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Sunspray SE 450 ® Solar Fountain with battery backup

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Rrp: £69.99

Our Price: £44.99 Free UK Delivery

  • Solar Fountain for your Garden

  • Powerful Solar Panel 2.5 Watt Polycrystalline

  • Large Battery Backup as Standard

  • Adjustable flow Pump for small ponds

  • 3 Different Spray Heads

  • 45 cm Spray Height

  • 170 Litres per Hour Flow Rate

  • Marble White - +£27.00
  • Black - +£27.00
  • Natural White - +£15.00
  • Black - +£15.00
  • Mixed - +£15.00
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Product Description
How It Works

Solar Fountain with battery backup Sunspray SE 450 ®

Sunspray 450 Solar Fountain, with Battery Backup for Small to Medium Ponds, Variable Flow Pump controls height of Water, Buy Now with FREE UK Delivery

solar water feature using fountain pump

Consistency Of Water Flow

The SE 450 is a powerful little Solar Water Pump and is renowned for its consistent operation, it will operate consistently even in relatively cloudy conditions in summer, slightly more powerful than the SE 360.

Variable Flow Water Pump

The variable flow pump is an added bonus and allows you size the fountain head to the exact size you require, giving you total control over your solar water feature

Battery Backup as Standard

The battery backup also gives you the option of turning the power down or off and capturing that energy, then using it specifically when you need it, for example if you wanted the fountain to run during a party in the evening, then you can turn it off save the power and turn it on at night, and amaze all your friends with an incredible focal point in the evening

This unit is designed for people with small/medium ponds who need a reliable solar water fountain with constant flow

Customers with an Existing water feature

For customers who want to use the se 450 with an existing water feature, by connecting the pump to a tube please call 0845 094 8821 to check the details of your existing feature

Water Fountain After Sundown

If you turn the pump power down, so that the se 450 does not spray so high, then the additional energy is stored and used later when the sun goes down, this way you can run the se 450 til 1am in the morning on sunny days

TIP : when running at night for parties or just for the effect please see the fairy lights as these products when placed together make a really amazing magical spot in the garden.

During winter it is important not to let your battery go flat when storing the fountain

Solar panel 2.5 W polycrystaline solar panel 
Solar panel size 260 mm x 160 mm x 20 mm
Rechargable battery back up Yes
Spray height 45 cm
Flow rate 170 L/H  (45 GPH)
Usage time 5 hours when fully charged
Lead length 5 meters between battery and pump, and 1.4 meters between solar panel and battery
Float included Yes
Latest reviews
  • Sunspray SE 450 Solar Water Pump with battery backup : made a very nice solar water feature from this
    Posted by Linda Boot
    (Posted on 19/03/2015)
    bought this fountain for my small pond and after a small technical hitch is now working fine,the battery needed to be replaced,contacted the seller who replaced the battery quickly,and was very helpful,i am now really pleased with the fountain,and good value for the money
  • Sunspray SE 450 Solar Water Pump with battery backup : great little shower!
    Posted by jenny
    (Posted on 10/03/2015)
    I bought the sunspray SE 450 and had a problem with the pump on the day I set it up. However the company were available for advice on the phone immediately and after talking through the problem and trying a couple of tests on their instructions they sent a replacement pump free which arrived two days later and has been great for over a month and shows no sign any problem.They said that they had not previously had problems with the pumps, so I think it is a rare occurence. It is a small fountain, about 30cm high, but that was what I wanted. The long wires allow me to hide the panel and backup charger out of the way which I prefer. So a helpful and efficient company and a good product for me.
  • Sunspray SE 450 Solar Water Pump with battery backup : Solar Fountain
    Posted by KTR
    (Posted on 03/03/2015)
    This is a lovely little fountain! A doddle to set up, surprisingly powerful, and keeps going long after the sun has disappeared. I was very pleased with it. Totally recommend.
  • Sunspray SE 450 Solar Water Pump with battery backup : Just what we wanted!
    Posted by SuDyce
    (Posted on 27/02/2015)
    We had been looking for a solar fountain for our new garden pond for some time. This really fits the bill!
    Arrived well within timescale. Easy to follow instructions and easily maintained.
    Love being able to change the spray nozzle.
    Well worth the money!
  • great fountain, no running costs
    Posted by Mrs. Sarah J. Anderson
    (Posted on 23/02/2015)
    I used a cheap Chinese import last year which hardly ever worked and was very disappointing, so I felt I was pushing the boat out to spend more on this one, having already seen how good the Powerbee Solar Fairy lights were. I am very pleased I did as the fountain is great! Big spray (i had to use the smallest setting so the spray wasn't all over the side of the pond - that's how powerful it is), floats on the surface and works well even in cloud or at night when you use the backup battery. Really easy to install. The fish like it too!
  • You make me happy when skies are grey!
    Posted by KM
    (Posted on 19/02/2015)
    I've been doing a lot of work on the garden this year to get it just right and wanted a water feature but no wiring and noisy pumps running. Saw this on here and thought I'd give it a go and I'm glad I did! This is a solar powered pump so no wiring to be done! It's a submersible pump that can be adjusted to give several fountain/spray effects by changing the fountain heads which are supplied and changing the flow rate via a dial on the side of the pump which is approx 90 litres per hour max. The pump+spout is approx 8 inches high. From the top of the spout you can get a water height of about 13 inches which is good when you see how small the pump is! Must be a good pump! The pump is powered via a good sized solar panel which sits atop a 13 inch ground spike on a 360 degree moveable ball and socket joint. The panel could easily be fence mounted by pinning it to the fence or wall if need be. This panel is connected to a back up battery unit with a simple on/off button, that's it! A second battery unit is supplied too which is great so you could alternate batteries having a fully charged one ready to go when the current one runs low on power! The pump connects to the battery unit via over 16 feet of cable enabling you to situate the panel wherever you want.

