Every homeowner might own a different sized shed and have a completely different use for it, however most of us will all be similar in the fact that once the night falls and it becomes dark, our sheds are off limits as we will likely have little to no light sources apart from a solitary torch. Wiring in electrics can be costly, time consuming and more often than not – hardly worth the effort. Here at Powerbee, we offer the perfect solution, as our solar shed lights can keep you out of the dark and put you into the light whenever you need it.

Whether not being able to visit your shed at night is a minor inconvenience, or if you own a shed which has been insulated and will be being used regularly both day and night, the range of solar shed lights we provide here at Powerbee are the solution you need. Why? Well just look at the benefits:

-    Easy to Fit: No expansive wiring running from the inside out if required – so there is no need for an electrician NW3; just 'plug and go'.
-    Low Price: Taking into account both the cost of installation and the costs of running, these solar shed lights are of course much cheaper than the choice of electrics, as they are all affordable to start with, and the simply recharge with the light of the sun during the day.
-    Reliable and Safe: Various problems can come with electrics, especially if they are running outside, however with solar shed lights, you will never have to deal with this problem – gaining a greater peace of mind and of course – more light.

Harnessing the power of the sun in as many ways as possible is what we care about here at Powerbee, and alongside your new solar shed lights, you can find a solar phone charger, garden lights and even more to further the convenience and efficiency of your life.

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