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Solar Pond Pump with battery backup Sunspray SE 500 ®

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  • Reliable Consistent Solar Pond Pump

  • Ideal for Water Features and Fountains

  • Powerful 3.5 W Solar Panel

  • Dry Run Protection

  • Built in Optional Timer Function

  • Large 6v 4Ah Battery Backup

  • Adjustable Flow Pump

  • Strong Flow Rate : 330L/H (87.2GPH)

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  • Black - +£65.00
  • Mixed - +£65.00
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Product Description
How It Works

Solar Pond Pump Sunspray SE 500 ® Ideal for Ponds and Water Features

Buy a Solar Pond Pump with Battery Backup. Sunspray 500 is an Ideal Solar Water Pump Powered by Solar, for Garden Ponds and Water Features, Free UK Delivery

To See More Please Visit our Full : Solar Fountain Pump Range

Need a Pump for a Solar Water Feature or Fountain?

The Sunspray SE 500 ® Solar Powered Pond Pump, Powerful Consistent Flow Rate, Battery Backup, Dry Run Protection, Variable Flow Rate, and Timer Function

The Se 500 ® Solar Water Pump and is almost certainly the Pump You are Looking For, whether you are Replacing an old Pump in a mains Water Feature, Creating a Cascade using Tubing, or a Fountain in a Small to Medium Sized Pond.

The Famous Sunspray SE 500 Pond Pump has the Power and Consistency of Operation You will Need

Battery Backup

A large battery backup providing 5 hours of use at night or during cloudy conditions when fully charged. The battery is rechargeable and replaceable. This unit is designed for people with small to medium ponds who need a reliable fountain with constant flow. If you have an existing water feature then this is almost certain to be the solar fountain pump to replace your old one.

solar pond pump kit

The battery backup pack also comes with :

  • variable dial control to be able to adjust the flow of the fountain
  • A simple timer button, which runs the fountain every 10 minutes in the hour (this is perfect for winter).

The solar panel pushes power in to the battery, then this power is used to run the fountain.

The battery comes with an on/off switch, so that you can turn the unit off and save up the power, then use this power when you need to.

You can choose to leave the unit on and it will manage itself by running with a power reserve, this ensures that when there is cloud cover the fountain will still operate, as it then switches to the reserve power. This way the fountain runs continuously and smoothly throughout the day.)

The Pump

The pump is a very sturdy and powerful little unit, it produces 330 L/H, has dry run protection and comes with a float system, for easy fitting in deep water, simply attach the float to the pump and the pump floats on the surface. , You can easily Pump Water through Tubing, or attach the Spray Accessories, to make a Fountain Spray Feature, or a Bubbling Water Pot.

We do not gear our pumps too highly so you may see solar fountains claiming a larger height, but these pumps will need replacing, our pumps are designed to cruise and therefore they last a lot longer than the cheaper variety!

The Panel

The panel is 3.5 watt high efficiency polycrystaline solar cell in an aluminium frame, it produces a lot of power to feed the battery to ensure consistency of operation, it also comes with a very sturdy adjustable plastic spike, making it reallt easy to place your panel in the best possible location.

Great Value

We believe that this unique product is the best value solar fountain with battery backup as standard in the UK for under £60!

For customers who want to use the SE 500 with an existing water feature, by connecting the pump to a tube please call 0845 094 8821 to check the details of your existing feature

During winter it is important not to let your battery go flat when storing the fountain

Here is just one example of how you can use the Sunspray SE 500 Solar Pond Pump : To Create A solar Water Cascade :

