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Ray ® Solar Shed Light 48 Superbright LED's for your Shed

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  • Ideal for Sheds, Garages, Porches, Workshops

  • 48 Superbright LED's | Generating 336 Lumens

  • 4 Hours of Light from a Fully Charged Battery

  • Powerful 2.5 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Cell

  • 5 Meters of Cable between Panel and Head

  • Stays On Whilst Motion is Detected

  • 6 meters, 360 degree PIR Detection

  • Automatic On / Off (PIR Dusk Sensor)

  • 12 Months Warranty as Standard

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Product Description
How It Works

Bright, reliable, tried and tested over many years the Ray solar shed light is unbeatable value for money

The Ray 48 Superbright LED solar shed light is PIR movement activated, 40 watts of mains equivalent lighting. Perfect for a shed, garage or outbuilding.

The powerful solar panel will charge the replaceable battery, in any UK weather condition when placed south facing. The new Ray for 2015 will detect movement up to 5 meters away, making it perfect for a multitude of applications including a shed light, internal security light or spotlight.

There is no need for a remote control with this unit as the light is automatically activated as you open the door to your shed or greenhouse, or when movement is detected and will continue to work until movement stops. It is mains equivalent, is for indoor use only, and is guaranteed for 12 months as standard.

Like nearly all of our products the Solar Ray solar shed light is completely unique, designed and manufactured by Powerbee alone, to our standards and specifications, based upon direct customer feedback, it is designed specifically to work during UK winter time, summer is simply a bonus, and in fact because the panel has been enlarged even further this year it can be placed facing East or West or even North (summer only)

We believe this is the most powerful, best value solar shed light available in the UK today! If you can find anything any better please let us know!

so what's the difference between a standard solar shed light compared to a typical cheap set from say Amazon or ebay? The answer is simple.

Solar panel Our panel come PACKED with solar power. (this is high grade high efficiency which is expensive to buy!). These are also extra ordinarily generous in their size, this is to ensure that the units work in UK winter time, this is one of the absolute key standards that we set
Technology We have a patent pending on the technology.
Unique We design and develop our own products, the Solar Ray is unique to Powerbee Ltd only and is now famous throughout the UK as the No 1 selling PIR activated shed light
Smarts Our lights are designed in conjunction with a Professor of electronics.
Batteries Our batteries are only the good quality variety which are not cheap and last a long time.
Material / Build Quality We use only high quality material no short cuts! If you ever take a look inside one of our units you will see an honest good quality product, from the components used to the soldering, we pay more for our lights because they cost more to build, this means they work better and last longer
Experience We have been specialising and selling security lights for YEARS. We have made so many improvements along the way because we we listen to you our customers.
Function The Solar Ray Shed Lights will stay on whilst movement is detected - not keep switching off every 30 seconds

Google Summary

Solar panel Powerful Polycrystalline 4.5V, 2.5W (Even larger this year!)
Rechargable battery 2400 mAh Ni-mH battery, 3.7V (included)
LED No 48
Lumen 336 lumens
Switch ON/OFF
Detecting zone 6 meters, 360 degree PIR detection
Lighting time 40 seconds per activation / 1 hour of light after 1 day of charge / 4 hours of light from a fully charged battery
Operation mode PIR sensor
Cable Length 5 Meters of Cable
Latest reviews
  • Wouldn't be without these
    Posted by Dave in Crowborough
    (Posted on 14/12/2017)
    Bought 1 of these a while ago & was so impressed that i've now bought a further 3 for my expanding shed empire. No nonsense, easy to install, efficient light that provides an excellent light source for the shed that comes on as you walk in. Tested it in our house before installing in the shed & my wife turned the switch off when leaving the kitchen, thinking the mains lighting was on! Very bright & 100% satisfied with Powerbee's excellent service. Highly recommended.
  • Great Light
    Posted by Polly2149
    (Posted on 02/09/2016)
    I purchased this solar light for my newly built summerhouse as we didn't want to run power down to the end of the garden. It arrived within the timescales, the instructions were clear and it was put up in minutes. It only had half a days charge in the sun but came on at dusk when activated. Enough light for my purposes and went out within 40 seconds once we left the area. Proof will be when we sit in there to see if we need to jump about to keep activating it. Overall very pleased with the light, very good price when complared to other suppliers.
  • Ray Shed Light 48 Superbright LED's for your Shed or Outbuilding
    Posted by shrek101
    (Posted on 05/11/2015)
    Having had 3 of these now for over 2 years all 3 are still working so I can confirm the longevity of these lights. I have had to occasionally charge the batteries up in Winter they take standard 18650 3.7V batteries which you can get off ebay at a few quid each you can get a cheap lithium battery charger. i always keep one on spare as in winter and heavy use it run down does the battery but they easy to change
  • Five Stars
    Posted by jlukef
    (Posted on 23/03/2015)
    Perfect, works really well.
  • The Power of a Bright Idea
    Posted by Trinity Hybrid
    (Posted on 10/03/2015)
    Seems like such an age since i'd given up on lighting my shed as it's remote location meant mains electricity was never going to be an option. Then what do i find, purely by chance, the promise of Solar Power to illuminate my interior and all without fuss and bother. Well having grown sceptical in light of the poor outputs of the ubiquitus garden pathlights i was a might reticent, but having read various reviews i felt it worth the gamble. So, went ahead and order one as a trial venture, the outcome of which had been most encouraging. What with prompt postage, i soon had a very well designed and contructed Solar lamp in my hands. I gave it an initial charge on my windowsill so as to assess it's light output, forgetting it was there i was spontaneously illuminated in its somewhat impressive output as i re-entered the now darkened room some hours later. What with night having fallen, i was now able to confirm the Solar Ray gave a decent usable level of light to work with, plus the added feature of the PIR and separate on/off switch meant it was fully versatile. Having now installed it in my shed, i'd say it's a real gem, reliable and effective whatever the weather or time of day, and all without fuss :-) Yay!
  • Excellent product
    Posted by John
    (Posted on 02/03/2015)
    I have purchased, along with a colleague eight of these units we found them
    to be excellent. They are used to light up the interior of two stables as
    well as the surrounding area were hay bales etc. are stored. The stables
    are in a rural location, as you would expect, so there is no other lighting
    from street lamps or houses around.

