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Portable Power Bank 20000 mah

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  • Portable Power Bank 20000 mah

  • Compatible with all Smartphones and Tablets

  • Double Output Port for dual charging

  • Large 20000 mAh rechargeable battery

  • Fits in jacket pocket, handbag, or bag

  • Battery Level Indication

  • Internal safety circuitry and software protecting

  • Robust and temperature resistant housing case

  • 12 Months Guarantee

  • Black
  • White
  • 6" Phone Bag - +£7.99
  • 8.3" Tablet Bag - +£8.99

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Product Description
How It Works

Portable Power Bank 20000 mah Powerbee - Smart Digital Screen shows remaining power in digital format

Buy a Portable Power Bank 20000 mah Charge Up Your Mobile & Tablet with a High Capacity Power Bank Dual Port, Best Prices, Great Reviews, Free UK Delivery

Powerbee 20000 mah USB Portable Power Bank is a super high capacity powerpack to charge your mobile / Ipad or handheld on the go. It has a compact, stylish and powerful design and you will never be without charge again.

Female USB ports for anything that can currently be charged via a USB from a laptop or pc

The USB Powerbank also comes with a USB charging cable, plus 8 adaptors (and TWO female usb ports just like a PC or Laptop port)
The adaptors fit almost every Iphone / Ipod / Ipad / HTC / Blackberry / mini usb / micro usb and all tablets, and anything that can be charged via a usb port

Once charged (via USB cable) the USB PowerPack internal lithium battery will hold it's charge for well over 3 months.. giving you the peace of mind to know that power is there when you need it most!

We believe that there is no better travel charger on the market at this price!

Battery 20000 mAh A-grade polymer lithium-ion battery
Charging capacity mobile phone for 240 hours, iPod for 120 hours, PSP for 24 hours, General PDA for 160 hours
Charging methods PC USB port
Re-Charging time USB approx 15-18 hours
Output 5V 1A and 5V 2.1A two USB ports
Standby Time Over 3 months
Colour Black / White


Working Temperature -10°c - 55°c
Product dimensions 3 x 7.9 x 13 cm
Additional Indication charging and discharging rate
Latest reviews
  • Portable Power Bank 20000 Amazing Gadget
    Posted by Nath
    (Posted on 10/11/2017)
    An very good battery charging system for your phone and tablet, really does hold a lot of charge for the size even for today's modern smart phones, charge it up via your computer, a laptop or a USB plug & it will charge an iphone 5s about 4 - 5 times from completely flat to full before needing a recharge. If you are in a situation where you cannot be without power like on holiday, camping or just want to charge wherever you want in bed in the car etc then the 20000 mah Power Bank is the perfect portable partner.
  • Powerbee 12000 mah Portable Power Bank : Great portable charging device
    Posted by Dave
    (Posted on 04/12/2014)
    My brother in law had a more expensive branded charger so I was a little sceptical at first but after much debate I opted to get one and I'm so pleased with it.

    His will only charge his phone fully once but at 12000MAH this little beauty will charge my iPhone 5s around 4-5 times so even with quite heavy use, I will still have battery life for at least 5 days.

    I strongly recommend this product if you are looking for a portable charger.
  • Powerbee 12000 mah Portable Power Bank : Fantastic portable power supply
    Posted by joanne sears
    (Posted on 03/07/2014)
    I was a little dubious before buying this product for my son. He has many apps on his i phone and IPad meaning that the charge never lasts for long. He kept perstering for this product and in the end i gave in. It is a brilliant piece of kit. It holds its charge really well and is able to charge my sons Iphone a number of times before needing to recharged again itself. It comes with a number of different fittings and connections allowing for it to be charged up from practically anything. I have already recommended this product to other family members, one of whom has bought it and is just as pleased as we are with this product.
  • Powerbee 12000 mah Portable Power Bank : Never run out of charge on your phone again!
    Posted by tteearu
    (Posted on 03/07/2014)
    This little item is ideal for keeping my phone charged on trips where I will be away from an electricity supply for more than a day or so. You just charge it up first from your computer and then reverse the lead to charge your phone from it. It's been able to charge my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone up to 6 times before needing to be recharged itself so I love it.

How to charge the solar charger:

When it lacks power , it could be recharged via several ways :

  • PC USB 
  • Car adapter
  • 5 V /1.2A genetic AC adapter

When Recharging , the screen will flash and shows the percentage remaining.
Once it is fully recharged , the screen will stop flashing and it will shows 100.

How to use:

Please fully recharge the power pack via its cable when use it for first time

  • Press switch ON/OFF , the power pack is activated for output.
  • The screen will show remaining power.
  • Connect the cable and digital device before beginning to charge.

* If you have a USB cable , with which you can charge your mobile device from computer USB port , you also can charge the device from the solar charger  

Storage and maintenance:

If your powerbank will not be used for an extended period of time , please take the following steps once a year to ensure proper functioning :

  • Charge the powerbank
  • Discharge the powerbank by using it to supply power to a mobile device
  • Recharge the solar charger for 4.5 hrs
  • Store the power cable in a cool and dry place to avoid short-circuit and damage the product
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