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Solar Spot Lights for Your Garden Powerbee ® Custodian

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Rrp: £49.99

Our Price: £34.99 Free UK Delivery

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  • Commercial Grade Solar Spot Lights

  • Designed to Work All Year round in UK

  • Weatherproofed for the UK for ALL weathers

  • 12 Superbright Leds 72 Lumens of Light!

  • Can Illuminate from 5 metres distance

  • Designed to Operate for LONG periods of time

  • Powerful 2.5 Watt Poly Crystalline Solar Cell

  • 3 m extension cable - +£6.99
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Product Description
How It Works

Solar Spot Lights just got better! The Powerbee Custodian sets a new standard

Buy Custodian Solar Spot Lights at Powerbee Ltd. Commercial Grade, weatherproof, 12 Superbright Led's, Reliable. Works in UK Winter Buy Now FREE UK Delivery

The Custodian has 12 super bright led's which automatically illuminate at dusk and continues to shine until all power is used or dusk arrives, there is no other solar spot light in the UK more powerful which also works through out the year in the UK

Making it ideal for Lanscape lighting for bushes, Trees, House Fronts and Back Yards, also acts as a Great Security Deterrent

The Panel

The PowerBee Custodian spotlight includes a powerful 2.5 watt Grade A crystalline solar panel for all year round operation. Unlike other cheaper solar spot lights, if you position the panel south facing, the Custodian will operate ALL night long, nearly every single night of the year! cheaper spot lights will only illuminate very dimly, or for very short periods outside of summer, but the custodian will keep going strong and BRIGHT

The Body

The body and spike are made of metal (Aluminium Alloy), and is designed to last for years not months!. We have tried the plastic solar garden lights, we decided these were not good enough!. As usual you get what you pay for Aluminium alloy is not cheap to buy or manufacture, but will stand the test of time in the UK weather, we firmly believe in the buy cheap buy twice motto.

The Lights

Its all about balance with solar power, if the light is too bright, or the panel is not big enough, the light will be great but only for a short period, at Powerbee we are very good at maths!. We have balanced the Custodian so that it is both very bright and also lasts for a very long time, a combination of the panel power, the backup battery, the efficiency of the electronics, all work together to enable us to produce a huge 72 Lumen's of lights, this will highlight a tree of 20 feet tall at a distance of 5 meters away, and will stay on all night in the summer and nearly all night in winter!

Can be used as a pathway light, a highlighter for your house, a security or a garden accent light for medium / large shrubs, trees, bushed, driveways etc 2.5 watt solar panel and 1 * 2000 mah batteries included no mains required!

Guaranteed for 12 months as standard

This Custodian is very well made and will not let you down even in winter in the UK

We believe this is the most powerful spotlight available in the UK for this price!

Google Summary

Solar panel 2.5 watt Grade A crystaline solar panel
Rechargable battery 1 x 2000 mAh 3.7 V battery (included)
LED No 12
Lumen 72 lumens
Switch Automatically switch on and off at dusk/dawn
Illumination area large (approx 10 square metres) if spotlight over 15 feet from focus
Lighting time 8 hours illumination when fully charged
Cable Length 5 meters
Body Aluminium Alloy Construction
Additional Info Directional head for accurate light placement
Latest reviews
  • Spot Light
    Posted by Annie
    (Posted on 02/11/2016)
    we've had this light for a couple of months now and it is excellent, surprising light for solar power, quite large panel but worth it. we have been buying Powerbee fairy lights for several years and they've always been excellent
  • Brilliant!
    Posted by Spindlesticks
    (Posted on 29/10/2016)
    I bought one of these over three years ago ... and it is still working perfectly. Highly recommended!
    Just ordering another now
  • Best high power solar light i have seen to date
    Posted by Taggy
    (Posted on 23/03/2015)
    I bought the LED solar panel spot light with the intention of lighting up my driveway. It shoots out a great beam of light which you can use to iluminate dark pathways, or your garden. All in all 5 stars, a well built product. Powerbee are also a great company and my item arrived 3 days before the expected delivery date, the packaging was also very good.

    Great company and will order again

  • powerbee solar garden lights
    Posted by 1749 hardy
    (Posted on 16/03/2015)
    This is the best solar lights i have purchase they last all night long and is bright all night Powerbee Custodian Solar garden lights are the best.I have been looking a long time for this type of Solar lights i cannot be more pleased am ordering some more.
  • Good for winter months too
    Posted by Maggie
    (Posted on 23/02/2015)
    I don’t know what the "Powerbee Custodian Commercial grade Mains Equivalent Solar garden Spotlight with 12 large superbright leds" specifications state when you are reading this, but the cable is 2m long. An extra half metre might be irrelevant in summer, but it can improve your options when positioning the solar panel in autumn and winter. I emailed a question to Powerbee before buying the light and the response was fast and informative.

