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Colour Changing Solar Led Lights ® 50 Led

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Rrp: £49.99

Our Price: £26.49 Free UK Delivery

  • UK First Colour Changing Solar Fairy Lights

  • Powerful 2.8 W amorphous Solar panel

  • Designed for all UK weather conditions

  • Additional USB Charging Facility

  • Switch themselves on and off at Dusk / Dawn

  • Easy to install with no mains wiring

  • Sunflower (100 accessories in one order) - +£6.00
  • 2 m extension cable - +£5.99
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Product Description
How It Works

Colour Changing Solar Fairy Lights | PowerBee Endurance ® 50 Led are designed to last longer than anyone else's

The colours on these lights change very slowly and are very relaxing, almost hypnotic, they are specifically designed to be relaxing, and to create a magical mood

Another UK first for Powerbee and are incredibly beautiful lights with 50 colour changing LEDs, Easy to install with no mains wiring! They recharge themselves during the day from solar power and, when they sense darkness falling, automatically switch on and light up for up to 12 hours every night when fully charged!

The powerful 2.8 W amorphous Solar panel is designed for all UK weather conditions They are so simple to install literally take out the lights, locate the panel and switch them on!

It should be noted that our solar lights are the best that can be purchased in the UK, they last longer than any other brand and are designed to work in UK winter time, as we take great care in selecting only the best components combined with our patented technology

so what's the difference between a standard set of Powerbee lights and a typical cheap set from say Amazon or ebay? The answer is simple : Find Out

So when selecting your solar fairy lights be careful because you get what you pay for, and we hope people will want to pay a bit more for something that really works in the UK all year round and is designed to last for years not just a few months of summer

Solar panel Amorphous 2.8 W
Battery 3.7V , 2000mAh , 2pcs (included)
LED No 50
LED Colour Colour Changing
Space of LED 10 cm
String 1 strand of 7 m string - 2 m to first light then 5 m
String Colour Green
Operation mode 1
Lighting time Summer 8-12 hrs / winter 3- 8 hours
ON/OFF Automatically switch on and off at dusk/dawn
Additional USB charger and replaceable string
Latest reviews
  • PowerBee Endurance ® Colour Changing Fairy Lights 50 : These are amazing!
    Posted by J. Nash
    (Posted on 18/02/2015)
    I bought one set of 120 Powerbee solar fairy lights 10 months ago, and have not had to recharge them once - all through the winter, even on the dullest, darkest of days, the lights came on bright at dusk. I've got them strung around either side of an arch and they bring the garden to life at night. I'm so impressed that I've bought another two sets for my two daughters in South Africa and I know they won't be disappointed. There are so many rubbishy solar lights around, that it's reassuring when you find a superior product like this. A bonus is that you have the option of charging the solar panel inside, without having to drag all the lights with, if you need or want them brighter in winter, but I didn't find it necessary. I would recommend these to anyone, they're absolutely gorgeous and my neighbours are always commenting.
  • PowerBee Endurance ® Colour Changing Solar Fairy Lights 50 : ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!!
    Posted by David
    (Posted on 17/02/2015)
    not going to harp on but just BUY these lights I have never seen anything like them, they are beautiful and the quality of the panel is something that i have never ever seen before.. I want to say that these lights are THE BEST LIGHTS I HAVE EVER SEEN THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!!

So easy to install there are three options :

Spike Mounting :

Use the spike and place this is the ground first on its own, then add the unit to this.
Before attempting to push the spike into the ground, please check that the
ground is not too hard. If the ground is too hard, pour water on the desired area to
soften the ground and make a hole using a strong metal object before driving your spike into the hole.

Wall, fence and deck mounting :

Attach the wall mounting bracket to your wall, fence or decking using the supplied screws
and Rawl plugs. Now your wall mount is in place, locate your solar panel module and
gently push it onto the wall mount until it is fully inserted and secure.

Windowsill mounting :

Use the shelf stand and place on a sunny windowsill, or on the floor outside

*The unit will charge whether it is on or off and will come on automatically at dusk

  • During the day the sun charge the rechargeable AA battery inside the solar panel (like a bee :)) that's why we called ourselves PowerBee
  • When dusk falls the charge stored in the batteries power the lights.
  • In the morning the lights turn off automatically and charge up again ready for the night ahead.
  • Our Solar Fairy Lights are fully automatic so you don't need to turn them on and off each night, but you can operate them manually if you like.
  • You may have to change the batteries every year or so but to be honest sometimes batteries can last for years
  • Try to look after your strings, never wind them too tightly and treat them well and they will last for years

*The unit will charge whether it is on or off and will come on automatically at dusk

Q : How long will they last?

A : These are NOT like what you buy at B and Q, our specs are the highest we can make them, and we have a patent pending on the design of our lights so they last LONGER than anyone else's in the UK!! Why not compare our prices and specs with anyone else's, if you see anywhere in the UK lights that work better for the price range than ours we will give you your money back in full!

Q : Will they work in winter?

A : Yes :) just try to get the panel facing south and they carry on for at least 5 hours every night during winter

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