There is no need to worry about mains any more solar security lights work in the UK!

As the clocks go back at the end of the month and the cold, dark nights start creeping in its important we prepare our homes for the dreary, winter months that lay ahead. A vital part of this should be the security of your homes, there is always a rise in burglaries and break ins as the nights draw in with thieves tending to target homes that are unlit and look unoccupied.

Home security experts say one of the best ways to deter burglars is by using security lights. Bright, high quality lighting will help keep unwanted intruders at bay, giving you peace of mind that your home and your loved ones are safe.

Here at Powerbee we sell a wide range of solar security lights which are ideal for homes and gardens. With the cost of electricity soaring every year, many people will think twice about installing lights because of fears it will just push their household bills up even more. But that is the beauty of our solar security lights here at Powerbee, they operate using solar power so they won't affect your bills and no confusing mains wiring installation means they are hassle free too.

We have a series of solar security lights that are perfect for your driveway and garden as well as alleyways and pathways so you can ensure your home is completely protected. Not only that, they can also act as a safety feature, lighting your way as you head up your icy driveway on your way home from work.

All our security lights are IP44 rated meaning they are highly reliable and suitable for all weather conditions so whether this winter is strangely mild or we have to endure freezing temperatures and blizzards, our security lights are guaranteed to last for years, serving you for many winters to come.

Be sure to browse our full range of solar security lights and ensure you and your homes are fully prepared those long, dark winter nights.