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Natural Slate Water Feature

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Rrp: £499.99

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  • Natural Slate Water Feature

  • Solar Powered with Battery Backup

  • Genuine Welsh Slate (size & shape will differ)

  • Adjustable Flow Rate Pump Max 760L/H

  • Everything You Need Included

  • No wiring, No Mains Necessary

  • No operating costs, Outstanding Results

  • Free UK Delivery !!

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Product Description
How It Works

Stunning Natural Slate Water Feature, Solar Powered

Buy a Natural Slate Water Feature, Enjoy Your own Stone Water Feature Powered by Solar, Genuine Welsh Slate, Best Prices, Great Reviews, Free UK Delivery

Our Impressive Slate Water Features allows You to create a Gorgeous Focal Point in Your Garden, Enjoy the sound of cascading water gently flowing over Natural Welsh Grey Slate

Each Natural Grey Slate Stone is Unique in Size, Shape & Colour

Aesthetically, there's nothing quite like a genuine stone water feature glistening in the sun, each slate is completely unique in shape and size, we have hand selected the most beautiful Pen y Groes Grey Slates.

Our Solar Slate Water Feature is a complete Kit

This slate water fountain comes as a complete Kit, everything you need is included. The 50cm Round Reservoir is a strong black plastic tub, the grid is capable of supporting 150 kg per m2

This reservoir is sited below ground level & is supplied with a round galvanised steel grid which includes a handy pump access cover.

The grid overlaps the reservoir by 2cm on each side. Simply place your water feature centrally and then hide the grid with cobbles, rocks, paddle stones etc.

The square opening cover in the grid allows access for servicing the pump

The Kit comes with a powerful Solar Panel (10 Watt ) & Solar Powered Pump with a Strong Variable Flow Rate (maximum): 760L/H (200.8GPH), which enables you to set the flow rate just how You want.

Benefits of a Stone Water Feature

It has been shown in many research studies that 'blue space' and flowing water has a positive impact on well being

Solar panel Powerful 10 Watt Solar Panel
Solar panel size 398 mm x 250 mm x 30 mm
Lead length 5 meters between battery and pump, and 1.4 meters between solar panel and battery
Colour Genuine Natural Welsh Slate
Type Solar Powered Slate Water Feature
Weather Resistant Yes
Stone Stone Size, Shape and Colour Vary (All are Unique Hand Selected Stones)
Indoor / Outdoor Use Outdoor Use Only
Material Natural Slate Stone
Battery Back Up Yes Large 12V, 4.5Ah Battery Backup
Usage time 5 hours when fully charged
Flow rate 760L/H (200.8GPH)
Flow Adjustable flow for accurate sizing
Reservoir Dimensions

for small & medium size option : 50cm across x 30cm deep, holds 45 litres.

Large size option : 67cm across rim x 35cm deep, holds 90 litres.

Brand Powerbee Ltd
Latest reviews
General Installation of the Stone Water feature
  • Can be Installed Above or Below Ground (If above Ground the Reservoir will need support via bricks inside)
  • For below Ground you will need to dig an appropriately sized hole, use reservoir for marking (upside down) place the reservoir in this hole flush and level - ensure the reservoir is level and back fill space with earth or sand.
  • Place pump inside reservoir, fix tubing (included) to pump, place grid on reservoir, thread tubing through grid & pump lead through side of grid (through one of the grid holes)
  • place stone centrally on grid & thread tubing through stone (hole drilled in stone) cut excess tubing off
  • Connect the lead from the pump to the battery, then connect the battery to the panel, place panel in sunny location
  • Fill reservoir with water
  • Cover the remaining Grid with Your choice of stones
  • To Install Above Ground You will need to support the Reservoir Tub, place bricks inside the resevoir tub that reach up to the grid, so that inside the tub there are at lest two columns of bricks, so that the weight of the rock is supported from grid to the base of the reservoir. Enjoy !!

General Installation of the Solar Water Pump
  • Unpack all components carefully. Connect the "INPUT" cable of the battery back-up to the solar module, and tighten the screw for protection. Unfold the solar panel and fasten it with the panel fixture. Install the solar module at a sunny place, adjust the angle let the solar module facing SOUTH toward mid day sun.
  • Insert the pump plug to the OUTPUT socket of the battery back-up, and also tighten the screw.
  • Connect one nozzle on to the pump then connect the tube and thread through the stone.
  • Make sure to place the pump fully underwater when the pump operates.
  • Turn the switch to the position "ON". The green LED illuminates. The solar pump is starting to operate. The LED may illuminate RED while it operates at first time, because the battery will lose energy slowly in stock. It just needs to be charged for 2 to 3 hours in the sunlight, then it will change to GREEN and the pump starts to work.
  • The pump will automatically stop running while the battery is discharged to its lower limit voltage, and the red LED illuminates at the meantime.
  • When the battery is recharged to its starting voltage, the LED will flash RED-GREEN twice every 10 seconds, and it will last 30 minutes. Then the pump will automatically operate and the LED illuminates GREEN again.
  • Adjust the regulator switch to get different pump performance. The pump can operate at the voltage range of 12V-24V.
  • Turn the timer switch to the position "ON", the pump works 15 minutes every hour. It can save the battery energy in this operating mode, especially for winter or cloudy day use.
  • The HIGHER the pump is in the water resevoir the less work it has to do so running times are longer and more consistent the higher the pump, you can raise the pump with an upturned flower pot or brick.

If you want to have long operating time in the evening, then turn the switch to "OFF" position during the day and turn it "ON" whenever you need.

The panel needs to be facing south
Plug the panel in to the battery
Connect the battery to the pump
Place pump in Water - connect tubing to pump
Turn the battery on
The Pump is powered by the Battery, and the battery is Powered by Solar Energy from the Panel.

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