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Solar Phone Charger

Solar Phone Charger

Superb Solar Phone Charger Range

Buy a Solar Phone Charger, Power Your Mobile on the Move with a Solar Charger, Portable Power in Your Pocket, Best Prices, Great Reviews, FREE UK Delivery

Charge Your Mobile & Tablet at the Same Time

Our Mobile Chargers are basically portable power bank's. They can be Charged Via Solar or USB. With dual port technology most can charge Your Mobile & Tablet at the Same time, whenever You need.

Never Fear Smart Chargers are here !!!

With a Smart Charger, Never Worry about Your Phone Running out of Power Again, with Battery Backup built in, our Portable Chargers will Power Your Mobile or Tablet as Fast as Mains wherever You are..

Perfect Power Backup when Your On the Go

Essential Phone backup when you are on the move, in the Car, Train, on Holiday or a Festival, and Now in 2019 all Around the House as well !!!

So What's the Bottom Line?

Incredible Value for Money and Very Handy to have, Once You own a descent Charger, you wont be without one Again.

Our Solar Power Bank Range, are the Best Solar Chargers we could source with 10 Years experience, our Battery Chargers have been Extensively Tested in the UK.

They Work Extremely well, have Huge Battery Capacities, Look Amazing, and are Guaranteed for a Minimum of 6 months

Read Our Review we have Tested them ALL

We have tested nearly every model on the market, please read our blog Review of Solar Chargers

If you're interested in turning environmentally friendly, our chargers can help you achieve your goal. Solar Chargers Connect Rural Villages to The World and are now being used by Government Organisations to contributor to economic growth in rural communities, around the world, they are now a mainstream product.