    I bought the light mid October 2012, just before a week of rare sushine. It came out of the box fully charged so the first week or so was amazing. Performance gradually degraded from November but it was still working at 4am most mornings, and the power is already significantly better in early February.

    This light is a million times better than a another solar light purchased a week before from a different manufacturer. The distance between the two solar panels is 30cm and in the winter weeks when dusk fell at 4pm, only this light was good enough at 10pm to navigate a long path between the garage and back door. The other light (so called) was a dim glow and completely useless for the section of path it is pointing at.

    Continuing with the comparison, this solar panel is larger and much heavier but the mounting didn't break over the winter months (unlike the other light).

    I wouldn't consider buying any other solar light.
  • Powerbee ® Custodian Solar Garden Spot Lights : Amazingly Good!
    Posted by Debs
    (Posted on 22/02/2015)
    After doing a lot of research I bought one of these to light up a bamboo in my garden and I am very pleasantly surprised at how good it is!! Even in February it stays on all night and is as bright as electric ones I have had in the past! Looks even better now I have placed some green lighting filter gel paper over the lense! Very effective and I am definitely getting more!
  • Stunning solar lights
    Posted by Happy client
    (Posted on 19/02/2015)
    I always do my homework when I'm buying a new product and like diligent pupils, I have received exactly what I wanted......really good quality solar lights which give out an amazing amount of light even though there has hardly been any sun this summer to charge them!
    I have bought all sorts of solar lights in the past, even bringing some very, very expensive ones back from Portugal (they are really into solar there... warning lights at schools and hospitals, halt signs, roundabouts etc) and these are the best by far.
    Thank you Powerbee for putting a smile on my face. I hope you sell lots and put a smile on everybody else's face as well. Carry on lighting up the country...for free.
  • Powerbee ® Custodian Solar Garden Spot Lights : Fantastic lights!
    Posted by C Sim
    (Posted on 11/11/2014)
    I bought 4 of these to fix to my front gates & being in the tropics , they light up like an electric light.
    If not for the steep price I would gladly order 10 of these to light up my terrace.
    Go ahead & buy it, do not hesitate since PowerBee's items are long lasting quality compared to other solar lights.
    I have bought few of their string fairy lights too & they twinkle all the time- so it is X'Mas all year round!
  • These are so bright its unreal!
    Posted by Craig
    (Posted on 05/09/2014)
    Ok i don't normally write reviews, but in fairness these lights are so bright I have literally been blown away. As they were solar power I was a little sceptical on their power output, but how wrong was i. These are literally like mains powered, no joke!!

    Cracking product I will definitely being ordering more :)

  • Powerbee ® Custodian Solar Garden Spot Lights : fantastic solar light
    Posted by Paul
    (Posted on 17/12/2013)
    I used the previous one purchased for my house in spain. comes on at about 18.30 and off again at 07.30 (December) just purchased 5 more. thank you for a great product.
  • Powerbee ® Custodian Solar Garden Spot Lights : These are AMAZING!
    Posted by Ed
    (Posted on 05/04/2013)
    These are amazing lights I cant believe the fact that they actually work in winter time, and I mean ALL through the winter, I had hoped that they would work for a few hours on a gloomy day, but I was really astonished that they actually work all night long and they are bright as well, I have to commend Powerbee as they sell some very high quality products, I have never seen a solar light work as well as this and we are really very pleased, we have already recommended them to friends and I am now off to purchase some more products

So easy to install :

  • Unpack all components carefully.
  • Choose a place to situate the solar panel unit where there is abundant sunshine during the day
  • Use the spike and place it into the the ground first on its own, then add the solar panel to this , adjust the angle let the solar module facing SOUTH toward mid day sun.
  • The light heads can be spiked into the ground .Before attempting to push the spike into the ground, please check that the ground is not too hard
  • After installation, connect wire and switch ON the unit on the battery box. The light will automatically be operational when the panel detects that it's dark enough
  • During the day the sun charge the rechargeable batteries inside the solar panel (like a bee )  that's why we called ourselves PowerBee.
  • When dusk falls the charge stored in the batteries power the lights.
  • In the morning the lights turn off automatically and charge up again ready for the night ahead. 
  • Our garden are fully automatic so you don't need to turn them on and off each night, but you can operate them manually if you like.
  • You may have to change the batteries every year or so but to be honest sometimes batteries can last for years
  • Try to look after your Custodian Solar Garden Spot Lights and they will last for years

Q : Can it be switched off?

A : Yes it can be switched off. There is an on/off switch on the back of the solar panel.

Q : Are these warm white or cool white lights?

A : Its bright white with all blue spectrum removed so its pure white, not warm white

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