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Pond Vacuum Cleaner Cleanopond

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  • Quality Automatic Pond Vacuum Cleaner

  • Powerful 1400 watt motor.

  • Maximum reach/depth 2m.

  • 30 Litre (6.8 gallon) reservoir.

  • Auto empties when full then automatically restarts.

  • 4m suction Hose.

  • Can be used outdoors or indoors (dust bag included).

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Product Description
How It Works

Pond Vacuum Cleaner Cleanopond Great Quality Automatic Pond Vac

Buy a Pond Vacuum Cleaner, Easily Clean Sludge, Waste & Debris from Your Garden Pond, with Cleanopond Auto Vac, Best Prices, Great Reviews, FREE UK Delivery

A Pond vacuum is an essential part of cleaning out the gunk and debris that can accumulate at the bottom or all around your existing pond or water feature

This 1400 Watt and 30 litre pond cleaner allows for greater suction . The box includes a debris bag which collects dirt and ensures only clean water is allowed back into the pond.

The vacuum is intended for use in a larger pond and is able to vacuum down to 2 metres with ease.

This powerful pond vacuum can even be used as a swimming pool vacuum or just as a household vacuum cleaner

Automatic cleaning - Vacuum until full then automatically discharges waste.

Complete with 4 different heads (main handle plus 3 more) and dust bag for vacuuming indoors

Power consumption 1400 Watt
Reservoir 30 L
Max suction depth 2 m
Hose Length 5m 4 m
Discharge Hose 2 m
Latest reviews
  • Easy Days Ahead with my Pond Vacuum Cleaner
    Posted by Phillip G
    (Posted on 03/11/2017)
    Every Year or so we have to clean our pond out, the problem stems from a large 40 foot tree which every year without fail drops around 4 kgs of leaves in the water, no matter how many times I try to keep on top of them they always end up making a stinky sludge come around April time... SO this year I opted for the easy solution as I get older my back gives me quite a lot of trouble, this pond cleaning vacuum is a god send to be honest, I thought it would get clogged up all the time but far from it, it literally vacuums up the lot it cleaned all the leaves and dirt from the bottom of my pond and empties itself!.. it is pure luxury so much easier to get the pond clean now I couldn't do without it to be honest

How to set up the Vacuum

    When is used as pond vacuum cleaner

  • Place the unit at a height meeting the water level at a minimum distance of 2 m from the pond
  • Ensure that the unit stands safely
  • Unclamp the container locking and remove the motor housing
  • Remove all parts from the collection container and make sure foam filter cartridge is wrapped around motor cage
  • Refit and lock the motor housing
  • Push the hose end into the opening of the collection container
  • For maximum flow performance (reduced friction loss) it is recommended that the lowest unused section of all pump and filter hosetails be removed if possible.

  • Fit the operating handle to one end of the suction hose
  • Fit the extension tubes as required
  • Fit one of the supplied nozzle or the end of the extension(s) if used
  • Push the open end of the drain hose into the rear drain opening of the collection container
  • Non returns valve (black flap) must be furthest away from vacuum or suction will be lost

  • The collection back can be tied to the end of the discharge hose, however in most cases it is best to discharge into a drain or flowerbed
  • If possible lay the drain hose on the bottom such to allow gravity draining of the sludge water during automatic emptying
  • When is used as indoor vacuum cleaner

  • Replace the drain hose by the closing plug
  • Select a suitable nozzle
  • Attach the supplied dust bag to the input neck of the collection chamber (ie bag held inside the collection unit)

How to start up the Vacuum

  • Connect the unit to the power supply
  • The unit is equipped with a 3 position main switch
    • Position 0 : The unit is switched off
    • Position l : Manual Mode . If necessary the unit ca be used in the manual suction mode. This mode is useful when vacuuming indoors . In this mode , draining must be triggered by switching the unit off manually
    • Position ll : Automatic mode . The unit alternates every 20 second between the suction and draining mode . This is the most useful mode for pond cleaning

They work exactly in the same way that household vacuum cleaners work removing dirt and grit from the carpets and flooring but instead of the suction being created from the air flow, the water is pulled through the vacuum sucking up the debris as well.

This pond cleaning work of art is really a lifesaver when you need to clean your pond and do so very quick and efficiently, when you need to clean up a big mess this vacuum will be your best friend.

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