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16 Watt Portable Solar Phone Charger | The PowerPanel

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  • 16 Watt Portable Solar Cell

  • Dual USB Smart Charge Technology

  • Rugged - can be dropped, bent | Rainproof

  • Built in Stand / Carry Pocket

  • Foldable for Easy Storage and Handling

  • 6" Phone Bag - +£7.99
  • 8.3" Tablet Bag - +£8.99
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Product Description
How It Works

Portable Solar Phone Charger

The PowerPanel Portable Solar Phone Charger | Rainproof, Dual USB, allows you to Charge your Smart Phone, GoPro, or Tablet without mains, in super fast time.

Never Run Out Of Charge with 16 watts of Panel Power!

The 16 watt Solar Charger Panel is Rainproof has Dual USB ports and comes with a 2 Year Guarantee. Is very easy to use can be folded away and has its own stand design, and straps for rucksacks, bags etc

Used to quickly charge your mobile device including all Iphones, handhelds, smart phones, tablets, Samsung, HTC, Nokia in fact anything that can be charged via a USB port!

Charge Your Mobile & Tablet at the Same time

The Two USB output sockets are voltage regulated and include Smart Solar technology, all the power can be output from one socket, or it can be shared between two

Highly efficient solar cells convert up to 21.5-23.5% of solar power into free energy, You can Charge up to two USB devices simultaneously.

Waterproof sewn rugged polyester canvas, very weather-resistant for all types of charging including camping, hiking, fishing or travelling never run out of power again|!

Solar panel 16 Watt high efficiency monocrystalline
Output 3.4 Amps (auto smart technology)
Colour Black
Weight 380 gr
Working Temperature -10°c - 60°c
Mounting loops 8
Output USB ports 2 USB output sockets with SmartCharge technology
Accessories Waterproofed polyester fabric case, build in stand and Carry Pocket
Warranty  24 month
Latest reviews
  • Powerbee Powerpanel : Excellent Company & Product
    Posted by Lozatron
    (Posted on 18/02/2015)
    Great product. Bought the Powerbee Power Panel & Executive powerpack directly from the Powerbee website (was a bit strange that it was cheaper to buy the products individually rather than as a set.) Tried out the product on a cycle camping trip after charging it through USB, managed to keep my power hungry mobile phone with GPS switched on going for several days and the Powerpack was still half full!

    Realised after I'd finished that test that there was a problem and the powerpanel wasn't working. Phoned up the company and got right through to Andy who was very helpful, sent the powerpanel back and within a few days a new one arrived in the post. Testing it hanging up the powerpanel in a window through frosted glass in unfavourable conditions it still charges the powerpack effectively.

    Off on a 2 week cycling / camping trip soon which I'm hoping to navigate using GPS the whole way (reason for buying this kit) I will comment on this review to provide an update on how that goes.

    All in all. Great product, great company. Firmly recommended.

    I've also bought the wind up radio / torch from this company which also has served me well.

    Update - Sorry nobody finds me useful. Product worked pretty well on my cycle trip, weather was pretty bad, but still managed to get a bit of charge from the sun (I'd estimate could charge my phone about once every two days using only the (larger) solar panel in northern European wet summertime) Since I was using the GPS almost constantly my phone required charging about every 4 hours so I mostly relied on plugging the powerpack in at campsites or wherever the opportunity to be near a plug socket came about. The full powerpack would charge my phone fully about twice.

    My phone ended up breaking about 2/3 of the way through the trip. However the Powerpanel and powerpack have been pretty reliable. Left them out during a downpour and didn't seem to be any problem.

    One gripe I would make is that the usb plug on the powerpanel is a bit delicate, for this reason I've downgraded my review to four stars. Since my trip I broke it by shoving it into a rucksack pocket with a cable attached. Could have sent it back again, but decided to just solder it back on myself, which worked fine, I also made sure it wouldn't happen again by using electrical tape to secure the usb plug to the solar panel (you can't see this since the solar panel is inside a fabric and plastic case.)

    Overall I would still recommend this product, the Executive power-pack itself is very tough and works great just by itself. The powerpanel is great too, although delicate usb socket means you'll either had to be careful with it or adapt it like I did to make it a bit tougher.

Its very simple :

  • The panel needs to be facing south
  • Plug the panel in to your devices

The 16 Watt high efficiency panel will charge your devices at up to 1.7 Amps in sunny weather.

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