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Solar Trickle Charger 12V Battery Trickle Charger

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  • Solar Trickle Charger 12V Battery Trickle Charger

  • 4.3 Watt Amorphous Solar Panel

  • Suction Cups, for Easily mounting

  • Cigarette Lighter Adaptor, Battery Clamp & Wire

  • On-board diagnostic connector (OBD-II)

  • Led test Indicator, Reverse Charging Protection

  • Indoors or Outdoors - IP44 Weatherproof

  • Super Value For money / Easy to set up

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Product Description
How It Works

Solar Trickle Charger - Charge Your Battery in Style

Buy a Solar Trickle Charger, Charge Your 12V Car & RV Battery with a Battery Trickle Charger Powered by Solar, Best Prices, Great Reviews, Free UK Delivery

Need to Charge Up a 12V Battery without Mains in Style?

Completely unique to Powerbee our very stylish Solar Powered Trickle Charge is one of the very best available, a Slim elegant design with a modern orange trim, our trickle charger is also weatherproof so can be used for a wide range of 12 volt battery charging from cars, caravans, motor homes to electric fences

with multiple fitting accessories including Suctions Cups, Cigarette Lighter Adaptor, Battery Clamp & Wire, & On-board diagnostic connector (OBD-II) connector, our kit has everything you need to start charging out of the box.

Leaving Your Car or RV Parked and Worried about Battery Drain?

Going on Holiday and need to Park your Car for Weeks? or Need to Store Your Motorhome over Winter time, Our Solar Powered Car Battery Charger ensures Your Battery Never goes Flat !!!

Charge Your Battery in Style

Keep your Battery Charged in Style with our Solar Powered 12V 4.3W Battery Trickle Charger, Durable Polycarbonate Heat Resistant Outer Casing, Reverse Charging Protection.

  • Multi Connectors: Car Plug Lighter / Clips for Battery / On-board diagnostic connector (OBD-II)
  • Easy Fix Suction Cups
  • Ideal for Cars, Caravans & Motorhomes, Weatherproof so Ideal for Camping too
  • Works through Your Windshield Rain or Shine
  • Designed to safely trickle charge 12V lead acid batteries no additional running costs
  • Ideal for Cars left more than 2 weeks, and Batteries in Motorhomes, Caravans and Boats

PowerBee a very dependable Stylish trickle charge to ensure there's power to Your 12V battery when you need it, Trickle charge Your 12 Volt batteries anywhere you need.

Power Source : Solar
Solar Panel : 4.3W Amorphous
Suction Cups : 6 (2 Spare included)
Cigarette Lighter Adaptor : Length 40 cms
Battery Clamp & Wire : Length 40 cms
Extension Cable : Included 4.5 Meters
On-board diagnostic connector (OBD-II) : Included
Weather Proof : Yes
Vmp : 18V
Imp : 111mA
Voc : 22V
Product dimensions : L 367mm x W 140mm x T 13mm
Working Temp. : -30 ~ +60
Latest reviews
  • Great : Solar Trickle Charger | Battery Charger
    Posted by Sarg
    (Posted on 04/10/2017)
    I have an auto camper with a converted leisure battery system in the back to basically make the odd cup tea and have a few led lights on at night time (by the way yes I do have an energy efficient kettle thank you :), so I dont need a huge amount of power, liked the look and design of this charger as I haven't seen another like it anywhere..? Anyway MORE than impressed. The unit it looks even better than on the photos really a very high quality trickle charger even down to the suckers which are also the best I have seen.. works a treat keeps the battery topped up nicely would defo recommend this one its one of the best chargers I have seen around

How to use the panel

Once you have checked the kit is compete the panel can be installed very quickly.

  • 1. Attach the suction cups to the charger
  • 2. The charger can now be attached to the inside or outside of car windscreen
  • 3. When using, ensure the solar panel itself is facing the sun and ensure solar panel is not in shade and that there are no shadows being cast on solar panel. It’s best to place the longest side of solar panel at South to North direction
  • 4. This solar battery charger comes with 3 different connectors listed as above PARTS. Choose the right connectors for your application.
  • 4.1 When using the battery clamps, please observe the correct polarity and ensure you connect to correct battery terminals.
  • 4.2 When using cigarette lighter plug, push the plug into female cigarette socket, and make sure that both ends are secure and aligned correctly.
  • 4.3 When using EOBD plug, connect EOBD cable to vehicle’s EOBD socket
  • 5. Connect the solar panel lead wire to above battery clamp or cigarette lighter or EOBD auxiliary cable you have just fitted. Extension cable available if necessary.
  • 6. Check the blue LED is illuminated
  • 7. Congratulations, your solar panel is now connected and charging your vehicle’s battery.

Cigarette Lighter Connection :

Please ensure your cigarette lighter adaptor is active while the vehicle is switched off, consult your owner manual, if the cigarette lighter is inactive when the vehicle is off please refer to Battery Connection section.

  • Locate solar panel charger and ensure cable will reach.
  • Mount the Solar Trickle Charger to Window and Ensure a Good Fit.
  • Place provided Cigarette Lighter Adaptor in To Cigarette Ligter Socket
  • Conect the Trickle Charger to the Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Ensure the Caable is Safely Situated and Cannot be Pulled or Snagged by Moving Passenger
  • After fitting please check suction cups do not loose suction, this may be required every month or so

Battery Connection :

  • Mount the Solar Trickle Charger To Window and Ensure a Good Fit.
  • Locate the Battery and Ensure Positive and Negative Terminals
  • Feed the Cable so it is in position, Ensure it will Not Be Caught or Snagged by a Passenger or Object
  • Connect the Battery Clamps to the Battery (ensure these are red to red and black to black - if in any doubt please consult with a qualified electrician)
  • Connect the Opposite End of the lead to the Solar Trickle Charger
  • After fitting please check suction cups do not loose suction, this may be required every month or so

How the solar panel works

This 12 volt solar battery charger converts light energy from the sun into DC 12V electricity which is then stored in the rechargeable batteries using the lead wire and your connector of choice

The solar panel is waterproof and can be left outside in all weather conditions, however it should be noted that although the panel will work in cloudy conditions, it will not generate power if it is raining.

This product is designed to charge or maintain 12V batteries in motorcycles, cars, caravans and boats, as the unit is also weather proof it can be used outside as well so is perfect fro Camping and also charging utility batteries for example for 12 volt electric fences

  • Plug it in and Leave it!
  • Cures 12V batteries from battery drain through natural system losses
  • Connects in seconds via the cigarette lighter socket or crocodile clips.
  • Easily Mounted on the Inside of a Car Window by Using Suction Cups.
  • Comes with Cigarette Lighter Adaptor and cable, Battery Clamp Cable, On-board diagnostic connector (OBD-II), Extension Cable 4.5 Maters and Suction Cups.
  • No need to worry about reverse drain either, Our 12v Solar Battery Charger has a Built-in diode to prevent reverse charging
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