Solar Powered CCTV Camera

  1. Solar CCTV Camera Wifi - 1080P

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  2. Solar Wifi Camera 4MP - PTZ 365

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  3. Solar Wifi Camera 4MP - PTZ

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  4. 4g Solar Security Camera 3MP - PTZ

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Solar Powered CCTV Cameras

Welcome to our collection of solar-powered CCTV cameras, where cutting-edge technology meets sustainability. Our solar cameras provide robust security solutions while minimizing your environmental impact, making them the perfect choice for both residential and commercial surveillance needs.

Security Powered by the Sun

Our solar-powered CCTV cameras harness the power of the sun to keep your property safe. With a built-in solar panel, these cameras continuously charge their batteries, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance even in remote locations without access to a power source. Say goodbye to the hassle of changing batteries or running electrical wires.

Key Features

Our solar cameras offer a range of features designed to meet your security requirements:
  • High-Resolution Video: Capture clear and detailed footage day and night.
  • Motion Detection: Receive alerts and notifications when motion is detected.
  • Remote Monitoring: Access your camera feeds from anywhere using a smartphone or computer.
  • Weather-Resistant: Built to withstand the elements and provide year-round surveillance.
  • Night Vision: Infrared technology for clear video in low-light conditions.

    Eco-Friendly Surveillance

    By choosing solar-powered CCTV cameras, you're not only enhancing security but also reducing your carbon footprint. Embrace sustainability while ensuring the safety of your property. Solar cameras are an eco-friendly alternative, reducing energy consumption and decreasing the need for battery replacements.

    Versatile Applications

    Our solar cameras are suitable for various applications :
    • Home Security: Protect your home and loved ones with reliable surveillance.
    • Commercial Properties: Keep your business, assets, and employees safe.
    • Rural Areas: Ideal for locations without easy access to power sources.
    • Construction Sites: Monitor work sites remotely for security and safety.

      The Best Product Support 24/7

      Powerbee have trained engineers who have years of experience with solar security cameras you can call us anyday - anytime on 07786948899.
      We always answer the phone and we can help you with any problems you have.
      We also can advise you on what security camera suits you best.
      Alternatively please email  & we will get back to you within a few hours.

      Easy Installation

      Installing our solar-powered CCTV cameras is hassle-free. With no need for extensive wiring or power sources, you can set up your cameras in no time. Enjoy peace of mind without the complexities of traditional surveillance systems.
      Experience a new era of sustainable security with our solar-powered CCTV cameras. Protect your property, reduce your environmental impact, and enjoy reliable surveillance day and night. Explore our range of solar cameras today and take the first step towards eco-friendly and secure monitoring.