    So in use. . . .I put the pump together in 5 mins flat, dead easy! I let the battery initially charge for three days myself just to make sure it had a full charge for it's first use but I believe two would be sufficient. I put the pump into a tub of about 50 litres of water. The pump was attached to the bottom by four suction cups that are already on the bottom of the pump, all good. Turned the pump on and hey presto! It ran like a dream in my opinion. I tried the different fountain effects out and flow rates and was very happy with it all. The pump and all connections, solar panel, battery back up units are all very well made, the pump runs silently too. After some hours of use I took the pump out and took the bottom cover off as you would to clean it or check for blockages to check the filter and impellar (the rotor inside the pump housing) and all was spot on. So it's easy enough to clean too! As the battery unit stores charge it does work under cloudy conditions too.

    So I can see no problem at all. The whole system is well built and runs great and is easy to maintain, you also get a second battery. Brilliant stuff indeed. So if you would like the sound of running or trickling water, a pebble pond or a little water feature which is simple to install I would highly recommend this pumping system.
  • Sunspray SE 450 Solar Water Pump with battery backup
    Posted by Karen from Scotland
    (Posted on 04/02/2014)
    I love this fountain, it's a good size and height for my medium pond and you can hear the water trickling away - very relaxing. Great quality.
  • Sunspray SE 450 Solar Power Fountain with battery backup : solar POWER! Go GREEN!
    Posted by Avril White
    (Posted on 10/02/2013)
    Had been looking for a pond feature for ages.(2 small kids and never enough time!)
    Decided to look on line and found a great little company called Powerbee.
    We chose the Sunspray SE 450 and placed the order. we where pleasantly surprised when the very neatly wrapped package arrived the very next day.
    Clear instructions made assembling and fitting it a doddle(even for me!).
    Works just as well as a mains pump but with no running costs!
    All in all I am very happy with it and would recommend this product to anyone.
    Thanks PowerBee!
  • Unpack all components carefully.
  • Connect the "INPUT" cable of the battery back-up to the solar module, and tighten the screw for protection. Screw the ground spike tight at the back side of the solar module and insert the solar module at a sunny place, adjust the angle let the solar module facing SOUTH toward mid day sun.
  • Insert the pump plug to the "OUTPUT" socket of the battery backer-up, and also tighten the screw.
  • For a floating fountain (deep water), just assemble the nozzle and foam disk to the pump according to the right photo, the nozzles can produce 4 different jet shapes.
  • Make sure to place the pump fully underwater when the pump operates.
  • Turn the switch to the position "ON". The bicolor LED illuminates GREEN. The solar pump is starting to operate. The LED may illuminate RED while it operates at first time, because the battery will lose energy slowly in stock. It just needs to be charged for 2 to 3 hours in the sunlight, then it will change to GREEN and the pump starts to work.
  • The pump will automatically stop running while the battery is discharged to its lower limit voltage, and the LED illuminates RED in the meantime.
  • When the battery is recharged to its starting voltage, the LED will flash RED-GREEN twice every 10 seconds, and it will last 30 minutes. Then the pump will automatically operate and the LED illuminates GREEN again.

If you want to have long operating time in the evening, then turn the switch to "OFF" position during the day and turn it "ON" whenever you need.

Its very simple :

The panel needs to be facing south
plug the panel in to the battery
connect the battery to the pump
turn the battery on

Sit back and enjoy your new family member !

Q : Is there any type of filter to stop tadpoles , fish fry getting sucked into the pump ?

A : Its not possible for this to happen as there is a housing on the pump with slits, and also filter inside as well

Q : I am thinking of buying one of your SE 500 water fountains but I need a tube to use it as a waterfall. do you supply them?

A : Yes we do , 8 mm tubing can be purchased at : 8mm Tubing for Sunspray Solar Pond Pump please read out artucle about Attach a solar Pump to a Water Feature to find out more

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