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Pond Filter All in One System TripleAction 4500

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  • Pond Filter for Small Ponds

  • Includes 11 Watt UV Steriliser

  • Powerful 2000L/H Pump

  • Ideal for Ponds with fish up to 2500 litres

  • Ideal for Ornamental Ponds with fish up to 4500 litres

  • Adjustable flow-rate T-connector included

  • Mechanical and biological media included

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Product Description
How It Works

Pond Filter All in One System TripleAction Evolve 4500

Buy a Pond Filter All in One System TripleAction 4500 for Small Ponds, UV Steriliser, 2000L/H Pump, & Fountain, Best prices, Top Reviews, Free UK Delivery

The Latest Technology All in One Pond Filter Pump

This pump has an extensive filtration area to help suck up any dirt and debris from your pond, No additional Filtration is needed with the Tripleaction Evolve 4500 meaning you can install it and sit back, you can also use the 4500 as a water pump or fountain at the same time

Perfect for Ponds with a mix of small fish up to 2500 Litres & for Ornamental Ponds up to 4500L, the compact size of the unit allows it to be discretely positioned fully submersed in your pond

4500 Filtration is achieved in 3 ways

1) Large Foam Filter situated inside the unit offers mechanical filtration by removing solids up to 7 mm.

2) 2 x zeolite and 1 x neutral biomedia chambers achieve biological filtration, extracts ammonia from the water

3) UV forces microscopic green algae to clump together ready for collection.

Use the 4500 Filter Pump as a Waterfall or Fountain at the same time

Connect tubing to the 2000 L/H pump & create a waterfall cascade, the pump has a hosetail outlet to attach 12, 20 or 25 mm garden tubing and has a max head of 2 meters

Use the 4500 Filter Pump as a Fountain Feature

We have included a free fountain kit with the TripleAction 4500 so You can enjoy a gorgeous fountain spray effect simply by attaching a fountain head of your choice (3 different heads included), it also comes with a very handy Water outlet splitter - to divert water to a separate feature

This a an Ideal entry level Filter pump and keeps a fish pond very clean with very little maintenance involved, easy to set up & install, very economical & reliable.

Flow rate L/H 2000
Accesibility Easy access filter bed
Use Filter / Pump / Fountain
Max Head Height 2m
Max Depth Max Depth of Use: 200cm / 78"
Max Depth for Fountain 525mm / 20"
Pump Dimensions 380 x 268 x 136mm (LxWxH)
Outlet size 12, 20 & 25mm
Inlet size 12 - 25 mm
Wattage 45w
Cable 10 m
Fountain Function Water outlet splitter - Adjustable flow control via T-piece (12-25mm)
UV UV on/off indication on top of casing
Brand PondXpert
Guarantee 1 year as Standard
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Place unit at bottom of pond – preferably on a level surface raised approx 10cm from floor (eg, upturned plant pot or clay brick) with outlet facing upwards.

Once installed the pond water will flow through the pump as the pump’s impellor draws in water. It is always best to position your pump at the opposite end to where the water returns to the pond to provide maximum circulation.

Your unit is supplied with a hosetail.. Pond hose size 12-25mm (1/2” to 1” ) can be attached to the inlet hosetail. Cut the inlet hose to the size appropriate to the size of hose you are using. Then connect the hose from your pump to your filter system or position it where you want the water to return. Ensure a watertight seal by the use of hoseclips.


Occasionally large solids may block the holes in the filter cage surrounding the pump – these should be carefully wiped away. A clogged or dirty intake will put a strain on the motor and greatly reduce its performance. If the area where the pump is stood is very dirty, raising its position slightly will assist flow. To clean the pump, remove the impellor housing and impellor. Use clean water and a small brush to remove debris (see below)

Changing the UV Bulb / Maintenance of the unit

A UV indicator around the body of the unit lights up to shown UV is working. If it doesn’t light up, or if the bulb has been used for over 6 months you will need to change the UV bulb inside the unit. To open the unit up, first disconnect from power supply and lift clear of water.

Remove backing plate with a cross head screwdriver then around the middle of the unit there are two push clips – hold these in then pull the main body apart. The foam is now accessible and can be cleaned if required. Access the impeller by again pressing the two clips around the top in and pulling the top case away from the main unit. Turn the impellor guard to gain access to the impellor and clean if required. The UV bulb can be accessed by unscrewing the screw located in the base of the remaining black casing. Turn the casing as indicated by the two arrows on the casing

Limited Warranty

This product is guaranteed for a period of 12 months (excluding rotor assembly) from the date of purchase for material or manufacturing defects. The guarantee covers the substitution of defective parts. However, the guarantee is considered null and void in the case of improper use, improper handling or negligence on the part of the buyer. If your pondXpert pump fails please take it back to the retail outlet from where it was purchased. You will be required to take your receipt/proof of purchase with you. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Its very simple :

This is a mains operated Pond Filter Pump, so the power comes directly from mains power

Submerse the pump Plug in and Sit back and enjoy!

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