    They are used everyday, morning and evening.

    I would have no hesitation in buying more of these units or recommending
    them to anyone else.
  • Fantastic, unbelievably bright!!!
    Posted by Vickie
    (Posted on 26/02/2015)
    The light is very bright / really easy to install. It fully charges even on a dull English winters day. We were considering putting electrics into the garage but now there is no need! The light is easily bright enough to work in the garage and the 5m cable means you can position anywhere you want. Thoroughly recommended.
  • Light for your Shed or Outbuilding
    Posted by Woody 16 "Dave"
    (Posted on 24/02/2015)
    My new shed down the garden needed a light for the dark nights. As power was only required for lighting, installing a mains power supply was not an option so I read the customer reviews for this 36 led solar light. However, I didn't want a dusk sensor type and a motion sensor would have helped any intruders. Then I read that this model had a switch to deactivate the sensor, so I placed an order. The unit came very promptly - well packed with all I needed to install. I fitted the lamp unit on the wall adjacent to the door way shining inward to cover the whole shed interior. The brackets supplied are simple - sufficiently strong allowing the lamp unit to slide over the bracket and it can be removed again easily. Because I installed a roof window using an old double glazed unit laid across an aperture in the nearly horizontal roof, the solar unit was installed under the glass pointing towards the mid-day sun position. The angle adjustment on the arm made this very easy. There is a massively long lead to the lamp unit and this was ideal, the surplus cable being coiled and cable-tied in-situ to keep it all tidy. Within 24 hours the battery was charged and the brightness of the lamp exceeded all expectations. Leds are wonderfull things and having so many of them together is amazing and seeing as you get the power from ordinary sunlight, why bother with mains power? Using the motion sensor out of curiosity, it was instant in response and when leaving the area, cut out again within half a minute. Pressing the push button to deactivate the sensor means I can go down to the shed and switch the lamp on like any ordinary light, and switch off as I leave. As yet I have no idea how long the batteries will maintain the lamp alight but for my purpose, it only needs to be for a few minutes but if it is like another hand held unit I own (to see going down to the shed) it should be approxinmately 20 minutes or even longer. This is certainly a very useful unit and I am trying to decide where I can fit another one.
  • God this is bright!
    Posted by Paul Weightman
    (Posted on 23/02/2015)
    This is superb for a solar light. I dont know what charging is like in English winter we shall see, but the light it gives out is amazing!!
  • Solar panel shed light
    Posted by Mr. Anthony Joyce
    (Posted on 19/02/2015)
    The Price was to good an offer that i could not miss. I had a quote from a good electrical retailer in my area and with all the work that would be needed to run a cable to my garden shed was £800 upwards. I have made a fantastic saving with these lights and i took the gamble and brought two lights. My shed faces a southerly direction so the solar panel is in sunlight for eight hours plus and i will say that the two lights are very bright in my garden shed.If i wanted to i could quite happily work at midnight in the light that these lights give out. It makes the inside of my shed seem like day time and for those who are wondering what size my garden shed is, Dimensions are 12ftx8ftx8ft about average size for medium sized garden.
  • Ray Shed Light 48 Superbright LED's for your Shed or Outbuilding : Excellent - Don't delay buy today!!
    Posted by FBI33
    (Posted on 17/02/2015)
    After much deliberation as to the pros and cons of running an electric feed to my newly erected 8x8 shed, i realised the only real need would be to power a light. As such i decided to look at solar powered units.

    I suspect if you are reading this, then obviously you are likely to be in a similar predicament as i was.

    Well the other reviews are spot on. Basically it is extremely effective, easy to install and does exactly what i needed it to do. It gives off a pleasant xenon type glow, and gives more than enough light in my shed.

