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PowerBee ® Solar All Night Light 36 Superbright LED's

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The PowerBee ® Solar Patio Light is designed to provide bright long lasting light for your patio area all throughout the year

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Product Description
How It Works

A fantastic reliable security prevention / Entrance light that gives complete peace of mind

The PowerBee ® Solar All Night Light 36 Superbright LED's is designed to provide LONG LASTING light for your patio / courtyard / garage / entrance area all throughout the year, It is specifically designed for the UK in winter time, it is bright, has a large battery capacity, has a powerful panel, lasts for a very long time, and in most cases if the panel is south will stay on all night, is easily fitted and nothing else is required!

The unit has a clever circuit built in that will shine for 6 hours at full brightness then will switch to 30% power to ensure that the light remains lit ALL night long every single night, this give you absolute peace of mind that there is a light on all night long whatever the weather

PowerBee ® Solar All Night Light 36 Superbright LED's generating 216 Lumens (equivalent to approximately 30 watts of normal lighting), this is enough to light an area of approximately 10 feet square, the light also comes with an economy manual switch (30% of full power) for winter which allows the light to work all night long every night even in the British winter! This requires the panel to be located due south and out of shade

The 3 * 2000 mAh Li-ion replaceable rechargeable batteries are powerful enough to maintain the light on for 16 HOURS!, primarily the light is designed for patio areas but can be used almost anywhere that consistent long light is required

so what's the difference between a standard solar utility light compared to a typical cheap set from say Amazon or ebay? The answer is simple.

Solar panel Our panel come PACKED with solar power. (this is high grade high efficiency which is expensive to buy!). These are also extra ordinarily generous in their size, this is to ensure that the units work in UK winter time, this is one of the absolute key standards that we set
Technology We have a patent pending on the technology.
Weatherproof We take extra care to ensure our build quality and design are suited to the worst of the UK weather!
Smarts Our lights are designed in conjunction with a Professor of electronics.
Batteries Our batteries are only the good quality variety which are not cheap and last a long time.
Material / Build Quality We use only high quality material no short cuts! If you ever take a look inside one of our units you will see an honest good quality product, from the components used to the soldering, we pay more for our lights because they cost more to build, this means they work better and last longer
Experience We have been specialising and selling security / utility lights for YEARS. We have made so many improvements along the way because we we listen to you our customers.
Function The All night light will stay on nearly all night every single day of the year!

Google Summary

Solar panel Powerful 4.5V,4W
Battery Li-ion battery,3.7V,2000mA*3pcs
LED No super bright & long lasting 36 SMD
Output Lumens 216 lumens
Cable 3 meters with waterproof DC plug
ON/OFF Automatically switch on and off at dusk/dawn
Operation Mode Constant light at night and OFF in daytime automatically
Lighting Time 9 hours based on full battery charge
Kit Everything you need included
Latest reviews
  • PowerBee ® Solar All Night Light 36 Superbright LED's : Impressed!
    Posted by mamfa26
    (Posted on 08/02/2015)
    I have these at my stables in the middle of nowhere!
    they are great, they really work...

    I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone who has no electricity handy or simply want to be greener...

    Two thumbs up from me

So easy to install :

  • Unpack all components carefully.
  • Choose a place to situate the solar panel unit where there is abundant sunshine during the day ,south facing and out of shade. (do not install the light in a north facing aspect)
  • Fix the wall mounting unit to an appropriate surface by using provided screws and wall plugs.
  • Put the solar panel onto the wall mount unit. Make sure that the solar panel is directed towards the sun for maximum charging.
  • Choose a place where illumination needed at night.
  • Fix the flood light by using provided screws.
  • Loosen the wire and connect the wire between solar panel and flood light.
  • Turn ON the switch positioned at the side of solar panel box. Then the light installation is finished .

*We recommend to use the High power option in the summer or good sunny days . For winter use please select the Low power option

  • During the day the sun charge the rechargeable AA battery inside the solar panel (like a bee :)) that's why we called ourselves PowerBee .
  • When dusk falls the charge stored in the batteries power the lights.
  • In the morning the lights turn off automatically and charge up again ready for the night ahead.
  • Our Patio Light is fully automatic so you don't need to turn it on and off each night, but you can operate them manually if you like.
  • You may have to change the batteries every year or so but to be honest sometimes batteries can last for years

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