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Solar Security Light Signaller 56 SMD Superbright LEDs

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Rrp: £79.95

Our Price: £49.99 Free UK Delivery

  • Powerful Twin Head Solar Security Light

  • 56 SMD Leds (2 x 28 per head)

  • Flexible Head Movement for Directional Light

  • Large Battery Capacity 2000 mAh

  • Weatherproof for ALL UK Conditions

  • Works ALL year around in the UK

  • Incredible Reliable Consistent Light

  • 1 Year Guarantee Everything You Need Included

  • 3 m extension cable - +£6.99
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Product Description
How It Works

The Signaller solar security light | Dependable, Flexible Very Bright and Tested over Years in the UK

Solar Security light The Signaller The Next Generation of Solar Security Lighting 56 SMD LED, PIR Sensor, IP44, Works ALL Year in UK. Buy Now Free Delivery

Used by HMP Services. Each individual lamp can be adjusted up-or-down and from side-to-side, to enable you to locate the light exactly where you need it. The PIR (passive infra-red) motion sensor, is adjustable to suit your security lighting needs, and comes with lux, time and sensitivity settings.

The high power solar panel comes with charge and discharge protection as standard. Made of high grade polypropylene (in black) with a guarantee of 12 months, there truly is no other solar security light even close to this quality at this price!

so what's the difference between a standard solar security light compared to a typical cheap set from say Amazon or ebay? The answer is simple.

