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Solar Powered Fairy Lights 100 Deluxe White | Endurance ®


Rrp: £34.99

Our Price: £24.99 Free UK Delivery

Estimated Delivery : 30/09/2018

  • Super Efficiency Amorphous Solar Cell

  • Work Better on Shadier days in the UK

  • Panel has a Swivel Pivot to Get Best Angle

  • Quick Mode Selection Button

  • Last longer Even Longer

  • Pure White option All Blue Spectrum Removed

  • White
  • Warm White
  • Multi Colour

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Product Description
How It Works

Solar Powered Fairy Lights Better for Shadier Areas

Buy Solar Powered Fairy Lights 100 Deluxe White Weatherproof Fairy lights Powered by Solar, Better for UK Weather, Best Prices, Great Reviews, Free Delivery

The Best Solar Powered Fairy Lights

The best solar powered fairy lights just got better! Brand New for 2016, we have introduced an amorphous silicone solar panel, this type of solar cell works better in UK overcast conditions!, by as much as 20%, so when your neighbours lights are out, you can give them a loving smile!

The Deluxe solar lights have 100 LEDs, and can be described as sparkling, they give a real feeling of magic, So simple to install its no fuss at all, no mains wiring! So they are children friendly fairy lights.

They recharge themselves during the day from solar power (in fact any light at all will do), when they sense darkness falling, they automatically switch themselves on and light up for up to 12 hours every night when fully charged! (during winter this will be an average of around 5 hours)

solar power fairy lights

Super Efficient Solar Cell

The powerful Amorphous solar panel is designed for all UK weather conditions. They are so simple to install literally unpack the lights in, locate the panel facing south or as near to south as possible, and switch them on!

Detachable String

If you have an accident in your garden with your string of lights for example cutting through the cable with hedge trimmers, then its really easy to replace them, simply unplug them and buy a replacement from us, its far cheaper to replace just the string.

Multi Function Operation

Not only do we provide 8 different functions (including static on) to suit every occasion from weddings, to Christmas, but also the deluxe model has an improved mode button making it far easier to select exactly which function you need, simply click a button to choose what sequence you want. There is also a new slow glow mode, which is particularly relaxing.

Adjustable Panel

The Solar Power Fairy Lights 100 White Deluxe version has an adjustable panel angle, this allows you to optimise your solar cell to capture as much light as possible. Throughout the year the angle of the sun changes, now you can easily adjust your solar panel so that it gets the best possible light.

The Best Solar Powered Fairy Lights in the UK for their price range!

It should be noted that our solar powered fairy lights are the best that can be purchased in their price range in the UK, they last longer than any other brand and are designed to work in UK winter time, as we take great care in selecting only the best components combined with our patented technology

so what's the difference between a standard set of Powerbee lights and a typical cheap set : Find Out

So when selecting your solar powered fairy lights be careful because you get what you pay for, and we hope people will want to pay a bit more for something that really works in the UK all year round and is designed to last for years not just a few months of summer

Solar panel Amorphous
Battery Ni-MH battery pack 3.6V 600mAh (included)
LED No 100
LED Colour white
Space of LED 10 cm
String 1 strand of 11.9 M string - 2 M to first light then 9.9 M
String Colour Green
Operation mode 8
Lighting time Summer 8-12 hrs / winter 3- 8 hours
ON/OFF Automatically switch on and off at dusk/dawn
New USB charger and replaceable string
Guarantee 6 months (don't let if go flat over and it will last years)
Latest reviews
  • Amazing 100 white solar fairy lights!
    Posted by Ness
    (Posted on 06/02/2018)
    These PowerBee lights are just amazing, didn't realise what I'd been missing by continually buying cheap rubbish, and usually having to throw them away and replace every year. I realise now that the light they gave was rubbish too! Have learnt my lesson now I've seen these. So thrilled that I've got good quality lights at last. Thank you!
  • Marvelous Fairy Lights
    Posted by Maddie
    (Posted on 12/10/2017)
    oh yes at last a descent set of fairy lights that actually work !! we are so pleased so often solar powered lights have dissapointed us, but we were recommended powerbee lights and so thought we would give it a shot wow what a massive difference there is, we never knew that they would work so much longer but they really do, if i can offer you some advice we have purchased solar lights from just about everyone and to be honest they work in summer and thats it, but these ones really work in Autumn way in to the early hours they are made very well. you get what you pay for in this life thats for sure
  • Solar Powered Fairy Lights 100 White Deluxe | PowerBee Endurance ® : STUNNING !
    Posted by Peter
    (Posted on 10/03/2016)
    We have been a customer of Powerbee's for years, after we bought one of the earlier versions of their star lights about 7 years ago, they are still just about working even to this day! probably need a new battery, anyway we decided to spruce up and bought this latest set which is amazing I cant believe how much the designs have changed!! These are STUNNING they are so well designed : dont even think about it go for these you will not regret it, Powerbee make the best for sure

So easy to install there are three options :

Spike Mounting :
Use the spike and place this is the ground first on its own, then add the unit to this.
Before attempting to push the spike into the ground, please check that the
ground is not too hard. If the ground is too hard, pour water on the desired area to
soften the ground and make a hole using a strong metal object before driving your spike into the hole.

Wall, fence and deck mounting :
Attach the wall mounting bracket to your wall, fence or decking using the supplied screws
and Rawl plugs.

Windowsill mounting :
Use the shelf stand and place on a sunny windowsill, or on the floor outside

*The unit will charge whether it is on or off and will come on automatically at dusk

  • During the day the sun charge the rechargeable battery inside the solar panel (like a bee :)) that's why we called ourselves PowerBee
  • When dusk falls the charge stored in the batteries power the lights.
  • In the morning the lights turn off automatically and charge up again ready for the night ahead.
  • Our Solar Fairy Lights are fully automatic so you don't need to turn them on and off each night, but you can operate them manually if you like.
  • You may have to change the batteries every year or so but to be honest sometimes batteries can last for years
  • Try to look after your strings, never wind them too tightly and treat them well and they will last for years

* The unit will charge whether it is on or off and will come on automatically at dusk

Q : What is the difference between the Endurance Deluxe and the Endurance Solar fairy lights

A : The Amorphous solar panel which comes with the Endurance Deluxe version of the solar fairy lights allows this unit to be placed in more challenging locations. The Endurance Deluxe solar fairy lights are designed to work in locations where solar power lights will struggle to work

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