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Solar Party Lanterns 20 PowerBee Endurance ®

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  • Solar Party Lanterns 20 

  • Detachable String | USB Charging Faciltiy

  • Easy to Install with No Mains Wiring!

  • Replaceable Rechargeable AA Batteries

  • Powerful 300 mAh Polycrystaline Solar Panel

  • Work All Year Round in the UK

  • Switch themselves on and off at Dusk / Dawn

  • 6 Months Guarantee as Standard

  • 2 m extension cable - +£5.99
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Product Description
How It Works

Solar Party Lanterns 20 PowerBee Endurance ®

PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Party lanterns Lights have 20 beautiful multi-coloured weatherproof lanterns, look beautiful in any garden. They are designed for outdoor use and ideal for creating that special warm mood for your garden, party, wedding and special occasions

These truly beautiful solar lantern lights have 20 LEDs and are easy to install with no mains wiring! They recharge themselves during the day from solar power and, when they sense darkness falling, automatically switch on and light up for up to 12 hours every night when fully charged!

The powerful 300 mAh polycrystaline solar panel is designed to work all year in the UK.
They are so simple to install literally unpack the lights, locate the panel south facing or as near to south facing as possible, and switch them on!

It should be noted that our solar fairy lights are the best that can be purchased in the UK, they last longer than any other brand and are designed to work in UK winter time, as we take great care in selecting only the best components combined with our patented technology

so what's the difference between a standard set of Powerbee lights and a typical cheap set from say Amazon or ebay? The answer is simple : Find Out

So when selecting your solar fairy lights be careful because you get what you pay for, and we hope people will want to pay a bit more for something that really works in the UK all year round and is designed to last for years not just a few months of summer

Google Summary

Solar panel 2V,300mA
Battery 2000 mAh Ni-Mh rechargeable AA batteries (included)
LED No 20
LED Colour White
Lanterns Colour Red, Yellow, Blue, Green ,Purple
Space of LED 20 cm
String 1 strand of 5.8 M string - 2 meters from solar panel to first lantern then 3.8 M
String Colour Green
Operation mode 2
Lighting time Summer 8-12 hrs / winter 3- 8 hours
ON/OFF Automatically switch on and off at dusk/dawn
Barcode 5060200341308
Latest reviews
  • Party Lanterns for Courtyard Garden
    Posted by Pauline
    (Posted on 12/12/2017)
    I bought these lanterns as a present for someone with a small courtyard garden. They are beautiful glowing on the trellis at night and have been much admired by visitors. They have performed very well even in the winter in the north of England and were easy to assemble.
  • Gorgeous
    Posted by Jules
    (Posted on 19/08/2016)
    I got a set of these to look at from my summerhouse and they have not disappointed. Within one evening of having them we had ordered another set for inside the summerhouse.
    I am looking at both sets now, they are glowing bright after a day of torrential rain. If you want some pretty lights to cheer up your garden, get these; they look good during the day too.
    Two lots of my friends saw them and instantly ordered them.
  • Beautiful
    Posted by hippy chick
    (Posted on 02/04/2015)
    Very pretty lights. I have fixed them as a 'trim' on the bottom of our neighbour's awful Leylandii tree that overhangs our garden fence. Now I get to look at something attractive in the evenings instead of something overgrown and ugly.

    They arrive in separate bits....the wires and bulbs have to be attached to a plastic framework which then fits inside the lanterns. The lanterns come concertina'd and flat and you pull them into the appropriate lantern shape.

    Fitting the light bulbs and their rubber surround onto the frame was hit and miss at first. - it is a snug fit. . If I didn't get the lights fitting snugly in the frame I found that they didn't sit correctly when you put the frames in the lanterns.

    The proof of the pudding will be if they continue to give me good service as time goes by. My Wilkinson globe solar lights have been in the garden for three years and glow brilliantly night after night in all seasons. These are more pastel in colour but if they last as long as the Wilkinson ones then I will be very pleased.
  • PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Fairy Lights 20 Party Lanterns : Not just for Christmas!
    Posted by Linda
    (Posted on 16/03/2015)
    I am obsessed with solar lights so have tried quite a few, but until now have always been disappointed with sets of solar fairy lights.
    However these Powerbee lights are fantastic! As well as the set in my garden I have bought 2 for gifts and my friends are also delighted with them.

    The colours are very pretty and the many different functions means there is one for every occasion - I have mine on static but the flashing disco function is fun!

    These lights are very bright, and are still going strong at dawn! Even after dull days they are still lit at night.

    If necessary you can plug in the electrical charger to boost them, but I haven't ever needed to do this. I haven't seen this facility on other lights.

    Can't fault them - you will be pleasantly surprised!
  • PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Fairy Lights 20 Party Lanterns : Very pretty and successful
    Posted by Holly GoLightly
    (Posted on 20/02/2015)
    When I received these, I found I needed to fix little plastic 'frames' inside the lanterns to keep them taught. As they look like Chinese paper lanterns, I was afraid of ripping them, but I found they are very sturdy and can withstand my clumsy attempts. I would say it takes about half an hour to assemble them but if done while you're watching tv no big problem. They are now across an archway in our garden, and it really cheers me up to see them glowing away in the evening, amongst all the deluges of rain we've been having. I have placed the small solar panel on branches on the tree, and it works very well, catching whatever light or sun it can during the day.

    I am particularly looking forward to the warmer weather, when we have parties in the garden. These lanterns will be perfect. Might get some more.
  • PowerBee Endurance ® Solar Fairy Lights 20 Party Lanterns : Great for Parties!
    Posted by nath
    (Posted on 27/10/2014)
    I have had a few xmas parties and bbq's and these are always a great addition, they seem to add an exotic element to any party unlike any other lights we sell, they just have an additional happy factor about them...

So easy to install there are three options :

Spike Mounting :
Use the spike and place this is the ground first on its own, then add the unit to this.
Before attempting to push the spike into the ground, please check that the
ground is not too hard. If the ground is too hard, pour water on the desired area to
soften the ground and make a hole using a strong metal object before driving your spike into the hole.

Wall, fence and deck mounting :
Attach the wall mounting bracket to your wall, fence or decking using the supplied screws
and Rawl plugs. Now your wall mount is in place, locate your solar panel module and
gently push it onto the wall mount until it is fully inserted and secure.

Windowsill mounting :
Use the shelf stand and place on a sunny windowsill, or on the floor outside

*The unit will charge whether it is on or off and will come on automatically at dusk

  • During the day the sun charge the rechargeable AA battery inside the solar panel (like a bee :)) that's why we called ourselves PowerBee
  • When dusk falls the charge stored in the batteries power the lights.
  • In the morning the lights turn off automatically and charge up again ready for the night ahead.
  • Our Solar Fairy Lights are fully automatic so you don't need to turn them on and off each night, but you can operate them manually if you like.
  • You may have to change the batteries every year or so but to be honest sometimes batteries can last for years
  • Try to look after your strings, never wind them too tightly and treat them well and they will last for years

*The unit will charge whether it is on or off and will come on automatically at dusk

Q : Are the shades made from paper or a waterproof material?

A : The lanerns shades are made of Nylon

Q : What is the distance between the solar power unit and first lamp and what is the distance between each lamp please?

A : 2 meters from solar panel to first lantern then 20 cm between the lanterns

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