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Solar Spot Lights

Solar Spot Lights

Highlight Your Garden with Solar Spot Lights

Buy Solar Spot Lights, Landscape Your Garden with Solar Lighting, Shine a Bright LED SpotLight Powered by Solar, Best Prices, Great Reviews, FREE UK Delivery

Landscape Your Garden with Solar lights

SpotLights Powered by Solar Energy are a Superb Way to Illuminate Your Home & Garden or Business Sign without the need for electrical wiring work.

Simply install Your Spot Lights in a good bright light location that gets sunlight and enjoy mains free solar lighting.

During the Day the Solar Panel Converts the Light in to Energy and Stores it in the Batteries inside the Light then Uses it Automatically at Night to Light up the Led Light.

You can Highlight Trees, Shrubs, Accent Statues & Walls, Light Up Garden Paths & Signs or practically anything of interest to You

Its great to enjoy Your Accented Garden Features sitting outside with a glass of wine, but its also very comforting to look out and enjoy them from within Your home

Your Field of vision is opened up to a greater area making You feel like You are living in a Larger Space, more in control and Safer.

Illuminate Dark Areas with Solar lighting

Light Up Dark areas in Your Garden, Add Bright Light to that Shady Spot, Enjoy Tree's, Shrub's, Garden Paths, Architecture & Sculptures All Year round.

If the location is difficult to get the solar panel facing south, opt for the spotlights which have a separate solar panel, the Custodian has a 3 meter cable and extension leads are available.

Powerbee Brand Garden Spotlights are designed for to last as long as possible even in UK winter time. There are obviously limitations using solar in winter but we have added extra solar cells. We use high efficiency outdoor LED and SMD's and increased battery capacity to ensure that our lights last as long as possible

The Best possible location for Your solar panel is in direct sunlight however the units only require actual light to work, the more sunlight You get the longer they work for.

Use Solar Lighting for Added Security

Lighting Up Dark areas acts as a Deterrent to would be burglars. Statistics prove that a burglar will always choose a property without lighting as opposed to one with.

A well Lit Home & Garden shows that You are prepared and have thought about lighting and also probably have security and intruders will be put off by this - they prefer the dark!