The summer is filled with weekends away and days out in the sun but these wonderful summer days can be rudely interrupted by the tiny little bleeping sound that makes your heart sink; the sound of your phone running out of battery, letting you know that in 10 minutes you'll be phoneless and unable to contact anyone. Even if you had remembered to bring your phone charger with you, when you're on the go there are no sockets around to plug it into; your plans to let your friends know where to meet you have gone straight out the window and your day is potentially ruined. Fortunately, here at Powerbee you can purchase a solar phone charger from our impressive collection to keep your device charged, wherever you are.

Our solar phone chargers work in exactly the same way as the solar panels that you see on houses and some commercial properties; quite simply, it converts the energy from the sun into energy to charge your phone or other devices. So when you're soaking up the rays on the beach or in the park, a solar phone charger is the perfect way to keep your phone running. Our 'phone' chargers, however, don't only charge phones; the devices that are compatible with our chargers include:

-Nintendo DS Lite
-Sony PSP
-Tom Tom
-HTC Desire
-mp3 players

Our solar phone chargers are ideal for taking to holiday homes by the beach or if you're going out hiking or camping for a weekend; they are designed to be hardy and durable as well as coming with a 12 month manufacturer warranty. Don't get caught with a phone without battery and with no solar charger to charge it. If you would like more information or wish to view our range of solar phone chargers, please search our website.

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