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Solar Powered Water Pump with Battery Backup 50W

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Rrp: £349.99

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  • Powerful Solar Powered Water Pump

  • Powerful 50 Watt Solar Panel

  • Dry Run Protection

  • Large 12V, 12Ah Battery Backup

  • Strong Flow Rate : 2480L/H (655.1GPH)

  • Timer Function Option

  • Everything you need Included

  • Guaranteed 12 months as Standard

Product Description
How It Works

Powerful Solar Powered Water Pump for Pond with Battery Backup

Buy Solar Powered Water Pump with Battery Backup, Perfect for Waterfalls, Water Filtration or Fountains. Best Prices, Great Reviews, Fast Free UK Delivery

Need a Powerful Pond Water Pump?

High Quality 50 watts polycrystaline solar panel. The pump comes with dry run protection and a built in timer which allows the pump to turn itself on for interval of 10 minutes in every hour ( very useful for winter operation and oxygenation of pond )

The water pump has long life brushless motor and can lift water to 2.1m (tube head height) through a tube under optimum conditions. It runs on 12V to 18V low voltage DC supply. No 240V mains power involved, so it is far safer

During winter it is important not to let your battery go flat when storing the fountain

Solar panel 50W (2 x 25W )polycrystaline solar panel 
Solar panel size 2 panels - 620 mm x 345 mm x 23 mm each
Rechargable battery back up Yes
Spray height 210 cm
Flow rate 2480 L/H (6552.1GPH)
Usage time 5 hours when fully charged
Lead length 5 meters between battery and pump, and 1.4 meters between solar panel and battery
Additional The pump has dry run protection
Guarantee 12 months as Standard
Latest reviews
  • Solar Powered Water Pump WOW!!
    Posted by will
    (Posted on 03/11/2017)
    This is a serious water pump we have a fairly large stagnant green pond on our farm at the bottom near the road and desperately needed some water movement, put the panel on the side facing the sun and the pump around a couple of meters just under the water on a platform of bricks we made, pointing towards the middle of the pond, and turned the 'beast' on.. WOW a good powerful jet of water spurted out, we didn't really want an ornamental fountain, just something to break up the water and drive in some oxygen in to the pond to aerate it and keep it alive as it looks dead right now - works a treat I aim the water quite high as this seems more effective, already we have seen a massive difference the pond now looks alive again & I reckon it will cure the problem.
  • Unpack all components carefully.


    1.Solar panel and ground spike 2.Pump 3."Y" connector 4.Extension cable 5.Battery station 6.Hose connection 7.Gland nut

  • Connect the two solar panels and the "INPUT" cable on the back of the battery station through the "Y" connector and the extension cable as shown in the figure above, and then tighten the plug protection screws. Install the solar module at a sunny place, adjust the angle and make sure the solar panels are facing SOUTH toward mid day sun
  • Insert the pump plug to the 18V OUTPUT (port 1 ) socket of the battery back-up, and also tighten the screw.
  • Mount the hose connection to the Pump Outlet by using the enclosed gland nut. Thanks to the ball joint design, the angle of the hose connection could be adjusted under water when necessary.
  • Attach the hose onto the outlet of the hose connection. The hose connection is suitable for various hose diameters (inside diameter 25,32 or 38 mm). .
  • Place the pump fully underwater.
  • Turn the switch to the position "ON". The green LED illuminates. The solar pump is starting to operate. The LED may illuminate RED while it operates at first time, because the battery will lose energy slowly in stock. It just needs to be charged for 2 to 3 hours in the sunlight, then it will change to GREEN and the pump starts to work.
  • The pump will automatically stop running while the battery is discharged to its lower limit voltage, and the red LED illuminates at the meantime.
  • When the battery is reaching to its starting voltage, the LED will flash RED-GREEN twice every 10 secondsfor an hour. Then the pump will automatically operate and the LED illuminates GREEN again.
  • Turn the timer switch to the position "ON", the pump works 10 minutes every hour. It can save the battery energy in this operating mode, especially for winter or cloudy day use.

If you want to have long operating time in the evening, then turn the switch to "OFF" position during the day and turn it "ON" whenever you need.

Its very simple :

The panel needs to be facing south
plug the battery in to the panels
connect the battery to the pump
turn the battery on

Sit back and enjoy your new family member !

Product Support Questions.

Pump does not operate even though the solar panel is in full sunlight.

1) The timer switch is at “ON” position.

2) In cloudy or rainy days, the battery cannot get sufficient power supply during the daytime. The LED indicating light will turn to red from green that shows the battery is in low voltage condition, it needs to be charged.

3) No connection—check the connections of the solar module and the battery station.

4) Impeller is blocked — to clean the pump, remove the front plate and the impeller, and use a small brush or water to remove any debris.

5) The battery back-up has built-in output short circuit protection, when the bicolor LED flashes constantly, please check whether the pump or the LED fountain lights have a short circuit.

6) The storage battery inside the box will begin to lose efficiency after a year and a half and therefore may need to be changed, please contact PowerBee for replacement parts.

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