PowerBee Solar Products Really Work in Winter!


Do you think solar doesn't work in UK winter time..? Think again!

One of the main problems with getting people to embrace solar power products in the UK is the fact that the UK climate doesn't appear, on the surface, to be that well suited to harvesting solar energy. This is a point of view that needs to be dispelled as the technology available can now not only generate power in the depths of winter but can save cash too.

It is believed that the scattered light produced on cloudy days will still create about 20% of the energy compared to a sunny day. Well here at PowerBee we do our sums
and that is why we over specify our products so that even in winter time you get a solid performance. An example of this is our fairy lights
solar fairy lights

these will operate on average 4 hours a night and on bright days during winter will go past midnight


Snow is a major reason for people – especially in the north of England and Scotland – to avoid using solar panels as they believe that when snow is accumulated on the panels it will render the panels useless but, if anything, the way snow melts from roofs proves the notion of the energy of the winter sun. The light that melts snow, rising it up from sub-zero temperatures is the same energy that will be collected by solar panels. And with the amount of snow days in the UK being limited anyway, it should present no major cause for concern. In fact on a bright day inj
snow conditions the light is reflected and so the panel can collect more light than on a dull day!

The past

There was a time when solar panels were less efficient in the winter months – and they were more prone to collecting dust and grime on their surfaces, reducing their effectiveness. Now, solar panels have special films on their surfaces that cause rainwater to rapidly slide away, making the surfaces self-cleaning. The elements within the panels are more responsive than older models and, through educating the public about advances in solar technology, more people are beginning to understand this gulf between the old and new technology.

British Gas

British Gas has recently been making clear that people need to understand the importance of solar power. In a recent article they have explained how it is light, not heat, that solar panels are powered by. And they state that a solar PV system can generate 60-70% of a home's electricity needs throughout the year! It is endorsements like this that have seen stock prices in many green energy companies continue to climb in recent years – a strong indicator of the technology's worth.

So to cap it all off, if you buy cheap that is exactly what you will get, but at PowerBee we may be a little bit more expensive (sometimes actually not!) but that is because our products are
MUCH higher quality than your average item and will outperform any other solar power product on the market in the UK in winter time!

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