    I installed it in about 10 minutes taking my time, could easily be done in 5!

    For the money, i can't believe how pleased i am with the result! Much cheaper than having electric wired in, and eco friendly to boot!

    If you are deliberating whether to or not, i would say go for it!

    In addition the service from the vendor was spot on also, as the others have mentioned 5* product, 5* value, 5* vendor.. can't say fairer than that!
  • Excellent product
    Posted by Nik
    (Posted on 17/08/2014)
    Fitted today to centre of old 6x8' shed and provides plenty of light. Solar panel seems more than sufficient to charge the high capacity NiMH battery.

    If I was being super picky, it would be nice to be able to remove the plug from the wire attached to the solar panel, to ease feeding it into the shed. I would also angle the outside ring of LEDs slightly to spread light around a little more, but this is really nit-picking!

    All round, I would have no hesitation in recommending. Great product.
  • Amazingly bright!
    Posted by MIH1
    (Posted on 09/07/2014)
    What a superb light! So bright and very easy to install, come on st low light levels when movement is detected. Great customer service from Powerbee! Looking at buying a security light for the side of our house now...
  • Fantastic shed solar light
    Posted by PeteIOW
    (Posted on 03/07/2014)
    I put this light into a new shed at the end of my garden a couple of months ago. Installation was easy, the light has a clip underneath which could be used to hang it on any existing objects. Alternatively there is a mount supplied which screws into the roof of the shed. The thin cable links it to an external solar panel which you can put on the roof of the shed, or attach to the side of the roof.

    This light is exactly what I was looking for and is powerful enough to fill the shed with light. The light is motion activated so it comes on when I open the shed door and dont have to fumble around in the dark for a light switch. The light stays on while I am in the shed and then turns off a minute or two after closing the door. I am very pleased with this and surprised to get such a good light without having to lay a mains cable across the garden. After years of using various solar lights, this is definitely the best I have found by far. I would recommend this product.
  • Solar Ray Shed Light
    Posted by shrek101
    (Posted on 20/08/2013)
    Just got three of these today. Put two in a large ex garage now a workshop and another in a integral garage. Very easy to fit and after only charging for 6 hours 1st day I got a really bright light. Its enough just for a garage but two is even better especially as I use the other for workshop
    some of the light is blocked by ladders on inside garage roof but still enough for me to use garage. Great product. Only criticism is to feed cable into walls I had to drill a larger hole for the plug from solar panel so it can slip into garage.
  • great product great lux
    Posted by Chris
    (Posted on 26/10/2012)
    Ordered 2 of these and both are of great quality, both in terms of a strong light source great battery / build quality.
    Works wonders in the shed and outhouse loo
    fast delivery also 5*
  • Super Shedlight
    Posted by Matthew
    (Posted on 29/09/2012)
    I used to open the shed door at half past four and look for my bike hopefully. Now with Powerbee i open the door gleefully there is my bike light up like a Christmas tree.
    Posted by Angie Mac
    (Posted on 11/07/2012)
    Smashing product,BLIMEY ITS BRIGHT, superb value, was going to pay electrician to fit light in shed, I've saved a packet. Charges well lights whole garden, fantastic seller, you will not BEE disappointed.
  • Impressed
    Posted by SteveMK
    (Posted on 25/04/2012)
    Very impressed with this product: the light is, I thought, staggeringly bright : a revelation as to what solar powered lights can be like....
  • Solar Ray Shed Light 48 Superbright LED's for your Shed or Outbuilding : Just like daylight!
    Posted by D. Roy
    (Posted on 02/11/2011)
    Quite simply this light does a great job! I expected it to provide a weakish light but when I first turned it on it almost blinded me. This gives enough light in my single garage to work on my bike so would highly recommend. I only turn it on when needed so not sure how good the battery life is though.

So easy to install :

  • Unpack all components carefully.
  • Choose a place to situate the solar panel unit where there is abundant sunshine during the day ,south facing and out of shade.(do not install the light in a north facing aspect)
  • Fix the solar panel unit to an appropriate surface by using provided screws and wall plugs.
  • Choose a place where illumination needed at night.
  • Fix the the dry anchors and screws and then slide the LED lamp into.
  • Turn ON the switch positioned at the side of LED lamp. Then the light installation is finished and it will operate automatically.

During the day the sun charge the rechargeable batteries inside the solar panel (like a bee :))that's why we called ourselves PowerBee .

  • The light will be activated when people present or move in the detecting zone (only light at the night)
  • It will be last for 40 seconds every time once it is detected and the light will constantly lighting if movement is detected
  • The lightw will outo OFF after 40 seconds once people leave away

Q : Do this shed light will work in the UK winter ?

A : Yes, it is designed specifically to work during UK winter time.

Q : Can they be used in a greenhouse ?

A : They can be used anywhere indoors however you would need to make sure you provided ventilation for the summer as greenhouses can get very hot. We have a large number of customers over many many years, these lights have been installed in many greenhouses, garages, sheds, outbuildings, chicken coups etc, the led head just need shelter from the rain

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