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Pond Liner

Pond Liner

Pond Liner and Pond Underlay Buy Direct and Save!

Buy Pond Liner and Underlay, Butyl, EPDM, and Rubber Pond liners with Aquatic Underlay Guaranteed for Years. Best Prices, Great Reviews, Free UK Delivery!

Need to know the Size of Pond Liner and Underlay You need?

Use Our Pond Liner Calculator

We have a large range of Great Quality Liners and Pond Underlay available, simply calculate the size of your pond and select which Liner you need

We get asked a lot of questions about Liners nearly all are covered below :

What type of Liner do I need?

There are many different types of liner available, depending on the size of your pond and what you want to spend


Manufactured out of LDPE sandwiched between two coatings of UV resistant laminate the Flexiliner is our best selling liner, and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee

PVC Liner

PVC is generally the cheapest form of Liner suitable for small to medium ponds. It is prone to UV degradation if exposed to sunlight which can limit is life expectancy.

Rubber Liner

Probably the most robust and durable Liner material, it is inert and has been extensively tested and used for decades and is not affected by UV degradation (Tested for 50 years+), it has a “Smooth” surface finish.


A very popular Pond Liner, slightly thinner than Rubber but just as durable, it is in fact synthetic rubber, it folds and hides creases better, due to its slightly textured finish, (It has a woven cloth type finish)