During the past 12 months even after selling the best of the best we have not rested on our laurels and we have improved nearly everything in some way shape or form, we listen to our customers, and where possible have incorporated ideas, concerns and wishes in to our new product range.

This year is without doubt our best ever product range we have sold to date, and we have been selling a long time! Just take for example our solar fairy lights, now in most cases they all come with detachable strings, so if you get string damage you can just replace the string, they also have a USB port built in to them to charge via mains if the location is extra ordinarily restricted, As usual they outperform everyone else's out there!

Our New Unit We have improved nearly everything Detachable String
We have improved nearly everything
USB Charching Port
We have improved nearly everything

We have where possible increased panel sizes, battery capacities, weatherproofing etc, this is not something you will hear our competitors boast about as they do not operate like us, take a look at our pictures of our solar panels and you will see that we really make sure that there is the maximum amount on each unit, and we use the best solar cells we can buy to make sure they last longer.

Take for example our solar garden light this year the Saturn solar garden light, we have not only doubled the solar panel size but have also introduced a tilt able panel to maximise the angle in winter, they were already the best but now they over 250% better!!

New Solar Panels
We have improved nearly everything
Old Solar Panels
We have improved nearly everything

We want to tell you how hard we have worked and let you know that we will not stop, we have tried our very best not to increase the price of the products and we hope that you are even happier this year with Powerbee.

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