When looking around your home or your workplace, you will almost certainly notice that plug socket space is at a premium, with wires cluttering up the look of your otherwise clean interior. If this is the case, you will probably be no stranger to the addition of more multi-socketed extension leads, and even though plugging something in may be important, you could be put off because of having to add yet another plug to the collection. Take security lights, you need them but you don't want another plug – so use the solution in our solar security lights.

Here at Powerbee, our solar security lights give you something that is necessary for maintaining the safety and security inside your property, but does so without the added annoyance of taking up a plug socket and forcing you to deal with the wires that are running from it. Powered completely from the light of the day, our range of security lights – starting from smaller choices and going up to high powered lights that come complete with a solar panel- are perfect for driveways Bristol, back gardens, alleyways and the front of a workplace.

Being an installation that is situated on the outside of your property, there is also the factor of having to safely bring the wires back inside your property or even develop on outdoor power source if the lights are going to be running from the mains (resulting in much unnecessary cost). Solar power won't require any of this, and as they will be being powered from the sun, running costs will be non-existent.

Here at Powerbee, we don't only supply products that are necessary for your home such as solar security lights, but also provide the solar powered luxuries such as a solar fountain or fairy lights – once again doing away with any clutter.

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