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Battery Spotlights

Battery Spotlights

Easy Fit Super Handy Battery Spotlights

Buy Battery Spotlights, Fast Fit Super Handy Bright Motion Sensor Spot, Ceiling & FloodLights Powered by Battery, Best Prices, Top Reviews, Free UK Delivery

Avoid the Hassle of Mains with Battery Power.

Say goodbye to plug sockets with battery powered wireless lights. From indoor cupboard lights to outdoor flood & ceiling lights. All our battery lights work at the touch of a button.

Avoid the hassle of wiring and the expense of an electrician. Easy to fit effective motion sensor battery lighting is designed to make life easier.

Install Battery Powered Lighting Minutes.

Simply insert the required batteries & locate your battery spotlight in position. Sit back & enjoy mains free battery lighting.

Each light fixture has screws and plugs included, some also have sticky pads. Anyone can fit these super handy lights in minutes.

Adjustable heads help to direct the light where you need it. Auto and ON modes allow you to control how the light works.

In auto mode the lights turn on when motion is detected, via the PIR sensor. The ON mode will illuminate constantly, and is handy as a torch.

Battery powered wireless Led Lights are a direct alternative to costly mains lights. They are more cost effective & use low voltage battery power, so are much safer.

Illuminate Dark Areas Including Outdoors.

Light Up Dark areas in Your Home & Garden. Whether you are creating a cosy mood or adding bright light to a Shady Spot.

Our Outdoor Battery Spotlights include a PIR sensor & will light up the garden without a plug. We use efficient LED and SMD's to preserve the battery power.

Battery Power has moved on!

Gone are the days where you need to change batteries every few days. There have been huge advancements in both battery and led technology.

Companies like Tesla invest huge amounts of money in to battery research. Making battery power last longer and charge faster.

Some battery powered wireless spotlights can last up to 1 year on one set of batteries. Powerful led lights produce a surprisingly bright light but are very efficient to run compared to mains.

A motion sensor consumes very little energy, the led lights remains off until motion is detected. Allowing a brighter light to be used when it is needed.

We have a great range of battery spot lights available. All are fully tried and tested in the UK.