Why not Light Up Your Shed This Winter with a Solar Shed Light


Solar Shed Light

We've all been there, fumbling around in the shed, looking for tools, in the pitch black tripping over anything and everything or trying to work on a project on a wintry evening with torches precariously balanced on the shelves in your shed, wishing there was an easier way – one that doesn't involve yards of wires that run from your home to your shed, attached to awkwardly hanging bulbs.

Well you could try installing a solar shed light or two. Here at Powerbee we sell a range of lights that are perfect for not only your sheds but your greenhouses and outbuildings too. They are all fitted with superbright LED's so you'll have no trouble during the winter months.

The beauty of these lights is that they are fitted with PIR movement activated technology meaning that they'll only come on when they sense movement. You also haven't got to worry about leaving them on as they automatically turn themselves off after 30 seconds of there being no detected movement.

They're also great for adding that extra level of security during the winter months when opportunists are more likely to strike. A shed light with sensors will deter people as well as alerting you to any intruders if they do attempt to break in.

Also in our range we have the Ray Solar Shed Light 48 Superbright LED's with PIR activation and it can give an impressive 40 watts watts of light for up to 4 hours. So you can work on your classic car or your DIY project way after the sun has set.

Be sure to check out our range of shed lights and get your shed ready for winter.