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Power Bank 13000 mAh Portable High Capacity Powerpack

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Rrp: £29.99

Our Price: £24.99 Free UK Delivery

  • Buy 2 for £23.49 each and save 7%
  • Compatible with all Smartphones and Tablets

  • Double Output Port for dual charging

  • Large 13000 mAh rechargeable battery

  • Fits in jacket pocket, handbag, or bag

  • Battery Level Indication

  • Internal safety circuitry and software protecting

  • Size: 6.2 x 2.1 x 13.8 cm 

  • 12 Months Guarantee

  • Black
  • White
  • 6" Phone Bag - +£7.99
  • 8.3" Tablet Bag - +£8.99

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Product Description
How It Works

Power Bank 13000 mAh Portable high capacity powerpack

Buy a Power Bank 13000 mAh. Charge Your Mobile or Tablet with a High Capacity Portable Charger. Best Prices, Great Reviews, Buy Now Fast Free UK Delivery

This powerful 13000 mAhpower bank is designed to quickly solve the low power problem for your digital devices while on-the-go. Dual USB (2.4A + 2.4A) for charging 2 devices simultaneously. You can simply charges all types of USB-port digital devices via a USB charging cable.

Since the output port is USB, it can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, and even accessories, or any other 5V USB-charged devices.

you could get 5.5 full empty-to-full charges for an iPhone 5s. Small but packs a load of energy, it always be prepared to power.

Once charged (via USB cable) the USB Power Pack internal lithium battery will hold it's charge for well over 3 months.. giving you the peace of mind to know that power is there when you need it

It is compatible with most digital devices; one power bank solves the low power problem for your all USB digital devices. It is easy for carry with a compact size and also makes your travel lighter and easier.

Intelligent power manage IC, overcharge protection, short circuit protection.With such massive capacity, in such a compact package,perfect for flights, road trips or just any time you're away from an outlet

Battery 13000 mAh lithium-ion battery
Charging capacity mobile phone for 120 hours iPod for 48 hours PSP for 8 hours General PDA for 60 hours
Charging methods PC USB port
Re-Charging time USB approx 8 hours
Output 2 - 5V 2A
Standby Time Over 3 months
Colour Black / White

263 g

Working Temperature 0°c - 45°c
Product dimensions 2.1 x 6.2 x 13.8 cm
Additional LED indicators
Latest reviews

How to charge the power bank:

When the unit lack's power , it could be recharged via several ways :

  • PC USB 
  • Car adapter 
  • 5 V /1.2A genetic AC adapter

When Recharging , the LED indicators will flash one by one in turn.

Once is fully recharged , the LED indicator will stop flashing and stay ON.

It will cut off power recharging automatically.

How to use:

Please fully recharge the power bank via its cable when you use it for the first time

  • Press switch ON/OFF , the power pack is activated for output. The LED indicator will show remaining power.
  • Connect the cable with device to charge.The power Indicator will turn off after 30 seconds.  

Storage and maintenance:

If your powe rbank will not be used for an extended period of time , please take the hollowing steps once a year to ensure proper functioning :

  • Charge the power bank
  • Discharge the powerbank by using it to supply power to a mobile device 
  • Recharge the power bank for 3.5 hrs 
  • Store the power cable in a cool and dry place to avoid short-circuit and damage the product

Its so simple, the battery bank has a high quality internal battery built in to it, you just charge this via the supplied USB cable on your laptop, computer or generic USB plug, and then use the power bank to charge your phone

Q : Can I charge my portable Bluetooth speaker ?

A : Yes, it can charge anything that uses a USB cable to charge up.

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