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Solar Air Pump

Solar Air Pump

Oxygenate Your Pond with a Solar Air Pump

Buy a Solar Air Pump, Oxygenate Your Pond & Breathe Life in to Water with our Air Pumps Powered by Solar Energy Best Prices, Great Reviews, Free UK Delivery

Breathe Life in to your Pond with a Perfect Pond ® Solar Air Pump.

Perfect Pond ® Air Pumps from Powerbee Oxygenates Water, our Pumps are Brushless, making them very reliable, suitable for Small to Medium Garden Ponds, Great for Fish and Wildlife

Keep Your Pond Healthy ...

Keeping your pond happy and healthy, can literally save the lives of fish, plants will thrive, Wildlife will increase.

All pond life need oxygenated Water, including invertebrates, Fish, plants and bacteria, they must receive sufficient concentrations, so that the health of the pond is maintained.

We have kept the design as simple as possible which ensures that our solar air pumps are very reliable, but amazingly powerful little units

Keeps Your Pond Water Clean and Clear

Using an Air Pump Increases Oxygen Levels in your pond, and also helps circulates the water, increasing aerobic bacteria that break down the organics

This summer take it easy and stop worrying about your fish and plants, this solid pond oxygenator literally breathes life in to your pond water and keeps it healthy