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Solar Pond Air Pump Dual Stone With Battery Backup

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Rrp: £79.95

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  • Solar Pond Air Pump Dual Stone With Battery Backup

  • Brushless Pump Gives Greater Reliability

  • Large Production of Air : 500 mmHg

  • Extremely Reliable

  • Oxygenates small to medium Ponds

  • Rechargeable Battery Backup

  • 1 Year Guarantee

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Product Description
How It Works

Solar Pond Air Pump Dual Stone With Battery Backup for under £50!

Perfect Pond ® Dual Stone Solar Pond Air Pump with Battery Backup Oxygenates Water, its a new Brushless Solar Air Pump, making it very reliable, suitable for Small to Medium Ponds, Great for Fish and Wildlife

Every bit as good as our best selling single stone solar oxygenator but double the power, this oxygenates large ponds, or ponds that have a lot of fish.

The Large Battery Backup providing hours of use at night or during cloudy conditions when fully charged. The battery is rechargeable and replaceable.

If your Pond is larger than 6 feet or you have a few fish then this Solar Air Pump is Ideal, the two stones are separated so can be placed in different locations, optimising the spread of Oxygen through out your pond

Solar panel 5 W
Nominal voltage: 7.68 V
Nominal current: 651mA
Battery: 6V, 3.2Ah
Safety class: IP 44
Max. air pressure: 500 mmHg
Cable length: 3 m
Flow rate: max. 3 LPM
Operating voltage: DC 8V
Hose length: 2 m
Latest reviews
  • Excellent solar air pump
    Posted by Koi kevin
    (Posted on 22/10/2017)
    I am going to be honest with you I don’t really know that much about fish we got a few small Koi, we have had them for around four years and we never bothered with anything about oxygen before we have a few plants in the pond and thought that was enough, an old school friend came to visit me who is an expert and told me that I needed to put some oxygen into my water otherwise I risk having something called Fishkill which sounds horrendous and terrible we can’t really afford mains because it costs an absolute fortune to install a plug down near the pond which is about 40 feet away so I opted for solar power, this kit looked very good and semi-professional it was certainly the best oxygenator we could find started working straightaway after we installed it pumping out oxygen into the pond we also added a few more oxygenating plants and the fish seem a lot happier, I do feel a lot happier alsi now I reckon I should do little bit more research about Koi As when they get bigger they obviously need more oxygen from the water and if the pond is not big enough the oxygen will deplete apparently so you almost have to add something to add the oxygen back in, everyone should know about this because it really worried me, But I am very happy with this solar powered air pump it’s a very good bit of kit very well-made and works well and I would recommend it

Roll out the air hose as well as the connection cable on the oxygenator.

Fit the hose to the connector of the spring stone.

Connect the other end of the hose to the air outlet of the oxygenator.

Place the oxygenator on a dry and safe place near the pond. The place to hold the oxygenator should be higher than the water level to prevent the water from flowing back into the oxygenator through the hose when it is not in operation.

Put the two pieces of the ground spike together and mount it on the back of the solar module with the gland nut.

Mount the solar module in a sunny place, adjust the angle let the solar module facing SOUTH toward mid day sun.

Insert the plug of the oxygenator to the socket of the Battery Box and screw the cap tightly.

Connect the Battery Box to the back of the Solar Panel and switch the unit on.

Note: Don’t dip the oxygenator in water, it is not waterproof. The oxygenator sucks in the air from the four rectangle orifices on the bottom . Please make sure the air passage is not blocked.

1) The system is designed for oxygenating the water to create a healthy environment in any outdoor water body that keeps fish, such as outdoor aquarium, garden pond and garden water feature.

2) The oxygenator is powered by a solar panel. In order to make it work by solar energy, the solar panel needs to be placed in the sunlight with its solar cells facing the sun as much as possible.

3) The performance of the oxygenator depends on the sunlight intensity and the incident angle at which sunlight strikes the panel surface.

Q : How do I clean my solar pond air pump?

A : 1) Keep the surface of the solar panel clean and wipe it with soft and moist cloth when necessary.

A : 2) Check the stone from time to time and replace it with a new one if the stone is blocked.

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