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Pond Pump Filter Set - Pond Creator 2000

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  • Pond Pump Filter Set - Pond Creator 2000

  • Simple Spin Clean Filter Function

  • Pump can Handle Solid Particles Up To 4mm

  • Easy Clean Backwash Facility

  • Filter Includes 11 watt UVC

  • Super Value For money

  • Solid Build Quality / Easy to Set Up

  • Unbeatable Price !!!

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Product Description
How It Works

Great Value Pond Pump Filter Set - Pond Creator 2000

Buy Pond Pump Filter Set, PondCreator 2000 Simple Set Up Pond Pump & Filter Kit, Fantastic Spin Clean Filter, Best Prices, Great Reviews, Free UK Delivery

The Pond Creator 2000 Pump and Filter Set contains the MightyMite 2000 filter pump & pushes water through to the Amazing SpinClean 4500 Pond Filter.

Pump, Filter & Tubing Everything you Need to Start Filtering Your Pond

Everything you need to start filtering is included a generous 5 m length of strong 25 mm pond hose & clips to join the pump to the filter.

Also included are hose clips with easy-tighten butterfly handles. This means that you have everything you need to power a pond up to 2040 litres (450 gallons)

Pond Filter includes an 11 Watt UVC to prevent your pond water going green

Filter your Pond Water the Easy Way

No need to take the lid off on this filter - Simply turn the external handle to agitate the internal sponges, this super easy-clean feature reduces the frequency of a full clean.

Clever waste indicator pops up when sponges need cleaning to let you know when sponges need a main clean

Max . Pond Size 2040 litres
Max Flow 2000 lph
UV: 11W (inside Filter housing)
Hose & Clips: 5 Meters * 25 mm Ribbed / 25mm Clips x 4
Pump: MightyMite 2000 Filter Pump
Tool Free Access to Impeller
Dimensions (L x W x D) : 203 x 214 x 103 mm
Hosetail: 20, 25, 32 mm
Max Flow Rate (lph): 2000
Max Solids : 4 mm
Power Cable Length (m): 10
Max Head Height (m): 2
Filter: SpinClean 4500 Pressurised Pond Filter
Size : 31 X 41 cm
Filter Inlet : 20 / 25 / 32 mm
Hosetail: 20, 25, 32, 40 mm
Watts: 11
Max Flow - 4500 lph
Power Cable Length (m): 5
Use: Wildlife / Ornamental / Fish ponds : Up to 2000L
Running Costs: 35 watts
Latest reviews
  • Unpack all components carefully.
  • Simply screw the supplied stepped hosetail onto the MightyMite 2000 filter pump outlet and connect the pond hose, this will then be connected to the filter at the other end
  • The hose attached to the pump outlet needs to be connected to the filter inlet hosetail.
  • The waste filter outlet should be attached to a hose which is positioned to a flower bed or drain as this will drain away dirty water during a back flush (quick interval cleaning).
  • The last hosetail; the outlet allows the cleaned water to re-enter the pond. This can either be straight to the main pond via a hose or a waterfall.

Your pond pump and UVC filter are powered by electricity, meaning they need to be connected to the mains supply. Special care must be taken during this part of the installation process and we recommend consulting an electrician to acquire assistance.

For maximum flow performance (reduced friction loss) it is recommended that the lowest unused section of all pump and filter hosetails be removed if possible.

The Pond Creator 2000 provides Solid and UV filtration, the water is drawn in from the pump to be separated from any debris (Up to 4mm).

The water is then pumped through to the filter where media is used to filter and clean the water additionally a UV light (11 watt) is used to further clean the water

preventing it from turning green, therefore providing healthy clean water back in to Your Pond.

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