Don't get burnt this summer follow PowerBee`s hot tips on solar security lights to prevent becoming a victim of burglary.

Now the weather is brightening up and the sun is shining, it is all too tempting to

become complacent when it comes to our home security. The most common cases
of opportunist summer burglary involve offenders that:

  • enter an insecure front door while residents are in the back garden
  • enter doors that are closed but unlocked at night while residents are asleep
  • reach through windows to take valuable items

In around 25 percent of break-ins that take place in the spring and summer
months, entry is gained through insecure windows and doors, especially at
the rear of the property.

Ensure that windows and doors are closed and locked when you are out.
Don't leave small windows open believing them to be safe. If you want
to leave windows open while you sleep, fit window restrictors so they
cannot be fully opened, or make sure they are not large enough to allow
access to a burglar.

When out in your garden ensure that windows and doors to the front of
the house are secure. It only takes a second for someone to get into
your home and take things without you noticing. Do not leave valuables
on display in front of windows or in reach of open windows or doors.


Ensure that all barbecue and garden equipment and tools are securely
locked up in a shed and out of sight. Tools can be used by the potential
offender to break in to your home. Consider fitting outside security lighting
or a visible alarm to help deter burglars. Even using pea shingle or gravel
on a driveway and spiky plants in garden beds can help.


Don't leave any keys near entry points where they can be 'fished' or 'hooked'
out through the window, letter box or cat flap. Ensure any internal handle operated
locks on UPVC doors are fully secured with a key.
Fit a solar security lightsthese are no maintenance powerful lights which will deter any burglar, the burglar will simply select an alternative property, that does not have any security,
also these lights act as an excellent approach light on dark days.

solar security light solar security light


Sheds - Easy pickings?

Offenders see sheds as easy pickings because they are unprotected and
lack basic security measures. The buildings often contain property that
can be sold on or implements that can be used to force entry into the owner's home.
Many sheds whilst being of good construction fall short on basic security.
Going on holiday? Make your home look occupied.

On Holiday

If you're out or going away, ask a trusted neighbor to open and close
your curtains for you. Ask a neighbor if they don't mind parking their
car on your driveway and trimming your garden to make your home look occupied.
Cut the front and back lawns before you go away and trim any plants
that burglars could hide behind. Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries.

Before your holiday, don't advertise that you are going away on Facebook,
Twitter etc. Fit a set of internal solar fairy lights
and place the panel on a windowsill to charge, each evening they
turn on automatically and make it look as if someone is in!
Register for the Royal Mail 'Keepsafe' service. Leave important documents
and valuable personal items with other family members or a bank.
Double-check that you've locked all outside windows and doors.
Set your burglar alarm.

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