The Big Question - Will Your Solar Lights Still Work in Winter ?
Solar Lights - Will My Solar Lights Still Work in Winter

The short answer is YES, the Solar Lights definitely will continue to work throughout the winter months, and all year round in fact. A common misconception of solar power is that it needs sun in order to function, but the most important thing to remember is that it's powered by light not heat. So no matter how cold it gets this winter your solar lights will continue to work whatever the weather.

Solar lights will continue to work effectively all year round, the only downside to the winter is that they won't get quite as much light as during the summer due to there being less daylight hours. However they will still continue to harness solar energy during the light hours.

In fact to give you an idea of how well solar energy can cope in cold temperatures, scientists have discovered that one of the best places for harnessing solar energy in the world is the Antarctic and the Polar Regions, well for six months of the year anyway. Solar energy would be incredibly effective here because for six months of the year it's light 23 hours a day, 7 days a week. So your solar panels will have no problem functioning in your back garden.

The solar lights we sell here at Powerbee are particularly effective during the winter months, ensuring they continue to work all year round; they work much more efficiently than the cheaper brands.

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