance / Approach sensor Light : Impressive

Just bought 2 of these and I have to say, I'm impressed ! They are really bright and the PIR sensitivity is very good. We'll just have to see how well charged they stay with our British weather being what it is !

PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Sunflower Lights 100 in Warm White : Wonderful

Love these lights just waiting for them to come back into stock as want more please!

Solar Garden Lights 100 in White : Review after first winter

I am absolutely delighted with these solar garden lights. They have just come through their first winter. They have lit up at dusk every day without exception even on days where there has be little or no direct sunlight. I have just ordered a set for my daughter and these lights will be top of my gift list for other family members.

The Sentry 32 Solar Shed / Entrance / Approach motion sensor Light : Great compact security light!

This Powerbee security light works really well for us. The size is very compact but it puts out some amazing brightness, kind of similar to a floodlight. It lights up the driveway and beyond no problem... A useful tip I wanted to share is that I discovered that the gutter hooks (that I normally use to hang Christmas lighting) clip very securely into the back of this light, so I was able to hook it in a great position on the edge of the gutter instead of having to drill or find somewhere to fit screws to mount it. As with anything solar, make sure the panel on the top has a clear view of the sky Considering buying another for a second location. :)

Is exactly what the details say it is and does

This is a well made product. The light is bright and even on a dull day produces a bright light that lasts well into the early hours. It may appear to be more expensive than supermarket lights but this product is far superior. After sale support is brilliant. When my light was damaged by vandals after one e mail message I was provided with replacement parts which I thought was generous and kind of Powerbee. I intend to order more lights.

PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Rattan Lights 15 : Brilliant

As usual Powerbee deliver on quality solar products. Everything would have been 5 stars but my only criticism of this product is that the string is a bit short but I was aware of this when I purchased.

PowerBee Solar Powered Phone Charger : Excellent!

I bought this a couple of years ago on someone's advice who had been given one of these by one of your directors. Anyway it's amazing, it does exactly as its supposed to. I ever left it on a windowsill for the winter and it still had plenty of charge, on a window that only gets a couple of hours sunlight! During the summer months a can run my phone on nothing but solar, no problem. Good work on the R & D. I have just ordered a PowerPanel to go with it. Thank You

The Sentry 32 Solar Shed/ Entrance / Approach motion sensor Light : Brilliant

These lights are great! I'm so impressed with them that I've just ordered 4 more. They are just the right brightness and a great price.

fantastic lights

bought these after reading some reviews on them and they are fantastic!! really bright and the light string is really flexible and feels good quality, the solar battery thingy is very heavy and not sure how it would fair being staked into the ground, but hubby has mounted it on the wall with no trouble, we have it set on the slow fade which is lovely, the others..... well i'm 52 so they were too 'jazzy' for me!! but great for an outside party if you wanted to just flick the switch to 'techno'!! would highly recommend these, best i've ever had, gonna get me a multi coloured set now for the back fence.

Woooow wee!

I bought these for my new pergola and they are gorgeous! Easy set up, bright lights even on first night after only a few hrs charge. Going to get another pair for my fence.

The Sentry 32 Solar Security / Entrance / Approach motion sensor Light : Solar light sentry light

Fist class service delivered quickly light excellent bright light comes on over 10m does what it says on the box.only negative only fits over two screws so can be lifted off by the light fingered .

The Sentry 32 Solar Motion / Entrance / Approach motion sensor Light : Nice bright cool light

Mounted on the south facing aspect of the shed. Does the job perfectly. I had bought two thinking that one may not be adequate! - I was wrong! So my father -in-law is being given one for his new shed!

PowerBee ® Saturn solar path lights : Good quality and very reliable

I have 6 of these and I love them! They have never failed to work despite the wet and windy winter we've had in the UK. They are very bright, but the light is soft and easy on the eyes. I will probably order a couple more.

Excellent quality but need a slower setting

Just brought these for the garden and they seem to last well into the small hours even with poor daylight in winter. Only negative which as I have read in other reviews for these is they need a SLOW twinkle as the pace of the flashing sequences and current twinkle is to fast!! I hope PowerBee read these reviews and pick up on this and may well buy more if this is rectified.

PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Clear Ball Lights 50 in White : great product

the balls are quite heavy so not for very light bushes, but the effect is amazing - really beautiful lights, they add a real touch of class to our pergola simon

PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Fairy Lights 50 in white : the best lights I have ever bought

without doubt the best solar fairy lights that we have purchased, these should not be mixed up with the rubbish you can buy from b and q there is a big difference here, ours are operating even when it is really cloudy - how? amazing... we will be back for more from PowerBee thanks

Solar Powered Camping Lantern : My favourite house & garden accessory

I highly recommend this lamp; its performance is superb and it looks beautiful when aglow. It is a delight to own and use and would make an attractive, practical gift.

