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Battery Spotlights

Buy Battery Spotlights Direct and Save

Buy Battery Spotlights for Your Home, Superbright Efficient Motion Activated Led Spotlights for the UK Outdoors, Best Prices, Top Reviews, Free UK Delivery

Want to Find an Efficient Reliable Spotlights that Really Works?

Welcome to the Powerbee Range. Bright, Reliable, Spot Lighting Designed for the UK for Both Indoors and Outdoors, Including UK Winter Time..

Our Famous Range of Motion activated Lights are designed work in the UK, establishing a new level of power, reliability and affordability. Today PIR activated lights are considered by experts to be Excellent for Crime Prevention.

Led Lights are a direct alternative to costly halogen mains security lights, are more cost effective, do not need an electrician to fit, and ours work reliably all year round in the UK!

Led Lighting for Residential and Business

Designed for Outdoors, Perfect for Offices, Homes, Garages, Sheds, Driveways, Alleyways, Pathways, Gardens, and more..

Powerful Versatile Mains Equivalent PIR (Passive Infra Red | motion activated) Led Spotlights allow you to Shine Bright Light, anywhere that needs it, even north facing aspects.

An Led Spot Light is a Crime Prevention Light

They are specifically designed to work ALL year round in the UK making them perfect as a crime prevention product, Led's are extremely efficient, they take far less power than mains, but give off equivalent light, a criminal mind will always favor an unlit property, and with motion activation the criminal understands that your property has protection.

A sensor triggered LED Flood light gives you peace of mind in regards to keeping your home or business safe and secure.

Motion Activated Lighting has been proven in many studies to significantly prevent crime, whilst also being environmentally friendly, requires no mains energy, helps you cut energy costs, and saves you money in the process too!

Each PIR Light is at a minimum IP44 rated, suitable for All UK weather conditions, whether it's 30 degree heat or a blizzard, all our lighting is guaranteed to last for years to come.

Some of our first customers have Outdoor Security Lights still going strong, We have a very large loyal customer base, who once buy from us, tell us they will never buy from anyone else again!

PowerBee Ltd are market leaders in this field and there is no other led security lights available, anywhere at this price, that can match our reliability, power and price. We have been nearly 10 years of specialist experience.

As well as , we also offer a complete range of High Quality Solar Shed Lights.

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