Solar panel 3.5 W solar panel
Solar Panel size 255 mm x 168 mm x 20 mm
Rechargable battery back up Yes : 6V 3.2 Ah
Spray height 121 cm
Flow rate 330L/H (87.2GPH)
Usage time 5 hours when fully charged
Lead length 5 meters between battery and pump, and 1.4 meters between solar panel and battery
PumpDimensions Length : 73 mm Width : 48 mm Height : 39 mm
Float included Yes
Flow Adjustable flow pump to allow fitting to any small / medium container with ease
Additional The pump has dry run protection and a built in timer function
Guarantee Pumps and Panels : 1 year / Batteries : 6 months (don't let if go flat over winter and it will last years)
Latest reviews
  • very happy with this fountain pump kit
    Posted by Angie
    (Posted on 18/01/2018)
    when I opened the box i know this was a good fountain, you can see that it is a high quality item, the battery backup is really cool its larger than I have seen before and gives a great sense of reassurance as you just know that it is big enough to work properly, seen a couple which take AA batteries but this one has a proper rechargeable large capacity battery inside with a timer on it for winter use. The Solar panel is well made and it really does work a treat, I placed mine in a very small pond so adjusted the flow rate down to minimum as I didn't want the water spraying out of the sides when we were not there, this is a very handy feature on the 500, you can really set the water flow how you want to as it has two adjustments for this which we found to be really handy. All in all we are very happy with this kit and will definitely be coming back to powerbee.
  • Solid Little pump
    Posted by Crippy
    (Posted on 03/11/2017)
    been using various different pumps for my rock cascade and after the electrics went about 5 years ago I was loathed to have them fixed as I suspected that we had a wiring problem and didn't even want the quote, so I opted to change to a solar one, after having bought about 3 cheaper ones and returned 2 of them (yes the other I binned in shear frustration!) I read about Powerbee and thought that the se 500 sounded like a reliable one, it is a well made little pump that chugs along and works most of the time, in fact when it is sunny it doesn't miss a single beat. worth noting give nath a call as he gave us the most brilliant advice, sold me a few little gadgets like a tube converter and so now I pump water through 4 mm tubing rather than 8 mm and it goes way higher about 90 cm's high from the pump level, its only a trickle mind you but that's all we wanted a little trickle but one we can depend upon to give us a flow and the sound as well cheers Nath excellent company.
  • Great Pump
    Posted by Chase
    (Posted on 29/09/2017)
    Great little fountain pump we use this to trickle water out from a cascade made of stones, we converted the tubing to 4mm so we could pump the water higher up the stones, it just trickles out but is consistent all in all a descent quality pond pump for the price
  • Excellent product & customer service
    Posted by k9
    (Posted on 08/07/2017)
    Delighted with this water feature pump. It is easy to install and use. The large battery capacity enables the fountain to operate on dull evenings when entertaining outdoors. I like the safety feature that cuts off the pump if the water level falls too low. The adjustable power is a real bonus. very good value.
  • Perfect!
    Posted by AnneG
    (Posted on 22/06/2017)
    Arrived yesterday..set up today (so easy to do!) Absolutely perfect for my water feature. I am delighted....thank you!
  • Sunspray SE 500 - excellent
    Posted by John
    (Posted on 21/06/2017)
    I've had this pump working a waterfall feature in our pond now for over 3 weeks and it has proved to be an excellent buy. Well built, faultless operation, it does just what the instructions say it should do - many thanks PowerBee!
  • Top quality Pump and Panel
    Posted by Simon
    (Posted on 12/04/2016)
    I've had Jupiter Bermuda pumps before for only a little less money and this way way better. Really well waterproofed, high quality pump (feel the weight!), high max height of fountain and very adjustable too. Recommended.
  • Such good quality solar pump!
    Posted by Dave
    (Posted on 21/03/2016)
    wonderful quality, will be back for more cheers Powerbee : I recommend this company they sell the best solar pumps I have seen to date
    we used this on an existing feature where the pump died on us now we have our very own solar powered water feature !! I feel chuffed to bits x
  • Excellent
    Posted by Hazell nut
    (Posted on 10/08/2015)
    Absolutely delighted with this product and the fish love it.
  • Solar Pump with battery backup Sunspray SE 500 : A busy little Bee
    Posted by P. Watson
    (Posted on 12/03/2015)
    Well, how times change. Many years ago I purchased a floating solar fountain from another supplier, which to be honest didn't last long and the water flow was poor, albeit when solar powered products were in their infancy.

    My Son has now inherited a pond at his new home and to be quite frank it had not been looked after at all. After cleaning and stocking with aquatic plants I decided to treat him to a water fountain/pump. Having read various reviews on Amazon and elsewhere I felt confident enough to purchase this product.

    Delivery was swift and the item well packaged. Instructions were clear, therefore making it easy to install.

    I set the pump to operate automatically and after a couple of hours of being installed the soothing sound of splashing water filled our ears. Water flow is very good and the fish love it!

    Have since contacted Powerbee regarding another product and was very happy with their customer service - Well done Powerbee!
  • Solar Pond Pump with battery backup Sunspray SE 500 : Fantastic product!
    Posted by Ms J M, Surrey
    (Posted on 02/03/2015)
    Would recommend, excellent product and value for money. The strength and height of the fountain exceeded all expectations. Lovely water feature, attractive addition to the pond, ours is a small sized pond : the fountain works brilliantly. Clear, concise instructions, easy assembly. You can't go wrong with this product. Better value than those I've seen in garden centres.
  • Solar Pond Pump with battery backup Sunspray SE 500 : Good product
    Posted by Mr. R. E. Grindley
    (Posted on 24/02/2015)
    This is a well-made product and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It was easy to assemble and works well. It can run continuously, given enough sunshine, but a handy built-in timer allows you to run the pump 15 minutes each hour so it doesn't have to run until the battery is completely exhausted overnight or on a dull day. There's a red/green LED on the control box which indicates the current charge of the battery, though this wasn't mentioned in the instructions. The pump itself is remarkably small and floats on the pond using a foam disc - very handy and saves having to construct a base in the pond. It also allows you to place the fountain in any part of the pond. The pump creates a very reasonable fountain, given the small size of the pump.

