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Solar Phone Charger PowerBee ® Compact

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  • Compact solar phone charger

  • END OF STOCK SALE 2 for 1 Offer !!

  • Great Solar Charger for Older Phones

  • Extremely Reliable

  • Perfect as a Battery Top Up

  • Buy One get One FREE !!

  • 6" Phone Bag - +£7.99
  • 8.3" Tablet Bag - +£8.99
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Product Description
How It Works

The PowerBee ® Compact solar phone charger is slim, elegant and our lowest priced phone charger available in the UK

The Perfect Stocking Filler this Xmas 2 for 1 Offer !!

It has enough power to give most phones approx 20% charge from flat or to top up power in emergencies

Supplied with a USB cable and multi adapter tips to fit just some of the following:

Almost all Iphones / Ipods (up to iPhone 4 S)
Micro usb (many older phones including HTC / Blackberry / Smartphones)

The Compact Phone Top Up Solar Phone Charger makes a perfect stocking filler this xmas

Please note For winter months / cloudy days it will be necessary to rely more upon the USB charging cable

The key points about the Compact are in its name, it is really compact! So much so you can carry it in your pocket and not notice that it is there!

So if for example your are out and about on holiday, and you just want to wear minimal clothing like a pair of shorts, you dont want to carry a bag around, then the Compact is ideal for you, as you, it is very light weight and small, but has the power to charge your phone, when you need it.

This is an ideal stocking filler for xmas and now a special offer the price is for TWO solar phone chargers buy 1 get 1 free!!!

Solar panel Multi-crystaline 5V/500mA
Battery Li-ion rechargeable battery 1100 mAh
Charging capacity Most phones approx 75% charge from flat or to top up power in emergencies
Charging methods PC USB port, Sunlight
Re-Charging time USB approx 3 hours
Output 500mA
Standby Time Over 4 months
Colour Black
Weight 40g
Working Temperature -10°c - 60°c
Latest reviews
  • Solar Phone Charger PowerBee ® Compact Design : It works
    Posted by Mr B.
    (Posted on 02/04/2015)
    As I am spending most of my time away from electricity (central highlands) a solar powered charger is essential. I was warned that some of them are fake and do not create a charge. This charger keeps my ASUS Phablet topped up as I use it, and works in poor light.
  • Solar Phone Charger PowerBee ® Compact Design: Better than I expected
    Posted by Gez
    (Posted on 03/07/2014)
    I bought this product after I lost my previous Powerbee solar charger (Executive Solar charger). It is smaller and lighter and cheaper than my previous one, and therefore much nicer to slip into a handbag. It has a less powerful battery, but I only really want it to get me through if my phone battery fails. If you want more power, pay a bit more and get the Executive model.
    The Compact can completely charge my Samsung phone or partly charge my Samsung tablet. Lack of sunshine is not an issue, as you can charge it via USB. Very handy when I go into London for the day, when my phone sometimes gets low towards the end of the day. A good value product.
  • Solar Phone Charger PowerBee ® Compact Design : great portable battery/charger for most of my portable electronic devices.
    Posted by Chris
    (Posted on 06/11/2012)
    The item above is superb value for money.
    I use this for my nokia 808 pureview mobile phone, Nokia battery monitor states that my mobile phone is being charged with a high power charger when this is connected. (Same status as when plugged into the mains) and i can comfirm that the charging time is around the same as when plugged into the mains.
    Loads of adaptors for different gadgets, used it with nintendo ds and micro usb so far with no problems

    I love the fact that i can charge this up via usb then take it to work with me and i never run out of battery.
    Will be great in the summer when im in the garden and can charge it directly via sunlight , Its november now and when left on my window sill the red light indicates that its charging via sunlight..
    great stuff!

How to charge the solar charger:

Charging via PC:

  • insert the micro USB charging cable into "Micro USB in" on the solar charger
  • Insert the USB tip of the cable into an AC adapter , laptop or car charger
  • The AC LED light will remain RED while the charger is not fully charged
  • The AC LED will change to GREEN when is fully charged

Charging via sunlight:

  • Simply place the Solar charger in a possition where it can absorb sunlight
  • The LED light will glow RED when the solar charger is under a light soutce

How to use:

  • Ensure your Solar charger is charged before using it to charge your devices
  • Select the corect adapter for your device
  • Connect the adapter to the DC discharging cable and plug it into your device
  • Connect the DC output port of the cable to your solar charger

Storage and maintenance:

If your solar charger will not be used for an extended period of time , please take the sollowing steps ones a year to ensure proper functioning :

  • Charge the solar charger
  • Discharge the solar charger by using it to supply power to a mobile device
  • Recharge the solar charger for 1.5 hrs
  • Store the power cable in a cool and dry place to avoid short-circuit and damage the product
  • The phone chargers are really simple
  • You either charge them via sun or via USB from pc or laptop
  • Actually they charge via light so it doesn't have to be all sun to charge them, but it really helps to generate voltage,
    especially at MID DAY. this is when you will get more voltage than any other time, so it is important to utilise this time very well.
  • The voltage is transferred the the built in battery and it stores this energy just like a bee!
  • You can then use the charger to charge your device
  • Q : "Will this work for a holiday?"

    A : You can use it for a holiday if you have an older phone which you dont use that much.
    Later Smart Phones have Bigger Batteries and You require a Larger Battery Capacity Solar Charger

    so if you have a smart phone :

    Please Visit our Full Solar Powered Phone Charger Range and look for a minimum of 5000 mAh Battery Capacity

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