How to Give Your Garden That Festive Look

How to Give Your Garden That Festive Look

Christmas is just around the corner and it's time to get the decorations down from the loft, go out any buy the Christmas tree and get out those Christmas scented candles - but what about the garden? Here are some tips on How to Give Your Garden That Festive Look:

Festive Flowers:

How to Give Your Garden That Festive Look - festive flowers

We all know red and green are the hallmark colours of the Christmas season and you're flowers can reflect that. And during the cold, gloomy winter days it's so nice to see some bright blooming flowers. Pansies are a really hardy flower that will continue to bloom well into spring so you could fill your window boxes with these, and for that really Christmassy look you can add trailing ivy.

Perfect Plants:

How to Give Your Garden That Festive Look - small Christmas trees

Mini Christmas trees and evergreen bushes can look great in little pots either side of your front door. You can also utilise any trees you have in your garden. For example if you have a holly tree you could use some of the leaves and berries to create a wreath or decoration to hang on your door.

How to Give Your Garden That Festive Look

You could also have a forage around for some pine cones, spray these gold and you can also hang these either in your trees or around your front door.

Ribbons and Lighting:

How to Give Your Garden That Festive Look

Christmas ribbon definitely has its uses, not only can you use it to wrap up your presents, we can also use it to decorate our home and garden and give it that festive look. You could try wrapping ribbon around your porch or even your trees.

Now for the lighting – no garden would be complete without some fairy lights draped around trees or along your fencing. Another nice idea is to use candles and lanterns to light up your garden as well as your front door.


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