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Spin Clean 6000 Pond Filter

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  • Spin Clean 6000 Pond Filter

  • Simple Spin Clean Filter Function

  • UVC Working & Waste indicator

  • Easy Clean Backwash Facility

  • Filter Includes 11 watt UVC

  • Super Value For money

  • Solid Build Quality / Easy to Set Up

  • Unbeatable Price !!!

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Product Description
How It Works

Easy Cleaning with the Spin Clean 6000 Pond Filter

Buy Spin Clean 6000 Pond Filter, Keep Your Pond Water Clean with a SpinClean 6000 Pressurised Pond Filter, Best Prices, Great Reviews, Free UK Delivery

Clean Your Pond more Easily with a Spin Clean 6000 Pond Filter

The SpinClean is very easy to maintain Ideal for small to medium ponds, simply just turn the handle to stir the sponges to dislodge the dirt. The dislodged waste exits the filter via the waste outlet, saving You a lot of time.

No need to take the lid off on this filter, You can even leave the pump on to flush all the waste away, its really that easy!

This super easy-clean feature dramatically reduces the frequency of a full clean.

The SpinClean 6000 Stops Green Water

This Pond Filter includes an 11 Watt UVC built in to the lid under the foam medium, this destroys the bad bacteria preventing your pond water going green.

Clever waste indicator pops up when sponges need cleaning to let you know when sponges need a main clean

Filter: SpinClean 6000 Pressurised Pond Filter
Max . Pond Size 6000 litres / (1320 gallons)
Max Flow 4500lph
UV: 11W (inside Filter housing)
Size : 41 X 38 cm
Filter Inlet : 12 - 25 mm
Hosetail: 20, 25, 32, 40 mm
Watts: 11
Power Cable Length (m): 5
Filter Foam 2 x yellow foams & 2 x blue foams
Use: Wildlife / Ornamental / Fish ponds : Up to 6000L
Running Costs: 11 watts
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  • Unpack all components carefully.
  • Once installed and connected to a suitable pump the pond water will flow through the filter
  • position your filter as it can be buried up to it’s hinged lid and below the water exit point
  • Your Pump and Filter Outlet should be positioned at opposite ends of the pond to promote maximum circulation.
  • connect the hose from your pump to this inlet hosetail and secure with hose clips

Your filter is pump fed so must be connected to a suitable pond pump in order to work correctly. Ideally a solids-handling pump will be used as this will push dirty waste and debris into the filter. PondXpert filters are carefully inspected and tested to ensure both safety and operating performance. However, failure to follow the instructions and warnings in the manual may result in product damage and/or serious injury. Be sure to read the included instructions..

Easy Cleaning

1- Switch off pump.

2- Turn Dial to clean.

3- Turn handle to clean sponges.


As the filter does it’s job the foam filters will block up reducing water flow. If the pond is very dirty then the foams may need cleaning every couple of days or so at first.

“Full Clean” Cleaning Procedure:

The filter requires minimum maintenance. If your pond is very dirty, initially you may need to clean the filter every couple of days.

When the filtering process kicks in your water will become clearer and there will be less waste to remove.

The red domed indicator turns completely red when pressure builds inside the filter suggesting that cleaning is necessary.

Switch off any electrical connected to the pond (including the filter itself).

Access to the filter can be gained simply by unlocking the securing clamping bracket around the rim (locking catches on smaller models). You can then simply lift the lid.

Take the foam filters out of the unit and carefully wash away any solids using a bucket of POND WATER. Once clean replace the foams back in position.

The bacterial chamber at the bottom of the unit should not be cleaned unless they are highly contaminated and should only be cleaned with pond water to preserve the microorganisms that keep your filter biologically active.

Quick Easy ‘SpinClean’

Turn to the ‘clean’ position, the water flow is reversed and exits through the waste outlet. This waste water should run to waste by attachment of a suitable length of hose.

Now turn the blue handle to agitate the sponges. This will extract dirt from the internal sponges and this sludge will exit through the discharge outlet.


Removing the filter

If your filter is ever taken away from the pond (ie-winter storage) then all of the filter media (foams and biomedia) must be thoroughly cleaned before restarting.

Your filter will then need to undergo the ‘maturation’ procedure phase as described above.

Note: Take care to ensure rubber O ring is correctly positioned between lid/unit after opening. Failure to do so will lead to leaks (a smear of Vaseline around this ring may help keep the seal watertight).

Filtration Spares and consumables

The filter is supplied with everything you need to get started (including filter media, UV bulb and quartz tube for the UV). Over time these parts may need replacing and can be purchased from your retailer.

Periods of operation

Maintain filtration 24 hrs a day through the fish feeding season (typically early March-October when the water temperature is above 10 degrees C), but preferably all year round.

In the winter operating the pump and filter will maintain a background level of friendly bacteria in the filter and help prevent the pond icing up in all but the severest weather conditions.

The UV bulb should be changed at the beginning of every new season. The lamp may look like it is working but the levels of effective UV radiation decrease over time.

Water is then pumped through to the Spin Clean 6000 filter via a pond pump, the media is used to filter and clean the water additionally a UV light (11 watt) is used to further clean the water

preventing it from turning green, therefore providing healthy clean water back in to Your Pond.

Filter Maturation

Your filter comes complete with mechanical and biological filter media.

The filter foam acts as a mechanical barrier to pick up solids whilst the bioball media housed at the bottom of the unit helps to develop ‘friendly’ bacteria.

These friendly nitrifying bacteria help to convert harmful fish waste and other organic waste (ie, ammonia, nitrite) into harmless nitrate.

This ‘biological maturation’ process usually takes 6-8 weeks. It is recommended that you do not switch on your UVC during this period.

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