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Battery Candle Lanterns

Battery Candle Lanterns

Shop Battery Candle Lanterns Direct and Save.

Buy Battery Candle Lanterns, Add Candle Light to Your Home & Garden with Candle Lanterns Powered by Battery, Best Prices, Top Reviews, FREE UK Delivery

Want to find Battery Lanterns You can use Outdoors too?

Welcome to the Powerbee Range of Lanterns Powered by Battery for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Best Prices on a Range of Weatherproof Lanterns, Long Lasting, Super Safe, Efficient Led Lanterns to Create a Warm Lighting atmosphere.

All our Battery Candle Lanterns have been specifically chosen to last a LONG time, in most cases they have timers which automatically turn the unit off after 4 hours. Our lanterns can last up to a month.

Turn Your Garden on with Lantern Light

Battery Powered Lanterns are ideal for Outdoors, there is no maintenance apart from changing the batteries once in a while, they make a perfect soft subtle Garden Lighting solution.

Powerbee Lanterns can also be used for Shaded areas Outdoors where Solar would be a challenge, and of course Indoors anywhere you Like, with easy change Batteries and up to 30 days before needing to change them.

We have designs that suit every occasion.

Christmas is fast approaching, and with our Lanterns you can rely on setting that seasonal warm felling. Suitable for parties and weddings as well, candle lanterns provide you with a cost-effective, and environment friendly way to use lighting any special area.