Solar panel Our panel come PACKED with solar power. (this is high grade high efficiency which is expensive to buy!). These are also extra ordinarily generous in their size, this is to ensure that the units work in UK winter time, this is one of the absolute key standards that we set
Technology We have a patent pending on the technology.
Weatherproof We take extra care to ensure our build quality and design are suited to the worst of the UK weather!
Smarts Our lights are designed in conjunction with a Professor of electronics.
Batteries Our batteries are only the good quality variety which are not cheap and last a long time.
Material / Build Quality We use only high quality material no short cuts! If you ever take a look inside one of our units you will see an honest good quality product, from the components used to the soldering, we pay more for our lights because they cost more to build, this means they work better and last longer
Experience We have been specialising and selling security lights for YEARS. We have made so many improvements along the way because we we listen to you our customers.
Function The Signaller will stay on whilst movement is detected - not keep switching off every 30 seconds
Solar Panel 4.5V, 555mA, 1.8
Battery Li-ion battery, 3.7V, 2000 mAh, 1pcs (included)
LED No 56 (2 x 28)
Lumen 336 lumens
Lead wire 5 meters
Switch ON/OFF
Detecting zone 10-12 meters
Lasting time  60-240 It will be constantly on if people continue to move in detector zone
Operation mode Day/night sensor and PIR sensor
Latest reviews
  • Does the job brilliantly
    Posted by Dave - Crowborough
    (Posted on 21/01/2018)
    Previously bought two of these, to light the front & rear of my Mother's house. I have just bought another 4 to illuminate the driveway, as Carers are in & out at all times.
    I have 1 also directed at the Keysafe, which is mounted away from the house. Essential for ease of access when it's dark.
    Easy to install, reliable & a very bright light when you need it. Highly recommended.
  • very good product.
    Posted by Stanno
    (Posted on 12/12/2017)
    Bought this product to replace another company's model, this was about 4 years ago. This security light is an excellent product, am going to buy another for the front of the house. By far the best light I have ever had would recommend it to anyone.
  • Great solar lights
    Posted by Tammy
    (Posted on 09/02/2017)
    Can't fault them. They seem to exceed any expectations.
  • exceptional
    Posted by fix it phil
    (Posted on 28/05/2016)
    This light covers my whole yard from my gate to my front door 12m. It illuminates an area of 150m sq bright enough to see everything.
    Installation was a doddle as was setting up and the cable is so long I could set the panel in a really sunny spot with a metre to spare.
    My only minor criticism is the PIR doesn't have adequate adjustment, it goes up or down and rotates but needs to go side to side.
    This is my second unit from PowerBee. My first has operated, untouched, for over 5 yrs. I have been impressed all that time and always meant to buy a second unit.
    I am very pleased that I did and can't recommend these lights enough.
  • Signaller Solar Security Lighting Twin Head 56 : Camping must have......
    Posted by julia
    (Posted on 19/03/2015)
    Very good little item to have with you on a camping trip. Fully charged it via the charging cable before we left, it was able to charge 2 mobiles and a PS Vita on the 1st charge. Left in the sun for most of the next day and was able to charge the PS Vita and an ipod touch.
    Does need direct sunlight for it to charge but still absorbs daylight if cloudy and takes some charge.
    For the price and connectors supplied it is well worth it.
    Very good little item that fits easily into a sidepocket of a rucksack.
  • Signaller Solar Motion Light Twin Head 56 : Perfect for those tricky areas
    Posted by A. France
    (Posted on 10/03/2015)
    I needed a light at the top of our garden to see how the badgers have been getting in! As there's no access to power I opted for the PowerBee, after reading the reviews. I have to say i'm very impressed with the light this can give out, ok so LEDs are a long way off from your halogen lamps, but this more than exceeds what i was hoping for. The only thing stopping me giving it 5 stars is the installation. Ridiculously tiny nut and bolt fixings means you need hands of a child to comfortably fit this. Not what you need when you're stuck up a ladder.
    None the less once fitted it worked perfectly, now i can see where those pesky badgers are coming from!!
    PowerBee if you're reading this, maybe think about fixing the nut to the frame of the light, would make fitting so much easier. To anyone else, i would super glue the nut in place, as i dropped one of the nuts and it was almost lost forever in the grass.
  • Signaller Security Light Twin Head 56 : Good product easy to fit
    Posted by Kendleinthewind
    (Posted on 02/03/2015)
    I was looking to replace an old 500w mains unit which was falling apart after 15 years in the Welsh rain. I decided to look for an LED replacement to do my bit for the planet. The price was reasonable and looked sturdy so I took the plunge. The unit came with enough battery charge to enable me to have a play with the controls indoors at twilight to adjust the timing and ambient light settings. The fitting of the solar panel was easy and my only gripe was that in order to mount the light's fixing bracket, you have to undo the two side nuts and remove the light. Putting the nuts screws back together, at hight, in the cold, and with one pair of hands was a bit tricky as the nut is on the inside and a bit fiddly to hold in place while trying to engage the screw. Eventually, I managed to find a bit of blue tack to hold the nuts in place and got the unit mounted. The PIR was the last thing to adjust and there was no problem adjusting for the required area of pick-up. The beam is surprisingly powerful, easily covering the required area of apx 30 square yards. The light has been working fine for three months and I would recommend it to anyone who has a spare blob of blue tack.
  • Signaller Solar Security Light Twin Head 56 : fantastic!
    Posted by SolarKitsDirect
    (Posted on 19/02/2015)
    this is a solar security light that really has some power and style as well, we were very impressed with the quality of the unit, it is very bright and works well, easy to install and looks stylish
  • Signaller Security Lighting Twin Head 56 : Worth the money and electric free
    Posted by Jdew999
    (Posted on 24/01/2015)
    Bought this light Jan 2014, I had to charge the 18650 batteries once at the end of February as my back garden is East facing so the panel faces South East and only gets 50% of a potential charge. That said nearly 12 months on and I have never had to touch the batteries again much to my surprise. Duller illumination than a halogen but no heat emitted either, which was like feeling your money burn when using an old fashioned halogen electric light. The reason why I am back on is that I am about to buy a second light to run a couple of meters from my first for DIY working at Dusk to increase illumination, may as well, after the initial purchase price there is no running cost!
  • Signaller Solar Security Twin Head 56 : so good
    Posted by David
    (Posted on 05/01/2015)
    Brought for my brother as a house warming gift no street lights in his estate I am well impressed with the scope of positions that they can be adjusted to help light up a very large area nice and bright
  • Signaller Solar Security Light Twin Head 56 : another perfect light
    Posted by lurcherlady
    (Posted on 04/01/2015)
    I have just fitted my 3rd set of these excellent lights. This one is sited on the end of a new carport. One lights the inside of the carport and the other bulb lights the way to the back gate,where one of the previously bought ones lights the way through the gate and the last pair light up the back porch area. I can't praise them enough and it's great to get power from the sun instead of the electricity company! Buy with confidence.
  • Security Lighting Twin Head 56 : Good value and effective product
    Posted by Bertie
    (Posted on 08/12/2014)
    Was a bit dubious about a Solar Powered Security Light, but I am pleasantly surprised. Easy to put up and easy to adjust. Light is not super-bright as you get from a mains powered one but that is to be expected, ergo not a massive illumination range. There is a higher powered model for slightly more money if that's what you are after. That said, I have just purchased another one of these so I do like the product.

    My only gripe would be the look of the lamp holder itself. It looks like it could do with bulking up a bit. The two lights themselves look cool though and are individually directionally adjustable.
  • SMD Security Light Twin Head 56 : Good Product
    Posted by Matt
    (Posted on 03/07/2014)
    Long version
    I bought this product to add security to my off road parking. I live near a secondary school and my car has had mischief done to it a few times, nothing serious just kids being silly. So i bought this light needing solar power as I have no way of getting power to the parking spot. In the first week this light already detered a young lad from setting off the alarm, the look on his face was priceless when the light lit him up (i got a security camera as well). The light comes with some tuning options which work well but require some trial and error. The sensitvity and range of the detector is great, it works 20 meters for me.

