If you want to learn How to build a DIY Solar Water Feature read this guide..

There are so many different designs for a solar water feature but they mainly fall in to three categories :

• Waterfall Cascade

• Water fountain spray feature in a small pond / small container

• DIY solar water feature

How to build a DIY Solar Water Feature guide

Solar Water Features

Waterfall cascade

The waterfall cascade is a very effective attractive water feature for almost any garden, basically there is a reservoir of water normally located at ground level, a pump is submersed in this reservoir and the water is then pumped via tubing (connected to the pump), up to a higher level, the water then spills out of the tubing and cascades down a feature for example some rocks or bowls, and then returns to the reservoir.

How to build a DIY Solar Water Feature guide - waterfall cascade

To be able to do this effectively you need to read our blog post, how to attach a solar pump to a water feature 

There is a very handy table which shows each pump we sell and the height that you can pump water to through tubing, please remember the thinner the tube that you use the higher that the water will go, exactly like squeezing the end of a hose to squirt your favourite relative.  It's very easy to change the diameter of the tube that you use, with a simple tube converter.

There are a large number of cascade solar water features in existence of all different sizes and dimensions, a common one is a three or 4 tier cascade as below

How to build a DIY Solar Water Feature guide

These units are usually supplied with very cheap pumps which fail after a season or two; many people wish to replace the pump with a good quality solar power pump. This can certainly be done, please read this guide: how to attach a solar powered pump to a water feature . The best of all options here is the SE 500 solar fountain.

It is recommended also to give Nath a call on 0845 094 8821, who can advise on the best solution for you. Having been one of the very first companies in the UK to sell solar power fountains, he has a wealth of knowledge in this subject and is happy to help give advice to you.

For a number of ideas about different types of DIY solar water cascades please visit our Pinterest page DIY Solar Water Cascade

Water fountain spray feature in a small pond / small container

Many customers wish to have a solar fountain in a pond or small container and have a spray effect. The first thing to do is measure your pond or container; you will need to read this guide 

How to build a DIY Solar Water Feature guide - water fountain

The best advice here is if you are choosing between two pumps, it's always better to go for the more powerful one. The reason is simple, if you have a pump which is at full flow to achieve the effect that you want, then most of the energy from the battery and the panel will be powering the pump, however if you buy a slightly more powerful fountain, then you can turn the flow rate on the pump down, this means that the pump is only operating at say 60% of its maximum flow rate. The additional power from the panel is thus stored in the battery always giving you a much larger reserve of power, this makes the fountain run much more consistently, and will also run after sundown, if you wish.

DIY solar water feature

One of the beautiful things about buying a solar fountain kit from Powerbee is that you have freedom to choose what type of water feature that you want, if you are creatively minded there is no end to the possibilities, please see our DIY solar water feature pinterest page

How to build a DIY Solar Water Feature guide - terracotta pod water feature

It's so easy to create a really effective water feature for next to no cost, you can do this with a few simple plant pots and trays.

It's difficult to explain just how enjoyable and relaxing a solar fountain feature can be, once you make or buy one, you will feel that you have an additional family member, the sense of calm and tranquillity it can give your family is quite amazing.

You will find undoubtedly that more birds will visit your garden. We installed a small pond fountain as an exercise, it quickly became a centre piece to the garden, small Robins and even squirrels visited our tiny pond for a drink or to bathe, delightful!


If you are creating a Brand New DIY Solar Powered Water Feature then you have the luxury of selecting a sunny location, or the best possible location in terms of light.

How to build a DIY Solar Water Feature guide - solar fountain

This is of great importance to a solar fountain, as say compared with fairy lights, as the fountains need more energy, they must pump water, water is heavy and takes more energy than lighting up an LED.

Solar Fountains

Powerbee solar power fountains come with a very good length of cable between the Panel and the battery unit, normally this is 5 meters, this enables you without buying an additional extension lead, to locate the solar panel in a good spot, even on a fence or post. Please see our blog on how to locate your solar panel

We do not recommend extending the cable further than this, as cable is power hungry; it takes power to push the voltage through the cable, so the longer the cable the less voltage that gets through to the pump.

Please also see : How to use a solar power fountain in the UK  this will help you understand more about how you can use a solar pond pump.