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Solar Security Light Outdoor with PIR Sensor 30 SMD

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  • Solar Security Light Outdoor with PIR Sensor 30 SMD

  • Modern Compact Head Unit Very Easy to Fit

  • Multiple Mode Light & Motion Detector

  • Perfect for Homes, Garages and Outbuildings

  • Mains Power Equivalent in Brightness (350 lumens).

  • High Quality : Cast Aluminium & Black ABS

  • Handy Flood Light Mode (constant ON setting)

  • Everything You Need Included

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Product Description
How It Works

Solar Security Light Outdoor with PIR Sensor 30 SMD

Buy Solar Security Light Outdoor PIR Sensor 30 SMD, Best Prices, Mains Equivalent Outdoor Security lights Powered by Solar, Best Prices, Free UK Delivery

Fit the Latest Generation Outdoor Solar Security Lights

This is the latest generation of Solar security lighting with high light output, contemporary design and adjustable features. Also has a Flood Light mode where the light is constantly on for those handy moments!

The lamp and battery housing are manufactured from Cast Aluminum & Black ABS, giving this product a reassuring feel of quality. With 30 super bright white SMD LED's it will light an area of up to 35 metres (depending on charge in battery).

Multi Mode Outdoor Security and Flood Light Function

It has an adjustable motion sensor which can be set to PIR motion mode, Eco Mode (dim and bright), Constant On (Flood light) & Off, there is also a test mode, the PIR can detect movement up to 10 metres in a 120 degree range

This security light benefits from a powerful 3.7v li-ion battery with 2000 mAh capacity for superior storage and reliability. In addition to the motion setting there is an automatic 'lux' so the light will begin its operation at dusk.

You can be confident this product can be used all year round with excellent durability at withstanding frequent water contact, fluctuating temperatures and invariably cloudy conditions.

Powerful Solar Panel will charge All Year Round

The security light boasts a large 2 watt solar panel that charges the 3.7v battery during daylight hours (charge is better on clearer days). When night approaches the light will activate when movement is detected. When movement is detected the light will come on and after movement stops will turn off after 30 seconds, or if the Eco mode is selected it will dim down after 30 seconds to a small amount of light

For convenience, we have included a 3m lead cable on the solar panel and all the screws and wall plugs required for installation. The wall bracket allows easy adjustment for the light direction along with the PIR sensor designed on a 120 degree left to right swivel.

Solar Panel External
Battery 3.7v 2000mAh lithium battery
LED Non & Colour 30 SMD : Cool White - 6000K
Lumen 350 lumens
Lead wire 3 meters
Switch ON - ALL THE TIME (Flood light mode) / OFF / ECO (Dim - Bright) / PIR only
Detecting zone Up to 10 meters
Lasting time 30 seconds after motion stops
Operation mode Day/night sensor and PIR sensor all automatic
Latest reviews
  • the best security light I have tested so far
    Posted by nath
    (Posted on 08/02/2018)
    this is without doubt a VERY good value light, its best suited where the pir will not be triggered by trees or bushes (as the pir cannot be adjusted - just angled). so an open area away from trees or bushes, but if you have a garage for example and need a security light above or if you have a patio then this is ideal, as the light also has a flood light mode, so if the light is not mounted to high then you can switch it on & it will stay on for as long as there is charge, this can be really handy for the odd job where constant light is needed or if you have guests over and are doing a late evening on the patio and want some additional lighting, another great feature is that it has a dim mode whereby the light will dim down to a really economical light so that it lasts most nights, then when it is triggered by motion it will activate and shine brightly, this does give a greater sense of security at night time, all in all this is a really great light
  • Wowee!
    Posted by Doug
    (Posted on 02/11/2017)
    very compact little solar security light with a punch! quality construction you can tell as soon as you open it, its not one of those cheap ones its been made well, we didnt want a huge security light as we only have a small shed, just wanted a bit of light as we rounded the corner, and also to act a s deterrent, getting crazy now a days we have had TWO neighbours who have had break ins in our street... spoke to nath who quite rightly said that if you have pir activated security lighting the thieves will nearly always turn away and visit someone without lighting - it makes perfect sense thanks nath

So easy to install :

  • Unpack all components carefully.
  • Choose a place to situate the solar panel unit where there is abundant sunshine during the day ,south facing and out of shade. (do not install the light in a north facing aspect)
  • Fix the wall mounting unit to an appropriate surface by using provided screws and wall plugs.
  • Put the solar panel onto the wall mount unit. Make sure that the solar panel is directed towards the sun for maximum charging.
  • Choose a place where illumination needed at night.
  • Fix the flood light by using provided screws.
  • Loosen the wire and connect the wire between solar panel and flood light.
  • Readjust the angle of sensor by using the joint.
  • Turn ON the switch positioned at the side of solar panel box. Then the light installation is finished .

During the day the sun charge the rechargeable batteries inside the solar panel (like a bee :)) that's why we called ourselves PowerBee .

There are three dials located on the PIR section of the light these are used to adjust sensitivity (distance),lighting time (TIME) and lux (darkness levels) .These are all adjustable with the PIR dials

  • Sensitivity (distance) - Distance the light can be activated by motion is approx 5 to 8 meters.
  • Lighting time (time) -  Preset lighting time is 30 seconds.
  • Darkness (lux) - The ambient luminance when the light can be activated by motion. Twist to the maximum, lamp will be only activated in dark.

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