    Just a little niggle, the swivel on the solar panel is not perfect you can only make it go 45deg from the axis, if you dont have a south facing vertical wall you will have to mount the bracket horizontally (on top of a wall/roof), you cannot for instance face the panel south while mounted on a east facing wall.

    Short Version
    Good light, works perfectly, bright enough, and charges perfectly even on dull days (south facing mounted). Delivery was fine as well.
  • Signaller Solar Security Light Twin Head 56 : Great Product impressive performance
    Posted by J. Hyde
    (Posted on 03/07/2014)
    I bought this to replace a dud light at the bottom of my drive, which needed new cable and I didn't want the hassle & expense also been a bit of a tree hugger I wanted to try out solar. This product is really good, installation is really easy and only takes a few mins, it gives a good bright light and charges up well even on dull days. A number of my neighbours have been impressed and will buy them too
  • Signaller Solar Security Light Twin Head 56 : Excellent. Buying more.
    Posted by Norm
    (Posted on 26/03/2013)
    I ordered two of these to light up a route through my garden. They work a treat giving light out to a good distance, and the PIR works really well. Thay are so good, I have just ordered another two (after nearly four months of constant winter use).
  • Signaller LED Light Twin Head 56 : perfect
    Posted by lurcherlady
    (Posted on 02/12/2012)
    I have two of these lights and they are excellent. one lights up a 3mt sq bach porch and the other one lights up a dangerous step area. Buy with confidence I recommend to all who see them
  • Outdoor Security Light Twin Head 56 : Exceeded expectations
    Posted by Mr Jim
    (Posted on 08/11/2012)
    Delivered within three days and installed in 20 minutes using the 6 fixing screws for quick wall mounting. The lamps are very bright, lighting up our two cars at the side of the house. Full range of controls for ambient light levels, sensitivity, and switching duration make it an ideal alternative to mains powered lights. Fully charged even during gloomy November weather.
  • LED Security Light Twin Head 56 : Peace of Mind
    Posted by vick71
    (Posted on 02/03/2012)
    I bought this product after having recently had an attempted burglary to my home (and several of my neighbours had too).

    Very impressed with the light output, for such a small unit, and the two adjustable spotlights are very handy to cover a much wider area in both directions.

    The main selling point for me, however is that it is solar powered. I'm very eco-conscious, and as well as cutting down on the electricity bill, it also saved having to drill through a brick wall to plug it in!

    At this price, you cannot go wrong to give you peace of mind.

  • Signaller Solar Cell Security Light Twin Head 56 : Excellent Product
    Posted by Miss Moneypenny
    (Posted on 22/01/2012)
    Wow, this light exceeded my expectations. This is an excellent light. I needed to light up an area at the back of my garden so I could see my puppy at night (toilet training). This is absolutely perfect and was really surprised how much light it gave out. Having two lights means that you can direct the lamps in totally different directions. Great value for money.

    p.s. lead to the solar panel could be slightly longer, but managed to find a spot that had the most sunlight.
  • Outdoor Security Light Twin Head 56 : excellent functionality
    Posted by Mr James
    (Posted on 11/10/2011)
    I ordered on Wednesday and you kindly delivered before the weekend, installtion was much easier than I thought, and I was very pleased with the functionality which I thought was excellent, in the tough times ahead this security light will be much loved.

So easy to install :

  • Unpack all components carefully.
  • Choose a place to situate the solar panel unit where there is abundant sunshine during the day ,south facing and out of shade. (do not install the light in a north facing aspect, unless it has good clear sky and also is not a busy area)
  • Fix the wall mounting unit to an appropriate surface by using provided screws and wall plugs.
  • Put the solar panel onto the wall mount unit. Make sure that the solar panel is directed towards the sun for maximum charging.
  • Choose a place where illumination needed at night.
  • Fix the flood light by using provided screws.
  • Loosen the wire and connect the wire between solar panel and flood light.
  • Readjust the angle of sensor by using the joint.
  • Turn ON the switch positioned at the side of solar panel box. Then the light installation is finished .

During the day the sun charge the rechargeable batteries inside the solar panel (like a bee :)) that's why we called ourselves PowerBee .

There are three dials located on the PIR section of the light these are used to adjust sensitivity (distance),lighting time (TIME) and lux (darkness levels) .These are all adjustable with the PIR dials

  • Sensitivity (distance) - Distance the light can be activated by motion is approx 3 to 10meters.
  • Lighting time (time) -  Preset lighting time is 1~4 minutes.
  • Darkness (lux) - The ambient luminance when the light can be activated by motion. Twist to the maximum, lamp will be only activated in dark.

There are currently no questions for this product : Solar Security Light Signaller 56 SMD Superbright LEDs.

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