High Power Solar Security Light 56 Superbright LEDs : fantastic

fantastic lights.........now i can see up my driveway...i bought these early this year, and now i am getting the full benefit of them , i,m just waiting for them to come back in stock as i have 2 friends waiting to purchase them .can see why they are sold out.....i have also purchased from powerbee 3 different kinds of solar security lights for different areas of my garden, and i have 3 sets of their 240 fairy lights around my walls and up my tree, my garden is well lighted all year and it looks amazing, so i am told, if you want good quality solar lights then it has to be POWERBEE

High Power Solar Security Light 56 Superbright LEDs : Perfect

Bought a new house with a Large driveway, being out range for normal street lighting I wanted something effective, inexpensive, and simple to install. I was unsure about Solar as its relatively new concept to me. The Power Bee website was informative, and above all simple to use with a range of products to suit all needs. Plumped for the midrange High Power system and ordered one immediately, it arrived in the blink of an eye, it was easy to set up, and has worked perfectly ever since. One word of warning and this is an installation error not a fault, you must leave the solar collector connected to the light unit to allow it to fully charge for a few days. As a testiment to the quality of this product I have since purchased two more, and friends have asked me to order another.


Smashing product,BLIMEY ITS BRIGHT, superb value, was going to pay electrician to fit light in shed, I've saved a packet. Charges well lights whole garden, fantastic seller, you will not BEE disappointed.

Multi Coloured Solar Fairy Lights 50 in 5 colours : Fantastic Quality and Brilliance

These lights were given to me as a Mother's Day present and as soon as I opened the box I could see they were strong and well made and of high quality. Other makes that I have bought before didn't work well at all - one set broke as I was positioning them! The Powerbee lights now adorn a wall in the garden that I can see from the french doors and every time I catch a glimpse of them they look fantastic - bright strong colours and they stay on until well after I have gone to bed! I particularly like the fact that they have five colours. Instead of the usual red, blue green and orange they have a bright pink as well which looks lovely! I am now going to order another set to brighten the wall on the other side of the garden> PS This is the first review I have ever written as I have never felt the need before but I am so in love with these lights I want to let everyone know!

PowerBee ® Saturn solar path lights : Great light for garden

got two of these to try and very impressed ( as have been with several other powerbee products-- twin solar scurity light and 100 bright led chains) go construction and easy to assemble. nice big solar cell on top and have noted still glowing bright at 5 a.m. even after dull overcast day during day before look like they will last long time going to order some more

Excellent and very pretty

I have these scattered over my archway leading to the decking at the back of the garden and they are so very pretty and the power of them is unbelievable! It has been quite grotty weather since I bought them, and I didn't charge them fully before they went out but they stay on from dark until it gets light! Amazing quality - very pleased and would recommend highly. : Multi Coloured Solar Fairy Lights 50 in 5 colours


I couldn't find any solar Christmas lights in the shops so I thought I'd look on Amazon, and thanks to Powerbee I found the ideal set. :-) The lights are very sturdy as is the solar panel itself, so they'll last years. There are different cycles that the lights go through, they are also very bright. You also get extras so if you want to attach the solar panel to a shed or wall you can do that or just stand the panel in the soil with the stake that's provided. You also get a transformer, so if there isn't enough light you can always take the panel indoors, (after removing it from the stake that's in the soil) and charge the lights up. We really enjoyed them over Christmas, we had them on a small tree at the bottom of our back garden and they shower up really well. I know they are Christmas lights but you could leave them out all year round if you wanted. They were defiantly worth the money and I'm really pleased I bought them. :-)

Multi Coloured Solar Fairy Lights 50 in 5 colours : Trippin' on me lights,fantastic.

I purchased these lights on the strength of the other two reveiws. I have owned various sets of solar lights in the past,and have not really been impressed with the quality,(theyr'e only lights afterall!) However,on opening these lights I could see immediately that these were far superior to anything that I have previously purchased on the high street. The solar panel for instance is really well made and has a function switch aswell as the on/off switch and an option to attach a second string of sixty lights(yes, another sixty would do nicely!!) along with the facility to attach the supplied charger,should the lights require a boost charge on days of low level sunshine. There is an ample amount of cable between the solar panel and the first light,making it easy to position the panel in the best possible location. At this moment,mine are positioned indoors,making my bedroom look like santa's grotto,and it's only April! If anyone is thinking of buying some solar lights anytime soon,then these are definately the ones to consider,well worth the money...! : Multi Coloured Solar Fairy Lights 50 in 5 colours

Solar Powered Camping Lantern : Let there be free light!,

Due to a hastily put together family camping trip to cornwall we needed some lighting for the tent. Dubious of solar powered lighting I saw this product and decided to give it a go after many favourable reviews. What a revelation, I bought 2 of them, we charged them during the day, and let me be clear, this meant just leaving them out in the camp area, sometimes even just in the tent. And at night they produce a very good amount of light and never dimmed, I would never have beleived these would be as good as battery powered lights until I bought them. Would not hesitate in recommending these units to people, they were very easy to use and never failed us in over a week of camping, can't wait for the next trip.......

Superb lights

I bought these to use instead of our normal mains powered lights. They are wonderful for the following reasons: 1)I can now put them where I don't have mains power. 2) They are not adding to my carbon footprint or electricity consumption 3) Despite being a grey day yesterday they still produced light from 3.30pm - 11.00pm (I went to bed then so could have been longer!) 4) I have had so many comments on how good they look. 5) They turn on/off automatically at dusk/dawn

Still superb

Had these for a year now (see my review above) and still are fab. We liked them so much we kept them up all year. There have only been about 8-10 days in total where there has not been enough light to keep them on for long. Will be buying another set this year for my other tree.

Multi Coloured Solar Fairy Lights 50 in 5 colours : LOVELY RESULTS