    I'd be happy to recommend this solar pump.
  • Solar Pond Pump with battery backup Sunspray SE 500 : Well worth it
    Posted by Mr. JR Price
    (Posted on 20/02/2015)
    I decided to put a water feature in my newly created pond in order to give the pond a bit of character and hopefully move the water around to oxygenate the pond a bit and i do not regret buying this item at all. Upon opening the box i was a little bit dissapointed at the size of the item and immediately assumed it wouldnt be upto the job, however i had the fountain up and running in less than 5 mins thanks to easy assembly and clear instructions (to be honest its common sense).

    Once i had messed about with the different heads i settled on my favourite and the spray height is around 18" to 2ft and covers an area with a diameter of roughly 3 and a half foot. This is ideal for my pond as it means that there is a reasonable feature but that (with the pump in the centre of my pond) even in strong winds i do not lose much, if any water. I dont know if i was expecting too much but i did probably think the volume of water being pumped would be more, but the pressure is fine and as a feature it is adequate.

    At first i was using the battery with the timer on so that the feature worked for 15mins every hour, but now just leave it on permanent so that the fountain only tends to run non-stop in strong sunlight and only occassionally when it has built up charge in gloomy weather.

    After a month of owning this i am considering buying another and possibly setting them up so that they run on timer at different times so there is a fountain on most of the time. The only real 'issue' i had was that i have had to swill the pump and fountain head in the pond every couple of weeks because little bits of grit were blocking some of the holes and making the spray pattern look odd.

    The item works well as a fountain and most of us will only sit by a pond in sunshine which is when this will work best. If anyone was considering buying this as a pump however i would point out that (in my pond at least) the volume of water being moved and depending on sunshine how often the fountain is on mean it is not going to be spectacular (and unless you are spending big money solar pumps in general aren't). Having said that my pond is about 1500gallons (nearly 7000 litres) and the fountain is the only pump moving the water about and my fish are fine. Oh and its also worth mentioning that the pump is quiet when running.
  • Solar Pond Pump with battery backup Sunspray SE 500 : Personal service
    Posted by Mr. P. L. Spearink
    (Posted on 17/02/2015)
    I wanted to know if any of the solar pond pumps could raise water far enough to use to feed a small waterfall feature for a pond I plan to build. I could see no references to this on any of the products on offer. On reading other reviews I decided to phone the people at PowerBee and try to get some advice. The chap I spoke to could not have been more helpful and guided me through the different sizes and advised me that for what I wanted, his 500 size would easily do the job. I took him at his word and have not regretted doing so. The pump fitted together with ease, as simple as could be. There was enough power in the battery even after delivery to produce a jet high enough to spray me when I switched it on and I have had to turn down both controls to minimum to use it as a fountain in my existing pond until the new one is ready. I have tested it with the pipe that they kindly sent gratis and it works fine at the height of my small waterfall feature. This is one product that certainly does what it says on the tin.
  • Solar Pond Pump with battery backup Sunspray SE 500 : excellent pump for water features
    Posted by Ronh
    (Posted on 23/05/2012)
    looked at both this and the SE 450 and after chatting to Nath took his advice and bought this one Works realll well in sunshine and is best when run on timed / in termittent mode and then switch to continuous if you want to sit out and enjoy your water feature in an evening gives agood steady flow and the low water protection is great for water feature,as as some have a tendency to dry out a bit

    really good product well made and designed for the uk where we have poor sun

Its very simple :

  • Unpack all components carefully.
  • Connect the "INPUT" cable of the battery back-up to the solar module, and tighten the screw for protection. Screw the ground spike tight at the back side of the solar module and insert the solar module at a sunny place, adjust the angle let the solar module facing SOUTH toward mid day sun.
  • Insert the pump plug to the "OUTPUT" socket of the battery backer-up, and also tighten the screw.
  • For a floating fountain (deep water), just assemble the nozzle and foam disk to the pump according to the right photo, the nozzles can produce 4 different jet shapes.
  • Make sure to place the pump fully underwater when the pump operates.
  • Turn the switch to the position "ON". The bicolor LED illuminates GREEN. The solar pump is starting to operate. The LED may illuminate RED while it operates at first time, because the battery will lose energy slowly . It just needs to be charged for 2 to 3 hours in the sunlight, then it will change to GREEN and the pump starts to work.
  • The pump will automatically stop running while the battery is discharged to its lower limit voltage, and the LED illuminates RED in the meantime.
  • When the battery is recharged to its starting voltage, the LED will flash RED-GREEN twice every 10 seconds, and it will last 30 minutes. Then the pump will automatically operate and the LED illuminates GREEN again.

If you want to have long operating time in the evening, then turn the switch to "OFF" position during the day and turn it "ON" whenever you need.

Its very simple :

  • The panel needs to be facing south
  • plug the panel in to the battery
  • connect the battery to the pump
  • turn the battery on

Sit back and enjoy your new family member !

Q : Can I attach a solar Pump to a Water Feature?

A : Yes, please read our guide - Attach a solar Pump to a Water Feature

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