Dont let your fun be ruined : use a solar phone charger

The weather is finally on the turn, and many of us are already starting to think about holidays this spring and summer. What's more, festival season isn't that far away!


So don't forget a solar phone charger can now a days be a real life saver.

Executive Solar Phone Charger executive-solar-phone-charger Elite Solar Phone Charger Elite solar phone charger from PowerBee Compact Solar Phone Charger compact-solar-phone-charger

Wherever we are in the world, most of us like to keep in touch with friends and family, emails and the news back home. Equally, if you are at a music festival or similar event, keeping track of where your mates are can be a nightmare without a charged up phone.


The problem is, you will be lucky to get much more than 24 hours' continuous use out of most smartphone batteries – their processors and screens just eat up power, even if you try and reduce energy consumption, by turning off the 3G signal, for example.

If you're out and about, finding somewhere to plug in and charge up isn't always easy, and if you find yourself abroad without the right adapter, it can be impossible. Plus, given how long it takes to charge most mobiles, having to wait a couple of hours to get a full charge isn't always practical.


executive-solar-phone-charger Executive Solar Phone Charger


But knowing that you can still use your phone on the go, including in the event of an emergency, gives great peace of mind. For instance, wouldn't you feel safer letting your teen go off to Glastonbury, on their gap year adventures, or on their first solo holiday knowing that their phone wouldn't run out of power?

With a solar phone charger
all the hassles of traditional mains-based charging evaporate. After all, what power source could be more reliable than the sun? And portable solar cells only need daylight to charge.

Finally, there are some environmental benefits you may not have thought of, apart from the obvious one of not having to use electricity. Solar cells do not give off any emissions, waste or other by-products, and any unused photons just pass through the silicon or bounce off it, just as they would any other material.

At PowerBee, our extensively tested, comprehensive range of solar powered phone chargers offers unrivalled choice and quality – and we're market leaders in our field.

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