Its almost essential now a days to stay safe with a solar phone charger as you're out and about, you'll see people everywhere busily typing away on their phones, sending photos of their day out to social networking sites and ringing friends to arrange a meeting point. When you look at your phone and find a 'low battery' signal flashing at you, your heart sinks a little; you'll be out of action until you get home to charge your phone. Here at Powerbee we are experts in solar energy and have an exceptional range of solar power kits and phone chargers. You can keep your phone fully charged and stay safe and connected wherever you are with a solar phone charger.

Staying Safe on Your Travels

We've all heard of the film '127 days later' in which a hiker, through an incredibly unfortunate turn of events, found himself trapped in a rock crevice and unable to free himself. He was an incredible man and here at Powerbee we take our hats off to him but wouldn't it have all been a lot simpler and a lot less painful if he'd had a fully charged mobile phone to call for help?

Of course it's highly unlikely that this will ever happen to you when you're out walking in the English hills or out camping for the night but if anything were to happen then having a phone to call for help is invaluable. Thanks to solar phone chargers, even when you're miles away from the nearest plug socket you'll still be able to charge your phone and keep safe.

What Chargers Are Available?

Here at Powerbee we have a great range of chargers to choose from so you're sure to find one that suits your needs perfectly and at a price you can afford. Our chargers are designed to endure the rough and tumble of daily life and can charge so much more than just your phone! Take our Executive Solar Phone Charger as an example, as well as your phone it can also be used from cameras and sat navs.

Why not visit our website to view exactly what solar phone chargers we have on offer here at Powerbee?