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Pond Pump and Filter Sets

Pond Pump and Filter Sets

Pond Pump and Filter Sets at a Great Price !!!

Buy Pond Pump and Filter Sets, Keep Your Water Clear & Fish in Top Health with a Pond Pump Filter, Best Prices, Great Reviews, Fast FREE UK Delivery

Want Easy to Use Filter Sets that dont cost the earth?

Welcome to the PowerBee Range of Pond Pump Filter Sets, Simple Effective Filtering for Healthy Ponds and Fish.

Make Your Fish Happy with Clean Water

Your Fish need Clean Oxygenated Water to survive, if you have just a few Fish then consider a Solar Oxygenator, otherwise a Filter system will be needed.

Make Filtering Your Pond simple with our complete Pond Filter Sets, Everything You need is included.

Ponds add more value to your home. It provides elegance and serenity in any setting. However, in order to maintain its beauty, a filtration system is needed. While the pond will naturally maintain its water quality by developing its own filtration methods, you still need to help the pond to get the results that you desire. And this is where pond filters come in.

Pond filters are recommended for people who want clear water in their ponds. While water gardens and ponds with a couple of fishes can thrive without the need of a filter, you need to have a filtration system to get rid of biological wastes and particulates from the water.

Types of Pond Filters

There are two types of pond filters. The first one is the physical or mechanical filter. It removes the particles in the water by passing the water through several filtration media. It is used to keep the water in the pond clean and clear. Mechanical filters can skim or strain debris that includes muck, algae, and leaves. By filtering the water, you prevent clogging the other pond equipment, as well as reduce the amount of decaying materials that settles at the bottom. This is done by straining the water through different filters. It is important to clean mechanical filters at least once a week.

Waterfall filters are placed above the water level to create an artificial waterfall. When water enters the filter, it flows up through the filtration system. The filters used in this type of filtration system include bio-balls, filter mats or plastic ribbon. Cleaning waterfall filters can be messy. However, if you are use a pre-filter before the pump to avoid frequent cleaning of the waterfall's filters.

Box pond filters are multi-chamber systems that let water flow through several filter media to provide both biological and mechanical filtration. The best thing about using this type of filter is that the mechanical filters can be cleaned separately from the biological filters. The biological pads must be kept untouched to maintain their working condition. This type of filter should be placed at a high point that allows water to flow out.

Lastly, there's the skimmer pond filters that skim water from the surface. This type of filter sucks the surface debris into a net or basket. Deep ponds require a bottom drain in order to improve circulation of water. A skimmer helps in reducing the need for pond maintenance and makes the pump more accessible. When cleaning a skimmer filter, your hands don't really get wet.

These are the things that you need to know about pond filters. And if you are looking for the best, check out the pond filters below. PowerBee offers filters that can help you maintain cleaner water with less maintenance required.