Everyone always talks about saving energy inside the home and what you can do to lower your energy bills, but what about the exterior and outside of your house – the back garden? Gardens are places we love to spend time in and enhance just like our homes, and at times this can be costing us a substantial amount of money energy-wise, with costly installations including lights for your shed, to illuminate your garden and the price you may be paying for that breath-taking water feature. Don't worry though, as your garden can stay green with the range of solar shed lights and solar fountains we supply here at Powerbee.

Solar Power Shed Lights

Of course, you won't want your shed to be off limits at night, however you also won't want the cost of lighting it to be impacting massively on your bank balance and taking away from all the energy you might be saving inside the home.

Our range of solar power shed lights present the perfect solution, as you will retain the exact same amount of lighting (maybe even stronger!) from the Superbright LED bulbs that make up each shed light, but instead of footing the bill, will be benefitting from saved costs and lights that will only come on when they sense movement – becoming the most efficient shed light you will find.

Solar Fountains

Whereas shed lights are more of a necessity, a water feature will be the ultimate luxury in your back garden and you will want to be showing it off day in, day out. But while this may be paying you back in enjoyment, it will be costing you even more on running costs.

Seeing as the fountain is already in your back garden, why not make use of the light out there and allow the environment to run it for you? With a solar fountain you can still have the 'wow factor' of a water feature, but this time couple it with energy bills that are as green as the grass outside.