Solar Shed Light

  1. Ray Solar Shed Light 48 Superbright LED's

    RRP: £59.99 Special Price £20.00
    In stock
  2. Solar Shed Light with Remote Control | The Ray ®

    RRP: £59.99 Special Price £20.00
    In stock
  3. Solar Motion Sensor light 288 SMD Outdoor PIR - 2 Pack

    RRP: £49.99 Special Price £37.99 As low as £32.99
    In stock
  4. Solar Powered Shed Light with Pull Cord

    RRP: £34.99 Special Price £27.99
    In stock
  5. Solar Hanging Shed Light with Remote

    RRP: £49.99 Special Price £19.99
    In stock
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  6. Solar Shed Light Kit Hub 5000

    RRP: £149.99 Special Price £49.99
    In stock
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  7. Solar Lighting Kit Hub 6000

    RRP: £199.99 Special Price £79.99
    In stock
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  8. Solar Shed Light with Remote Control

    RRP: £59.99 Special Price £29.99
    In stock
  9. Solar Light For Small Sheds

    RRP: £19.99 Special Price £16.99 As low as £14.99
    In stock
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  10. Solar Patio Light

    RRP: £69.99 Special Price £39.99
    In stock
  11. Outdoor Solar Ceiling Light 100W

    RRP: £59.99 Special Price £34.99
    In stock
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  12. Solar Powered Shed Light with Remote Control

    RRP: £29.99 Special Price £16.99
    In stock
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Buy a Solar Shed Light Direct and Save

Solar Shed Light Range, The Next Generation of Superbright LED Mains Equivalent Shed Lighting Powered by Solar, Work In UK Winter, Buy Now Free Delivery..

The Next Generation of Garden Shed Lighting

Energy efficient superbright LED's & include PIR motion Sensor (movement sensor).
Remote controls & pull cord options the choice is yours.

Suitable for a wide range of applications not just the garden shed,
but also garages, porches, outbuildings, stables. Any remote building that needs light.

Reliable with super bright solar powered led units that work all year round.
Our Shed lighting range is very easy to Install, and comes with everything you need included.

During the day the solar panels converts light in to energy. This is stored in the batteries inside the Light.
This stored solar energy is used automatically at night to light up the led lights.

Mains Equivalent Led Shed Lights.

Powerbee have been specialising in LED lighting for outbuildings, for nearly 12 years.
We have developed our own completely unique high quality range of solar powered lights.

One of the UK's best selling lights is the Ray solar powered led Light.
Easy to Install. Mains Equivalent, with 48 Superbright LED's. They are equivalent to 45 watts of light.

These powered led units allow you to do any job at all, in your outbuilding for prolonged periods of time.
The outdoor solar panel units are completely weatherproofed for the UK.

They offer practical & cost effective lighting solutions for you.
They actually work all year round in the UK!

Remote Control or PIR Motion Lighting?

One of the questions we are often asked is. Do I need the remote or the PIR?
The answer is often provided with what you need the light for. PIR's are really handy for popping in & out of buildings.

Remote controls offer greater control. Customers who need stables lights & perform grooming will need the remote controlled units.
Lights in this case need to stay on continuously for an hour or more.

Also multiple lights can operated from just one controller.
So several stable blocks can be lit and staff members can be issued the spare remotes.

If however you are are spending 10 minutes inside collecting equipment, the PIR is perfect for this.
They turn themselves on automatically when you enter or leave.

Large or Small Lighting Area?

If you have a large building you may need multiple remote control units.
Normally customers want the whole internal area lit up at once.
For smaller areas the motion sensor options are ideal.

We offer the flexibility for you to be able to choose what best suits your need.
You can always give us a quick call on 01580 881345 & we will be happy to advise you.

Install High Quality Led Lights

We use High Quality Components, down to the circuit board level,
so our lights are built to last, we are

CE, ROHS compliant and our factory is ISO certified.

Our solar lights really are of the highest quality for the price range.
We do not cut corners for margin. We use high grade materials. Our range is one of the best selling in the UK.

The Cheap Option - Is It Worth It?

We have extensive experience in LED lights. Both solar and battery powered lights.
Powerbee were one of the first companies in the UK to develop this market.
That's why we know what we are doing!

We have found many cheaper led lights and tested them all.
For us some important aspects are being reliable and working well in winter.
Also the ability to be able to see clearly what you are doing in your shed.

To clearly see in any storage space, is not just a luxury.
Sheds usually have many objects stored inside. Rakes, spades, pots and so on.
To have good bright reliable lighting, we believe is essential.

Our customers know that when we design a solar powered light, we put in the research and effort.
There is no need for a mains power supply. Our solar panels are high grade polycrystalline cells.

We believe that you get what you pay for so buy online with complete confidence!

When selecting your garden lights, whether it is for a stable block, or the garden yard,
it is well worth paying a bit more to get the exact amount of light that is needed.
Its also a lot safer like that!